YouTube thought police round up Alex Jones and Catholic priests for Internet Gulag

By John Miller

Sunday the 4th of March 2018


The YouTube commissars are on the move against the enemies of the Left again, and as the slave propaganda network that beams video impressions into our minds via our phones and computer screens steps up its purge of all non-conforming entities that threaten the corporate Goodthink of Google we are left to wonder: where will it all end?

Who is next for Internet Gulag? Welp, apparently that honour goes to entry level conspiracy peddler and fervent President Trump booster Alex Jones, and the Catholic priest who reads a selection of daily scriptures from the Holy Bible. Both are heading towards Digital Siberia as they get their final warnings under the bizarre new YouTube censorship regime.

1984 has never been closer, but who is to blame?

Internet Wags on various Mongolian Finger Painting forums are quick to point fingers at the Southern Poverty Law Centre, which is just one of many batshit-insane Leftist organisations tasked with purging the Internets for YouTube who seem to think that everything right of Tammany Hall is a Nazi organisation and ought to be punched.

But why blame the Jews, when we can just blame rich liberal assholes?

That’s right, I’m blaming rich liberal assholes for this. But which rich liberal assholes in particular? Who is REALLY responsible for deciding that Catholic priests and Alex Jones aren’t fit for public consumption?

Well, right now all fingers are pointing at Susan Wojcicki, the smug imbecile who had the good fortune to be the sister-in-law of the guy who invented Google. Not to be confused with her smart sister Anne, who made a  fortune spitting in the racial purity tests of idiots who pay her company 23 and Me to supply proofs that at least 56% of their ancestors were white so they don’t feel bad when they go on /pol/.

Sergey Brin clearly bought YouTube as a vanity project, and as a mouthpiece for his interests. No big conspiracy here. Just the same old bullshit that happens routinely. Fags like Brin and Bezos buy things like YouTube and WaPo because they want to influence fags like us. Tycoons have always done this, and they always will.

Generally speaking this is a pretty smart play, influencing public opinion.

Unless you allow your idiot ex-wife’s sister Comrade Wojcicki to simultaneously run your mouthpiece into the ground and rile up half of the population by acting like Internet Stalin.

Susan Wojcicki has driven YouTube into the financial and the moral gutter, and if Brin and Wojcicki assume that their YouTube monopoly on streaming video is too big to fail they are in for a rude shock.

While nobody was particularly bothered when all the Nazis were chased off the Internet, Silly Susan is now starting to go after Trump supporters and the Catholic Church with vindictive glee. Both of those groups have plenty of fight of them, a ton of moral outrage, and the money and manpower to fight a good fight.

If Sergei is half as smart as we think we is, then he might like to look at reigning his idiot relative in, before she brings down his whole empire. Oppressive monopolies that annoy half the known world tend to come unstuck, and there is a growing sense of outrage on the Right.

Google and YouTube need to be taken down a peg or two. If there was ever a monopoly deserving of being broken up it is this sleazy cartel – Alphabet Inc.

Alphabet Inc might as well be Murder Incorporated for the way that they wage culture war day against everything that is decent or pure. Truly Larry Page and his goons are the single greatest threat to our civilisation.

President Trump and the Congress ought to dust off the Sherman Act immediately, and make Google divest YouTube. I’m sure whoever buys it will swiftly realise that the dumb Wojcicki sister makes a far better tea lady than arbiter of public opinion.

Our culture and heritage are being devoured by this Red Google Spider which sits and weaves lies at the heart of Internet, relentlessly pandering to the degenerate Left and censoring the Right with every twist of the web.

Wake up President Trump, wake up and defang this beast of its YouTube venom, and do it before it devours us all.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie who’s keen on Conservative politics, Trump, and the Anime Right. I enjoy various Christian activities.

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