British Opposition leaders jailed for speaking out against Islamic Stalinism in England

By John Miller

Thursday the 8th of March 2018


Jayda Fransen and Paul Golding, the leader and the deputy leader of the political party which leads the opposition to creeping Sharia in Britain, were jailed today by the Islamic Stalinist state, and for telling the plain truth that most of us who live in free countries don’t fear to speak: Islam is a corrosive cancer, and it is slowly killing Britain and robbing it of both liberty and security.


Who is brave enough to repeat the wise words of William Gladstone today, the last of the great British Prime Ministers, that wherever there is this book – the Koran – there will be no peace. William Gladstone would have been thrown into prison alongside Fransen and Golding for having such a bold thought in the Sharia compliant Britain of Teresa May.

In fact nobody is safe from May’s boot boys, as they crack down on Facebook grans and political activists alike, enforcing a rigid adherence to the Islamic Stalinism which has captured the Tory party and the British nation and holds both in thrall.

This is hardly surprising though, because if we look closely at the Tories, we find that they have given away everything to Islam over the last 100 years, frittering away the Empire and frogmarching the nation into bleak obscurity since the days of Disraeli, and in complete lockstep with the Fabian Socialists of British Labour.


Except for a brief cameo appearance by Churchill at the twilight of the British Empire, there hasn’t been a single decent leader of the British nation since Lloyd George, and not a single great one since Gladstone – but don’t look to the modern British Liberal to fight Islam either, they’re all firmly in the camp of the invader, and are crowing about losing their free speech rights today.

No, it is clear that there is no man or woman in any of the “”””major”””” British parties who is fit to claim the Arthurian mantle worn so easily by Gladstone and George, and thus we find Britain at its lowest ebb, completely overrun by Saracen Bolsheviks, with seemingly no fight in it.


The Liberals have been barely relevant for well over a century though, and this present-day mess is wholly the fault the Tories, and of course the ravening British Fabian Socialist with whom the Tory shamelessly cavorts these days.

If it seems odd that the party of Churchill has been wholly subverted by a foreign death cult, or that  the Tory government  of Theresa May is nothing less than a Vichy regime of wanton collaborators with alien Moors, then you have not been paying close attention to what the Tories stand for. The British Conservatives have always coddled child molesters and head choppers.

The Tory love affair with the Religion of Peace goes way back to the 19th Century, when Liberalism and Conservatism were the political powers in Britain, the days of Disraeli and Gladstone: the Tories were all in for Islam then, and they are all in for Islam now, and they’ll willingly choke our rivers with dead Christians for any upstart Pasha or Emir.


Back then Disraeli lied about the malice of Islam repeatedly, to protect his Ottoman friends when they were raping, massacring and imprisoning Christians in the Balkans – and there is not a lick of sunlight in between the Islamic apologist Disraeli and the modern Tory party.

If we turn to the present day nothing has changed at all, except the dangers that the noble Christian Gladstone warned us about have crept into the bosom of the British state. For Christians are being raped and massacred on the very streets of England itself now, and instead of jailing the filthy Moors who are committing these indecent crimes, the party of Disraeli is jailing anyone who dares to raise an objection against it.


The astonishing crime of Jayda Fransen and Paul Golding was that they spoke truth to power, and the party of Disraeli cannot and will not have that. There is to be no doing your job as the leader of the political opposition and airing the grievances of your constituents in May’s totalitarian Islamic police state.

Even something as admirable as standing up for the British schoolgirls who have been thrown to the wolves – the omnipresent Muslim paedophile grooming gangs of merry Olde England, has become a thought crime against the Islamic Stalinist state, whose every organ is working overtime to jail anyone who mentions that things have never been worse in Britain.

Such is the truly deplorable state of affairs in Britain, that those who prey upon children enjoy the complete and unqualified support of May’s Tory government. The Saracens are the only ones protected by the courts and the police, and the native population has to fend entirely for itself, this much has been made abundantly clear.


It has become quintessentially British to jail those who speak out against the Sharia compliant state Toryism of May, who is the heir of Disraeli in selling out the British people to foreign interests, but is this the end for Britain?

In her contrarian February 2002 opinion piece for the Manchester Grauniad, the Maoist rag that trumpets every reduction in British liberty as a stunning success for the cultural revolution of Islamic Socialism that has its foot upon the windpipe of the British people, Thatcher warned us of the true nature of the enemy: Islamism is the new Bolshevism.


Of course, by 2002 it was already far too late, and Thatcher immediately lapsed into special pleading for the cult of the Pakistani grandees who completely own the modern Tory party and the need for Christians to go die in Iraq – nothing really different from her slimy Labour counterparts.

The great hope of Britain is the British people themselves, who are beginning to get out from beneath the smothering embrace of the Islamic State, and to follow leaders like Fransen and Golding who fight for British liberty.

After all it was the British people whose wisdom and pluck snatched the nation from the grip of Brussels – but the job is only half done.


The British political class, the courts, and the police – every apparatus of the British state – is still owned lock, stock and barrel owned by the Muslim invader, and they are every bit as much a threat to Christian Britain as the Godless heathens of Brussels.

In terms all Tolkein fans will understand: We have defeated Mordor, only to come home to the Shire and find it inhabited by Saruman and his Orcs.


The Islamic Bolshevism that has been chastised and swept back all across the Western world, from America to Australia and every point in between, is still a virulent force in Britain.

This invasive foreign cult that has such a chilling effect upon every aspect of our Christian way of life has a tight grip upon the British. The Sodomite Archbishop of Canterbury, the Dhimmi Prime Minister, New Scotland Yard, and the entire vermintide of an invading foreign horde of moon rock worshippers are working hand in glove to erase British history and the rights of the British people.


So who will fight for the British people, who will stand like Canute and confront the rising tide of Islamic Stalinism?

Must the nation stand and clap as these savages corrupt every law and ancient custom of the British people in order to accommodate the invading cult?

In this modern era of revisionist history where we are being informed that the first Celts and Anglo-Saxons were brown goat-herders and black spear throwing savages just like the New British who the Tories and Labour bought in after the War to wreck the nation, facts are less important than good-think. It has become a common lie to tell that Churchill wanted Sharia for England, although knowing the Tories they may fervently desire this to be true – they crave to submit and walk a step behind.


On the other hand, Churchill on more than one occasion remarked that Islam was a retrograde cult, and considered the Islamic world to be in every way inferior to the Christian nation states.

But there is something very appealing to the Tory about complete submission, so perhaps Islam is their natural home after all – however it is certainly not for the free Christian man of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland – my ancestors were not slaves, and neither can be any true Briton stand to be one.

With high hope and expectations then let the British nation abandon both Islamic Labour and the Islamic Tories, and turn to real Christian leaders, for a free Britain.


Britain has been in terminal decline ever since Labour and the Conservatives let the Empire fall apart after the War. They purposefully began replacing the native population with the Brown horde for reasons of social engineering and low wages, and now both the imported man and the native man are stuck together cheek by jowl in a low-wage no-future Islamic cesspit.

Do you want to destroy both the British Conservatives and Labour in a single election, Nigel Farage? Then do what the Tories have been doing successfully since 1965.

In the 1965 election the Tories began flipping seats by appealing to the common sense of the British working class. You won’t hear any politician come out and actually say If You Want a Coloured for a Neighbour Vote Labour any more, but the sentiment has underpinned every successful Conservative campaign since then.


The only reason why the Conservatives don’t win every election with this message is that after you have been tricked a few times, you figure out that whether you vote for Labour or for the Tories, nothing changes except you and your coloured neighbour both get the royal screw job together.

But Britain is desperate for change. Nobody wants to live in the flat above the Islamic State bomb factory, or see their kid’s get raped by Teresa May’s Sharia Army, or idly watch as public life is subverted and corrupted to suit the foreign tastes of the Moorish Bolshevik.

The Anglo and Celtic working and middle classes are terrified of the societal collapse that is occurring all around them, but every election they march off to the polls to vote for the party that they think will save from it, only to be betrayed and slaughtered like the gullible little lambs that they are.

Here’s an idea. Tell the fucking truth, and actually start kicking no-goodnicks out of the country. Literally round them up and sent them back to wherever the hell they came from, and don’t let any more in.


Will you hand the nation over to those whose ancestors were tending goats in the hills of Pakistan while ours were fighting alongside Nelson? Not bloody likely.

So let the vermintide gloat over the jailing of Fransen and Golding while they may, because this is the beginning of the end for them. I cannot but believe that we will see the next Lloyd George because of it, who will proudly fight for the real Britons against the savage intruders and their degenerate lackeys, and boldly declare that we are waging a Crusade against the savages who threaten our civilisation.


Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie who’s keen on Conservative politics, Trump, and the Anime Right. I support the Holy Crusade and the rights of Christians, and would be happy if the Inquisition and Crusade would drive every last one of these devils out of our lands.

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