In Soviet Melbourne witches put Church on trial

By John Miller

Wednesday the 28th of March 2018


Welcome to day 666 of the unholy inquisition into the Catholic Church, brought to you by the same shady cabal who have already overthrown our goodly Catholic Prime Minister and replaced him with a Moneylender, unleashed the hordes of Mordor onto our once peaceful streets, and most recently desecrated all of our Churches with Satanic marriages between sodomites.

Now they are attempting to burn a Cardinal of the Church at the stake, upon the word of a bookseller who dabbles in lurid tales of Catholic impropriety when she is moonlighting from her day job as a destroyer of western civilisation for the taxpayer funded Cult of Altar Smashers better known as the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

While I am not Catholic myself, I have grown increasingly alarmed at the way in which an unproven web of allegations has grown into “””absolute truth””” simply because a vexatious group of Lefty activists who abuse consolidated revenue to spread Socialist propaganda and damage traditional life in Australia keep repeating the same set of lies over and over.

It has always amazed me how often the Australian Broadcasting Corporation blatantly propagandises against the interests of the 90% of ordinary Australians and runs over the values and beliefs of not only the Christian conservative core of the Liberals and Nationals, but also the Catholic working-class who were once the rank-and-file of the Labour party.

The Catholic Church has for most of my lifetime been under constant attack by an odd coalition of militant atheists and backsliding secular Catholics. The Left like to tear down everything that is good with no regard for either truth or what is right in the name of progress, but some of them were at least good Church going Catholics. These days they have no respect for the Church which has always been a sanctuary for the Christian working class.

If you are not some soy latte sipping faggot who spits at priests you are barely going to make it in the Left today. The Bible is out, and Harry Potter is in. Not only have the pews on the Left side of the aisle at the Catholic Church been long deserted, but the deserters are now attempting to pull the entire edifice down, with all organs of the Left working overtime to ruin the Church in any way they can.

Which brings us to the show trial of Cardinal Pell, who is currently being attacked by a cabal of lying degenerates in the heartland of Australian degeneracy, Soviet Melbourne.

Having seen what damage these vermin did to my own Church, and how they have long despised Pell for holding true to his traditional Catholic values in the city of vice, and how his robust defence of the Church has been perverted into a smear of both the Cardinal and his organisation, I feel that it is worth taking a deep breath, and separating what has been proven from what is merely slander.

That the Catholic Church has become tainted by sordid and disgusting child abuse scandals is incontrovertible, but the degree to which the depravity of certain corrupt individuals has been parlayed into a weapon with which to bludgeon the Church by the Left is astonishing.

Less astonishing, that those whipping up the anti-Catholic fervour seem to all reside in the offices of our national broadcaster, these days little more than a coven for witches who make a living smearing the Holy Mother Church. The ABC will not only trumpet any wild story concocted by a drug addled homosexual or mental patient as the unvarnished truth as long as the villain is a priest, it will also make a mini-series out of it.

The narrative against the Catholic Church is being run as an industry, but God forbid that anyone say anything about all the grooming that our moon rock worshipping friends are getting up to. The Left will throw them under the bus as soon as they become unnecessary for the diversity narrative, but right now Muslims are what Catholics used to be – a voting bloc that the Left will use and then attempt to destroy later.

The main instigator of unsubstantiated claims of malfeasance against the Church at the ABC was given a face in court the other day, when ABC “””journalist””” Louise Milligan finally became a household name to those of us who would rather be flayed alive than watch the channel that we subsidise to lie to us. As it turns out Milligan is some kind of weird rabid Catholics-are-paedos Truther who leads the charge against two thousand years of Godly tradition, and who alleges that the Apostolic Successors were only pretending to be good so that they could touch up your kids.

Poor Louise did not have a good day in court though, and she was put on the back foot often by Robert Richter QC, who in a single day undid years of her handiwork and exposed her not only as a particularly obnoxious poisoner of the public mind, but an incapable assassin of the truth.

Alas for the readers of her lurid books, most of what was written is at odds with such facts as can reliably be established in court by provable information. Ms Milligan refused to recant though, and even when her testimony was demonstrably wrong and she fell apart under cross examination she refused to own up to misrepresenting the facts to the Australian public.

Despite having a bad run with Richter, who confronted her with police reports which contradicted most of her narrative, Milligan as it turns out was not even ultimately responsible for her assault upon the Church. For it turns out every time she was wrong and Richter could prove she was lying, Louise was egged on by ABC management to just tip another bucket over Cardinal Pell and the Catholic Church anyway, and being an obliging minion she was simply following orders.

ABC management were obviously as happy as a pig in shit to hide behind the credulous Milligan, who is apparently a Catholic in the vein of Luther, who enjoys spreading stories of Church impropriety. At ABC HQ they have already turtled up with a QC, ever ready and willing to drag the Cardinal through as much mud as they can rake up – all on the taxpayer’s dime of course.

The activist Left bureaucracy use their publicly funded propaganda apparatus to distort reality with complete impunity, and even if they are caught out corrupting the public discourse then they just shrug it off because nobody ever holds them to account.

The Catholic Church has long been a favourite whipping boy of these Melbourne shrews, despite being taken over recently by an Argentine Communist. With one of the few cardinals who wasn’t content to drag the Holy Mother Church through the mud just to appease these mouthy harlots and the rest of the degenerate heathenry now on trial for his life, it is time for all Christians to give serious thought as to where our country will be a decade from now if the ABC is not immediately defunded and destroyed.

I would call upon all Christian voters to ask their member of parliament why they are paying for this sleazy operation, and furthermore to start putting more thought into the type of people who we choose to choose our magistrates.

For the only respite that the brazen liar Milligan got from the truth that Richter was slapping her across the face with was another activist against the Church, a witch upon the bench who is clearly hellbent on defending the false narrative of the ABC cabal – the Magistrate presiding over the hearing, Belinda Wallington.

The only thing that Pell has so far been proved guilty of after 18 hours of forensic examination at a Royal Commission and the first few days of his Melbourne show trial is mounting a vigorous defence of the organisation which has stood for truth and order since the time of Saint Peter.

Unlike Pope Groovy, who throws his bishops to the wolves to appeal to an ingrate mob of degenerate hipsters and brazen harlots, Cardinal Pell has never once conceded any ground to Louise Milligan or any other bull-shitter looking for a payday at the expense of Christian civilisation.

Hatchet-woman Milligan did not even have the decency to blush for getting caught out while attempting to destroy one of the pillars of Western civilisation just to sell a few books. No sooner was she proven incapable of telling the truth than she was sent back to her full time job as a professional liar at the ABC, where she is in good company with all the rest of the lesbians, third wave feminists, hairdressers and soy latte sipping communists who chip away daily at decent society from high street offices paid for by the people they detest and daily conspire against when they fabricate the news.

Magistrate Belinda Wallington though was busy the entire session rescuing Milligan from the pesky facts assembled by Richter, and she has since revealed such an amazingly biased view of the evidence before her that it is inconceivable that she will ever render a fair judgement to Cardinal Pell.

Having already misjudged the facts of the case and shown her animosity against Pell and the Catholic Church at every opportunity, it would appear that the only decent recourse left to Wallington would be to recuse herself from the case.

Indeed, Richter has already suggested as much to Ms. Magistrate, but it seems this advocate for Soviet Melbourne justice is determined to go on with her show trial.

Melbourne is Salem now, a cesspit where the witches run everything and the truth doesn’t matter, because the enemies of the Church control all the levers of power.

While I do not doubt that the Catholic Church has at times been infiltrated by homosexuals and paedophiles and other deviants, I not only believe that Cardinal Pell is not one of these vermin, but I am now convinced that he is being railroaded by Wallington, who obviously spends her evenings imbibing the anti-clericalism of the ABC, and who has shown nothing but hostility for the Church. The liberty of Pell is now in the hands of a Melbourne cat fancier who treats Milligan’s satanic fan-fiction with the same reverence that sane people reserve only for the Holy Gospels.

Wallington’s Bible – Cardinal: The Rise and Fall of George Pell, is a tawdry collection of hearsay compiled by Milligan as thirty-four dollars and ninety cents worth of unproven bullshit. Evidently it impressed Wallington though, who has picked up the baton and run with it against the Cardinal. Luckily for Milligan, whose first lie was in the title, Wallington is there to try and bring about the Fall of Pell.

The Melbourne coven has made no secret of their aim, they will drag Pell down into the gutter where they live, and they will do it by hook or by crook. The end-game of these Anti-Christ forces, the shrill feminists and militant homosexuals who orchestrate these incessant campaigns of disintegration against the Church, is to malign an organisation that has stood for public decency for the past two thousand years and taint it with their own degenerate vices.

So first we get the quickie divorce, and then abortion on demand, and then catamites get to marry one another. Next bad parents can pump their kids full of sex-change hormones with the full support of Wallington’s court, and get a rubber stamp that allows them to mutilate their children with unnecessary surgeries so that they can pretend to be the opposite thing of what they were created to be. After that God only knows what filth the batshit-insane Left has in store for us.

Australia has reached the point of no return, where marriage may as well be between a dog and a cane toad, and children are apparently safer with an abomination and a swinger than a Cardinal if you believe the ABC and their lies.

For before you can subvert and destroy a society, first you have to make everything morally ambiguous, and destroy the defenders of public morality. Cardinal Pell is to the best of my knowledge one such defender of the good. A lot of well-wishers are too scared to speak out for him, but I have no fear of anything except God, so I will tell you straight up that I think the case against Pell is utter bullshit, and that the star witness was certainly a lying cunt, and that the presiding magistrate has no intention of doing her job properly and is a disgrace to her profession.

Pell has already spent 18 hours in front of a Royal Commission which found no evidence that he had any knowledge of the crimes of paedophiles or of anybody else, yet as a fictional character in Milligan’s trope Pell must have known about any and all abuse within the Catholic Church simply because the author thinks so. To write derogatory fiction and pass it off as the truth is fine for an ABC journalist, but when this is the mindset of a magistrate it can only result in a complete miscarriage of justice.

That the fortunes of the Church in Victoria have fallen so low that Pell can be tainted to the degree that he has in the public mind simply by defending such a venerable organisation against lying communists is outrageous, but hardly anything surprises me about Victoria any more.

The Cardinal is in dire straits, and Dan Andrews and his coven of witches will almost certainly finish destroying his name and send him to gulag. For while Richter can seemingly demolish every individual lie Milligan ever wrote or spruiked upon the airwaves, he cannot so easily undo the grander conspiracy which was set in motion years ago to undermine and destroy the Catholic Church.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie who’s keen on Conservative politics, Trump, and the Anime Right. I respect the Holy Mother Church, and I like Communists when they are being thrown out of helicopters by their rightful Catholic ruler. I generally support the aims and methods of the Holy Inquisition, and agree with Holy Scripture on the subject of Witches and all other important matters.

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