BRUSSELS DELENDA EST: Salvini and Anchovy sweep to power in Italy

By John Miller

Monday the 5th of March 2018


We four for four: Great Britain, America, Austria and now Italy. Everywhere that was once great has thrown off the shackles of the globalist oppressor and is slowly making itself great again. Anchovy rules the Apennines, she has smashed the tyranny of low expectations. The board of peace is proved right once again.

Bolshevism in Europe is dead, and the Italians have dealt it the killer blow. Elder statesman Silvio Berlusconi has passed the torch to Salvini Augustus. He joins a new era of European leaders who are sweeping away the corruption of weak borders and cultural vandalism.

But who is this modern Caesar, Matteo Salvini, on whose shoulders the Purple will rest so admirably? And why does his grateful nation look to him as they have not looked to any man since Garibaldi?

Salvini is leader of the Lega faction of Italian nationalists, whose uncompromising stance towards the Wakandanese and other invaders has endeared him to his countrymen, and to those everywhere who remember when Roman borders guaranteed peace and prosperity.

His policy is simple. Let the Italians have Italy, and let Neptune look after the Sea People.

Clearly the Romans have lent him their ears, as one after the other the native tribes cast their votes for Salvini and Liberty. Has any man been so admired by the mob since the time of divine Julius?

Berlusconi and the Patricians have given the youthful Salvini their blessing, and now only one impediment remains: the horde of Vandals who have set up roosts in Italy, and the Italian slaves who have conceded all their rights to them. The minions of Brussels cling to their chains, those lacking gods and ancestors, with no hearth or history.

Vae Victis then, and onward to Brussels. It is time to tear down the modern Carthage, and liberate all Europe.

From Poland to Italy there is no gap in the wall now.  Brussels must be and will be destroyed, torn down brick from brick, and the earth salted.

Let no free man ever pass under the yoke of its tyranny ever again.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie who’s keen on Conservative politics, Trump, and the Anime Right. I find Roman family values and Stoicism appealing.

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