Sheriff Israel killed 17 schoolkids with incompetence and tried to blame the NRA

By John Miller

Friday the 23rd of February 2018


The truth has finally come out about the Florida school shooting.

The first cracks in the wall of disinformation came when we heard from brave survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, telling us that CNN and the unscrupulous Left activist media were attempting to stage manage and script them, in effect coercing children who had lived through a tragedy to become crisis actors.

We get it, some of these kids have been programmed by Fake News to believe that Trump is some kind of bogeyman who wants to kill them, and they are easily manipulated. The Socialists who want to tear up the Constitution have swooped in and adroitly used them to produce a heart rending narrative.

We know this because some of the survivors who just want to talk about the facts have come forward and told us so. Good, decent kids just like the other kids. But kids who weren’t prepared to be bullied by CNN. Good for you, Colton Haab.


These kids just want to know what the hell went wrong. Here are the facts. Here is how the system failed you.

The FBI was tipped off twice about the shooter, Nikolas Cruz, aged 19, and didn’t do its job.

The FBI kicked the can over to the Broward County Sheriff, Scott Israel, who didn’t do his job.

None of these guys meant to fuck up. Nobody likes it when kids die. But somebody, somewhere in the chain didn’t do their job properly.

Broward County Sheriff’s had 39 separate occasions before the shooting on which somebody was so concerned that Cruz was going to kill somebody that they spoke to him, but they still left him at large in the community.

It seems pretty clear that Scott Israel has a problem at Broward County Sheriff’s. They didn’t do their job properly. Kids died.

What’s the solution? Cover it up. Burn the Constitution!

Oh but wait, it gets worse. There was a Broward County deputy, Scot Peterson, sitting in his car outside the school during the shooting. He was the last line of defence, and he didn’t do his job either.

What the hell is going on here? And why is the guy in charge, Sheriff Israel, skating away from this?

After Columbine we got a Hollywood movie by some fat lying piece of shit exonerating the Clintons, and after Sandy Hook we got tears from Obama, and not much else, as usual.

Burgers love their guns, and Trump is a Second Amendment President through and through.

But he is also a dad and a guy who always follows his heart. He sat down and listened to the kids.

We know this, because the sneering media jackals published his to-do list, what he wanted to convey to them. I hear you.

Trump isn’t a talker, and he usually isn’t much of a listener either. President Trump is a doer.

But Trump knows he can’t get anything done without the goodwill of Congress, and he’s never going to scapegoat the law-abiding gun-owners of America represented by the National Rifle Association.

So while the Left are busy blaming everybody who wasn’t at fault for the tragedy caused by Sheriff Israel’s gross incompetence, and getting absolutely nothing accomplished, Trump is simply doing his job, and he’s taken a position on the issue of how to keep America’s schoolkids stay safe:

  1. Comprehensive background checks on people with mental health issues. Cruz was seeing a psychiatrist and was on some serious meds. People like him probably shouldn’t be armed.
  2. Raise the age of buying to 21. There has been some pushback from this from the NRA. Clearly if an adult is of sound mind he has Second Amendment rights. You can see where Trump’s heart was on this. But in America you don’t have the right to bear alcohol. This is probably going to end up being 18.
  3. Ending the sale of bump stocks. Clearly Trump still has Las Vegas on his mind.

Those of us who love and respect Trump know that nobody works harder that the Donald for his people. He’s got a big heart – and he’s not beholden to anybody except himself. He looks at opinion polls and the news, but he isn’t some poll driven waffler. He always means business.


President Trump and Congress and the NRA will WORK TOGETHER to find some package of measures to reassure a traumatised nation. Next week he’ll be speaking with the nation’s governors about it.

Perhaps a good place to start would be by holding Scott Israel to account. He never should have tried to pass the buck on this. That was a complete failure of leadership.


Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie who’s keen on Conservative politics, Trump, and the Anime Right. I enjoy various Christian activities.

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