Trump Budget 2018: God Emperor restores US military to full Reagan glory, America more powerful than ever

By John Miller

Saturday the 24th of March 2018


When President Trump held his nose and signed off on the 1.3 Trillion in gibs that Ryan and Pelosi negotiated as part of the Omnibus Spending Bill, he did it because it gave him what he wanted most of all: the full return of undisputed American Greatness.

The most important of the core promises that Trump made was to keep America safe, and in order to Make America Great Again and honour his duty as President to the men and women in uniform who fight for your Freedom, Trump had to pay for an awful lot of boondoggles in the Omnibus Bill. He has promised to never again sign for so much pork, and it is a poor reflection upon this Congress that Trump had to countenance so much waste of taxpayer’s money in order to get the military that protects them back to where it should be.

The Trump tax cuts and the President’s regulation cutting are already re-establishing American prosperity upon solid foundations, and like most actions of good governance these relied more upon returning freedom to the governed than in an act of genius by the ruler. So Trump gets little credit for the return of the golden age of Reaganesque wealth creation that we are all presently enjoying, because all he did was realise that every American is a wealth creator, and that the government should be kept off their backs and out of their pockets.

But what good is prosperity if you can’t defend it?

Just like Reagan, Trump has not only to unchain the American economic engine to deafening ingratitude, he must also restore the Arsenal of Democracy to its full pristine glory. Everybody loves American greatness, but no President since Reagan has paid it more than lip service.

Putting just enough in the tank to get you through the next ill-thought out foreign engagement, constantly spouting mantras and then hanging those on the cutting edge of freedom out to dry, these were the hallmarks of all the successors to Reagan – until now. For with a single flourish of the Presidential pen, Trump has undone three decades of neglect.

For all their talk about Russians, you would think that the Dems would want to fully fund the Americans who are fighting them right now in proxy wars in Syria and other places. Instead it was left entirely to Trump to fund Mattis and his boys, and Schumer and Pelosi were as usual more concerned about maxing out the taxpayer credit card on them programmes for Urban Native Islamic Transsexual Mexicans in Sanctuary Cities.

Meanwhile for the last fifteen years the American military has been bled dry and run ragged, so that not only were the troops forced to do too much with too little against Haji assholes everywhere, but America was losing its edge in the shitty little proxy wars which the Kremlin fights to remain relevant.

Far worse, the American military was also at risk of actually losing in some spheres of the future war that we will have to fight against the Red Chinese Army the moment that they actually believe that America no longer owns the Pacific and can bitch-slap them away from Taiwan.

Peace isn’t cheap, and for the last FIFTEEN YEARS the US military has been allowed to fester and degrade, to the point that a nation of dog eating Communists and a Ninety-Nine Cent Store Tsar now feel that they are in a position to get cocky with the Western Alliance.

But let us make no mistake, the Western Alliance is the US military, and as soon as the US military can no longer keep their shit together then everyone will show their true colours and realign behind whatever replaces it as the world’s superpower.

It was with great dismay then that those of us who don’t speak Insect and want to work in a factory surrounded by suicide prevention nets for eighteen hours a day until we die of asphyxiation by industrial toxins were forced to witness the US military act as the whipping boy of a Community Organiser and Socialist hoodlum from Chicago, Kenya for the past eight years.

Yet even before Barack began to dismantle US forces to pay for Boogies healthcare, for seven years before that the American military was tasked with doing way too much, and not given nearly enough to do it, and basically bled dry by the Bushes and Clintons, who governed for the best interests of China, or the Saudis, or whoever else was tipping into their personal bank accounts, but who never once put America First.

This triumph of Trump against both the foreign and domestic enemies of America in the 2018 budget is one of the greatest moments of MAGA in the entire Trump Presidency, and made sweeter still because the witless foe was completely outplayed.

The party of Red China and defeatism, the vile Commiecrats, gave Trump everything he wanted – and simply because he never asked for it.

They thought they were fighting about a Wall, but the President was the whole time fighting an entirely different battle. He was focused on task one, his most important job, and he secured for Mattis and his generals everything that they need to win in every theatre.

The Democrats and the Congress can go to Hell now. He has his tax cuts, and America is well defended. This then was a total victory for Trump, the delivery of his promise that  America would always win while he was President – Moscow and Beijing are packed back firmly into their little boxes.

The Trump Renaissance for the military is set in stone and fully funded, and the two-year military rebuilding plan begins immediately – to the tune of $700 Billion this year and $716 billion the next.

Trump never draws red lines that he can’t defend, he is not one to stumble into foreign adventures that he isn’t prepared to win with overwhelming force.

The President doesn’t get Nobel Peace prizes for doing nothing, but he knows that the best way to win any war is never to have to fight it in the first place. Trump employs the Reagan doctrine – to just be so overwhelmingly powerful that nobody wants a piece of you.

For the surest way to keep the peace is to always negotiate from a position of unassailable strength.

The Trump Rearmament Budget of 2018-9 will see the American Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines undergo a stunning transformation.

The Navy gets $23.8 Billion to go on a shipbuilding spree, just in time to remind the Red Chinese that America is and will remain undefeated in the Pacific.

Fourteen new ships will get commissioned, including a new Aircraft Carrier. There will also be two new Virginia- class submarines, two new DDG-51 destroyers, three new Littoral Combat Ships, one new LX(R) amphibious assault ship, one new Expeditionary Fast Transport ship, one new Expeditionary Sea Base, one new TAO fleet oiler, one new Towing and Rescue ship (ATS), and one new T-AGS oceanographic survey ship.

The unfunded advance procurement activities for Ohio-class and Virginia-class submarines that Navy have already announced are now fully funded and won’t result in other ships being degraded. The days of the Obama Fleet, when poorly maintained ships with overworked crews banged into one another on the high seas are officially over boys.

Furthermore, the critically important $225 million expansion of the submarine industrial base and $150 million to accelerate procurement of a Heavy Polar Icebreaker have both been secured.

Navy also get ten F-18 Super Hornet aircraft for $739 million, and $501 million for three P-8A Poseidon aircraft. There is $400 million for eight MH-60R helicopters and $84 million for six MQ-8 Fire Scout vehicles.

The Marine Corps will receive 24 Lockheed Martin F-35Bs, the vertical landing version of the Lightning II Stealth Fighter.

The Marine Corps also get $343 million for four KC-130J tanker aircraft, $250 million for two CH-53K King Stallion helicopters, $221 million for seven UH-1Y/AH-1Z helicopters, and $207 million for two C-40 aircraft.

There is also $676 million for eight V-22 tilt-rotor aircraft for use by both Marine Corps and Navy.

The Army gets $348 million for 116 Stryker Double V-Hull upgrades, $300 million for Stryker lethality upgrades, $1.1 Billion for the upgrade of 85 Abrams tanks, and $483 million for the upgrade of 145 Bradley Fighting Vehicles.

In addition, the Army gets $220 million for High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle recapitalisation, including $120 million specifically for ambulance modernisation. There will be $110 million for additional RQ-7 Shadow systems for Army, as well as $107 million for nine MQ-1 Grey Eagle vehicles and payloads.

The Army also gets seventeen new Boeing AH-64 Apache helicopters for $577 million, and also $90 million for eleven Eurocopter UH-72 Lakota helicopters. Not to worry lads, le Airbus builds the Europcopter in America, and I’m sure they won’t allow any Socialists anywhere near production. Army also gets $40 million for two SATURN ARCH aircraft.

Special Operations Command gets $600 million for five MC-130J aircraft. Army and Special Operations Command gets $387 million for eight CH-47 Chinook helicopters.

American Force projection is assured, and the Chinese Century now looks about as inevitable as it did at the end of the Opium War, but has President Trump forgotten about USAF and its control of the skies?

Hell no, the Chair Force adds fifty-six brand spanking new Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II Stealth Fighters.

Then there is $510 million for three KC-46A tanker aircraft, and the Air Force also gets $130 million for two C-37B aircraft.

To top it all off, there is $103 million for the wing replacement program of the Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II, to keep those Warthogs flying until 2030. There is even $100 million for a new HC-130J.

$2.9 Billion has been allocated for ten conventional take-off, six carrier variant, and four vertical take-off F-35 Joint Strike Fighters, as well as additional tooling and spare engines for use by Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps.

Southern Command gets $29 million for one Dash 8 maritime patrol aircraft.

The Air National Guard get $480 million for six C-130J aircraft, and the Coast Guard will finally get an icebreaker, so that no part of the Sky or Ocean will be immune to justice.

The Army National Guard get $108 million for eight UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters.

Even better for those on the front lines, the possibility for more pay increases next year has increased dramatically, now that the 2.4 percent pay raise that took effect at the beginning of the year has been fully funded, and the military is no longer cannibalising budgets just to stay operational.

Personnel has been given $137.7 Billion, which can fully fund an active-duty end strength of 1,322,500 and a reserve component end strength of 816,900 — an overall increase of 9,500 men. And as the President just announced, men will have to have dicks going forwards, and women be women. Transsexuals are out. Sorry abominations. On the bright side you can all run as Congressmen in Blue States.

The $89.2 Billion allocated for Research and Development represents a $16 Billion increase on 2017, the $144.3 Billion to be spent on procurement is up $25.4 Billion over 2017, and projected operations and maintenance is now fully funded to the tune of $238 Billion.

The Missile Defense Agency gets a $2 Billion increase – to receive a total of $11.5 Billion – a timely investment in the era of rogue nuclear states. The additional MDA funding includes $568 million to expand Fort Greely, Alaska, and locate 20 additional Ground-Based Interceptors there.

Star Wars in our lifetime boys. Suck it Commies.

Also let us never forget that while ISIS is no longer the omnipresent threat that it was when Prince Dopey ran US foreign policy through his servant Barak Hussein Obama, there still exists many Sand Monkeys and other Hajis who are willing to die for their crazy moon rock god in sewer-tier Islamic shitholes like Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan.

Overseas Contingency Operations are now fully funded to the tune of $65.2 billion for 2018. For as long as Omar wants to go there and die, General Mattis and his boys now have everything they need to make his wish come true.

Make no mistake, this is the greatest single improvement in the fortunes of the US military since the glory days of Reagan – and it is also an overwhelming affirmation of the legacy of that great man. We beat the Commies then, and we’ll beat them again.

The only increase in military spending that was anything like Reaganesque in the last fifteen years was when George Bush Junior eventually had to replace all of the hardware and missiles that he wasted defending his family friends in Kuwait during the Halliburton War, but he never gave his military what it needed to win. The $61 BILLION increase over FY2017 levels is what is needed to win today and keep on winning.

The main thing holding the President back, as usual, were all the traitors and dead weight in Congress – and God only knows what the mid-terms will turn up, with a whole bunch of CIA agents and other Chinese agents running for Congress to defend the profits of Amazon and the rest of the Davos cabal.

If you asked Trump exactly what he would like to accomplish with his Presidency, then it would probably be to make America as respected as it was in the Reagan years. Not by the press, of course, or by the idiots who march around in the streets. These losers hated Reagan, and they hate Trump, and that will never change.

Yet both Reagan and Trump came to the presidency when the American military was weak and when the country was beset by dangerous wolves, and they gained the respect of the leaders of the world by showing them precisely that America meant business.

The one thing that we can rely on is that no matter what the Russians, the Red Chinese, the International Brotherhood of Angry Ragheads, the Washington Post, or any other group of anti-American Communists gets up to, the American military now has everything they need to stay on top of their game, and to project freedom at will straight through the palace gates of any upstart Commie dictator.

This is what winning looks like boys, so go tell Anne Coulter to shut the hell up. All this bellyaching isn’t going to get her a husband.

I’m sure she’ll feel better when the Army Corps of Engineers starts pouring concrete for the Wall on Monday. And if they spend all of the extra $8 Billion they got, they can just send the bill to Mexico and Trump will get it back with a tariff on Corona or something.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie who’s keen on Conservative politics, Trump, and the Anime Right. I support the ANZUS alliance and American military exceptionalism in the face of Red China and other threats.

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