Sweden Democrats cuck out on Bonnier monopoly in European Socialist trainwreck state

By John Miller

Tuesday the 20th of March 2018


The nice thing about browsing /pol/ is that I am always learning new things, and today I learned that (((the Jews))) own 80% of the media in Sweden, which seems rather odd considering the fact the government of Sweden seems hell-bent on transforming their country into Syri-Afghan-Iraq. To the best of my recollection Jews and Arabs – and indeed Jews and the entire league of Arab cosplayers – haven’t gotten along for the last 4000 years, or whenever it was that Sarah dismissed Hagar.

My own views of (((the Jews))) is relatively benign, as I think anybody who has read my hagiography of Arthur Balfour or my history of the medieval Jews will agree, and I am broadly supportive of right-wing Israeli nationalism. On the other hand I do hate all forms of Leftism, and there can be no denying that secular Left-wing Jews are particularly good at wrecking their host nations.

Whether as high party officials in the vanguard of Russian Bolshevism overthrowing the Tsar and Orthodox Church, or as Billionaire technocrat assholes who chip away at Christian values and boost degeneracy in the modern American surveillance state, one cannot but marvel at the amazing capacity for certain Jews to annihilate anything that gets in their way.

The (((Bonnier family))) own several publishing houses, including Sweden’s oldest publishing company, and they publish dozens of titles, including the Swedish weekly business magazine Veckans Affarer, the women’s monthly magazine Damernas Varld, and the women’s fortnightly magazine Amelia.

More importantly the Bonnier group controls TV4 in Sweden, which has a 20% share of the Swedish commercial television audience, and it also owns the pay TV provider C More Entertainment.

Bonnier also controls the Swedish dailies Dagens Nyheter, Expressen, Sydsvenskan, and Heisingborgs Dagblad, as well as the business daily Dagens Industri.

In its infinite wisdom the Board of Peace has decided that this represents 80% of all Swedish media, which is probably bullshit, and I prefer to blame the Swedes themselves for transforming their country into what it is, and in my opinion the Bonniers are merely going along for the ride.

Was there a Jewish conspiracy to make the Sweden Democrats throw renegade MP Anna Hagwell under the bus? She no sooner insinuated that “no family or ethnic group” should enjoy a taxpayer-funded monopoly over Sweden’s newspapers than she was announcing her resignation from politics forever. Kek.

Her exact claim was that Bonnier controls most of the small newspapers in Sweden, but in the process wondered aloud why Swedish taxpayers should be subsiding a monopoly by (((the Jews))). This was tantamount to political suicide, and Hagwell was promptly hoist upon the petard of Swedish tolerance.

Her crusade against the Bonnier newspaper monopoly in Sweden could not have been timed more poorly. Sweden goes to the polls on September 9 to elect it’s next government.

The Right-wing nationalist Sweden Democrats presently control 49 of 349 seats in the Swedish parliament, which is dominated by an alliance of Communists and Hippies (138 seats) and a Socialism-Lite bloc of Cuckolds (84 seats).

The Sweden Democrats are currently polling at just under 20%, and at peak performance were running at around 25%, or roughly double what they got last time. The Swedish Far Left are looking to gain around 40% of the vote, with the Not Quite So Far Left also on 40%.

In conclusion Sweden is and will remain royally fucked, but it was nice of Anna Hagwell to fall upon her sword for the good of her party.

I await your idiotic reply, Legion of Communist Achmeds who LARP as Nazis to smear the Right on 4Chan.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie who’s keen on Conservative politics, Trump, and the Anime Right. I support Swedish nationalism.

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