Wakanda crimewave rocks Essendon, Dutton and D Andrews show continues

By John Miller

Monday the 26th of February 2018


Despite repeated promises to deport some of the Sudanese thugs who are re-enacting the worst of African banditry every night in the suburbs of Melbourne, it looks like we were just getting fed the same old bullshit, by the same bunch of jokers who threw open the doors to these vandals in the first place.

The Dutton and Andrews show has only just begun, folks.

The tough rhetoric and no action of Dutton and the Turnbull government was at least a fig leaf of comfort for those suffering under the Andrews regime in Victoria, which has allowed a small fraction of the refugee community to ruin things for everybody, by papering over the violence which these Sudanese bastards are being allowed to get away with on a nightly basis.

The latest victim: Essendon.

Families turning in for the night, only to have their doors and windows kicked in by Wakanda’s finest, and be confronted with machetes and bats, and a platoon of hollering Mordor Apes running through the house.

Pensioners, diggers with very little, being menaced at all hours of the night by the worst kind of scum, and for what – their grocery money?

Are you feeling enriched yet, Melbourne?

It is clear now that these gangs are deliberately stalking and preying on the elderly, after the most recent series of violent assaults overnight, where once again the frail aged were battered and bloodied and sent to the hospital by the invading horde of roving savages.

Melbourne has descended into anarchy.

Not that you’d know it if you only read the tripe that the wine swilling homosexual dickheads at the Melbourne Age put out. They can’t have a bad headline for their little Socialist coven, now can they?

Every time a Black Panther goes on a crime spree in the suburbs of Melbourne he’s just some darling wayward teen, according to our Fake News establishment. Teens bash elderly man. Teens kill pregnant woman in stolen car. Teens in violent home invasion.

I know, let’s find some obnoxious twat and make her Young Australian of the Year. That ought to put a good gloss on things, eh?

Teens and diversity. Don’t they have any Wakandan adults in Melbourne?

Yet halfway through the story the narrative often flips, and it oh jeez, oh man, it turns out to be a gang of adults after all.

And buried somewhere deep in the copy we find out – oh, of African appearance. Again.

I expect very little from a Labour government except magistrates who hate cops and high taxation, but the Liberals and Nationals ought to know better. Get your act together or we’ll replace you permanently with the Conservatives or One Nation.

Howard wouldn’t have let his government bottle this issue so badly. Fix this Dutton. Fix this immediately.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie who’s keen on Conservative politics, Trump, and the Anime Right. I enjoy various Christian activities.

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