Dutton wants to save White Farmers from Commies and give us our guns back

By John Miller

Thursday the 15th of March 2018


Just when you thought the fully compliant globalist regime of Malcolm Turnbull couldn’t drag Australia any further to the degenerate Left, and that everything was fire with our trad-Catholic ex-PM on the permanent outer and the Fake News media jackals shamelessly setting the national agenda, there appears a dark horse.



He has these amazing thought-bubbles all the time. But is Peter Dutton just a bone that the Satanic powers behind our government has thrown us, or can we actually believe in him to do the righty?

Send back the Sudo reffos who are terrorising our RSL pensioners with machetes in violent home invasions all across Melbourne. Sounds great. Anyone been sent back yet?

Pic related is Australia right now. And frankly Dutton, you’re right, they don’t belong in Australia.



Let in the White Farmers from South Africa who are being killed in front of their families by the Communist nogs who we let take down and destroy a perfectly good Christian country. Sounds better than letting in boatloads of terrorists like we usually do. Is this really the kind of thing that dead eyed Julie and the rest of the globalist golems who govern us will ever agree to though?

We get dog whistle rhetoric all the time from the Libs and Nats. The Tories did the same thing in England, and look at the state of that Haji shithole now. This is where all talk and no action gets you.



Give is our guns back? Good lord, are you trying to get v& Dutton? Imagine all the school walkouts and episodes of QANDA this kind of free thinking will provoke.

I have almost no faith in Turnbull, and I know our controlled media are going to go in hard at Dutton to give Malcolm the fig-leaf he needs to do nothing except promote degeneracy and open borders for welfare rats, like he always does.



I also know a lot of you lads don’t give a fig about what the Left thinks you should think, and always vote your conscience, and that you never gave up on the Libs and Nats and are still active in the branches.

So let’s all get in behind the Dutton in our own way and give him some support, eh lads? You never know what can happen in a country that hates its shackles, and where some of us can still remember what it felt like to imagine we were free.



Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie who’s keen on Conservative politics, Trump, and the Anime Right. I support the rights of Christians to bear arms and fight Communists.

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