An Englishman must do his duty: Robinson takes on May and Fleming at Speakers’ Corner

By John Miller

Sunday the 18th of March 2018


When Lord Nelson was standing on the quarterdeck of the Victory leading the British line against the Napoleonic fleet at Trafalgar he had already given an eye and an arm for England, and when Captain Hardy begged him to remove his Admiral’s coat so that the French sharpshooters would have at least a little trouble picking him out it seemed sensible advice, for England could sore stand to lose its great Admiral.

Yet Nelson replied with stiff upper lip that he was not one for shifting coats, and then added that he did not fear to show himself to the enemy.

Nelson more than any was aware that Britain could afford to lose one hundred battles to Napoleon on the continent, but if he gave up the English Channel to the French only once then all was lost. Trafalgar was do or die for England.

Lord Nelson wore his full naval honours that day, and upon the deck of Victory he led the British line into battle, against the larger and theoretically deadlier naval force of continental Jacobins.

For Nelson knew that his country required more from him than clever naval tactics, and so he made himself as conspicuous as possible without any regard for the enemy, and thus lent his courage to his men.

A French cannonball cut the Adjutant standing just to the side of him in half, and another that narrowly missed him smashed the wheel of Victory in half and killed an officer and eight Royal Marines, but Nelson did not run for cover.

For Lord Nelson was an Englishman, and he knew that every Englishman must do his duty.

Nelson took Victory straight at the French flagship, whose tremulous Admiral was hiding behind another French 74-gunner and a Spanish warship bristling with 130 cannons.

Admiral Nelson and Captain Hardy did their duty upon the quarterdeck, where they were under constant fire from enemy sharpshooters as Victory smashed through the Jacobin lines. Indeed, a Frenchy shot Lord Nelson through the spine and paralysed him.

Lord Nelson would not allow the Marines to just take him to the infirmary though, not until he had given a Midshipman his full advice on how to best handle the tiller during the remaining action.

Trafalgar was a complete rout of the Jacobin filth, and Nelson thought little of giving his life for his country. This was when it meant something to be British, and when brave Englishmen were not in short supply.

Not so modern Britain, where Jacobin rats roam the streets in Antifa rags alongside a horde of imported foreign devils whose only true allegiance is to Mecca. The Whore of Brussels and her traitorous secret police at the GCHQ are doing nothing at all about the occupying invaders, but they are coming down with everything they’ve got upon their own people.

Theresa May has at every turn stabbed her country in the back, undermining Brexit and giving everything away to Paris and Berlin, and while she maliciously damages the British nation by her fealty to an openly hostile European power, her foreign mercenaries attack the native Britons with wanton cruelty, raping and terrorising Christians without any care at all.

And why should they have a care, these invaders who are fully protected by May’s state security apparatus, while their victims go to jail instead?

For one thing is abundantly clear, and that is that Bloody Theresa’s lackey Jeremy Fleming converted to Islam along with Jimmy Clapper. And so Obama’s alphabet agency goon may be gone, but Fleming continues to terrorise Britain. Woe betide you if you are a Christian.

Like-minded Saracens were hell-bent on merging America and Britain into a Surveillance Caliphate, but Achmed Clapper was given the boot, and now only Mohamed Fleming is left standing. All Al-Clapper has left is ten thousand acres of opium in Afghanistan and a salty twitter account, but Jeremy Jafari is still running amok, and he is on the rampage against British liberty.

May and Fleming have abused the GCHQ to spy upon tens of thousands of ordinary Britons and have them carted off to jail in the dead of night. Anyone who objects too hard to capitulating to Brussels and Islam is targeted, and British jails have been filled with good common British folk whose only crime was speaking out.

Meanwhile the Saracen horde and the Jacobins who cause havoc in Britain for Brussels are left untouched as they duly rape and loot entire British neighbourhoods with complete impunity.

For as we have seen time and again, the British Sharia police state is working hand in glove not only with the Islamic invaders but with the modern Jacobins of Antifa, and any British man or woman who has something to say about the dread state of affairs will be attacked by first one set of domestic terrorists and then the other, and then by the secret police, who only ever arrest May’s political enemies, and never the enemies of Britain.

So then when Tommy Robinson agreed to take a speech written by a conservative activist who was arrested by the faux Conservative regime of May to Speakers Corner,   he knew it would be no easy task to read it out.

The entire leadership of the British political resistance to creeping Brussels Sharia has already been vanned by Fleming’s thought police, and a horde of foreign Jacobins has been allowed to pour across the border from Paris and Berlin to put the jackboot into the natives for Brussels.

Make no mistake, any free-thinking Englishman will be attacked by the Jacobin vermin. He will be attacked and his family will be attacked, and meanwhile the traitor May cries crocodile tears about some Russian spook that she poisoned for her CIA buddies, who all seem to be running for Congress now, and are busily whipping up the next proxy war in some Islamic shithole that will create the next tide of refugees.

Fleming is working overtime to fabricate all the evidence May and her CIA handlers need to get Christians dying again, which probably explains why he hasn’t gotten around to locking Robinson up yet. Perhaps today will be the day.

A brave man then, Tommy Robinson, walking the gauntlet of Antifa Jacobins and the occupying Muslims. May and her regime of Collaborators stand by with their truncheons to drag him off to gulag too.

The brave few who stand with Robinson at Hyde Park will also be assaulted by Moors and Jacobins, and then possibly beaten next by the police and jailed just for hearing naughty words said against the regime.

But this is England still, and every Englishman must do his duty.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie who’s keen on Conservative politics, Trump, and the Anime Right. I support the British Christians who are fighting to take their country back from Saracens and Jacobins.

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