Warren Buffet on suicide watch: Bitcoin surges and makes Crypto Green again

By John Miller

Wednesday the 7th of February 2018


The dinosaur economy continues to slowly disintegrate today. Meanwhile in Lamboland, the digital economy is back, and surging from strength to strength.

Wall Street lacks the inherent self-belief to deal effectively with FUD. Meanwhile, Coiners FUD our own coins on the regular for keks – because we know the only way for us is UP UP UP.

Advancing behind our gold Satoshi standard – Bitcoin – we are erasing the damage done by weak hands, the Wall Street schemers and the Fake News media cartel at the speed of light. W-hat me worry? I knew the Bull Run was going to start in February all along, coinbrothers.

We are not only great at FUD, we are also the masters of FOMO. And the Bull Run on Coin Street got off to a terrifying start yesterday.

When I got back in under 6100 I was prepared to strongHODL for more freefall, but even while I writing my blog it was apparent that yes there was VERY STRONK Resistance at 6000, but also that something was up – and that thing was Bitcoin.

Everything was happening with BTC so fast that I rushed my blog – I actually bought ICON (Binance ICX) yesterday too during my initial portfolio build. Totally forgot about it. I was in such a rush to hurry back to /biz/ and FOMO the living shit out of Bitcoin, kek.

For a few hours there the duelling with the Salty Nocoiners and the eternal FUDfags was epic. Threads for the ages, as we helped rally the troops for the big push to Lamboland.

I even checked myself from Sunnyposting when the VEN FUD threads sprang up. FUDing your VEN is a time-honoured coin tradition, but it was just not the day for it. It was the rebirth of King Coin, and no Alt was to be left behind.

As it turns out, ICON and NEO were the hot movers for the Day of le Ebic Comeback. On an ordinary trading day I might look at capturing some gains – but who would let go of Neo now? And I need to build my Icon stack too.

Chinese and Korean Ethereum are both going to be headline makers in the months to come, because Asian markets always surge ahead – both going down and more importantly, GOING UP. They are like the Bitstamp tab of markets, jej.

But the star of the day was obviously King Coin itself. 6000 to 7500 was quite a move there by Poppa Coin. Grandad can still bust styles, boyyyyy.

Sheeit, it’s already testing 7900 as I write this.

I think we all realise by now that the most significant mover of all will always be Bitcoin, which can make or break the rest of the Board.

Our Gold Standard of digital currencies is not meant to be super-transactional in the normiesphere, that is what your Lumens and other coins are for.

Bitcoin is OUR Fort Knox of shared gold, and this is best kept out of glass hands.

So as King Coin sails from 6000 to 7500, to 10000 to 50000, to infinity and beyond, let us all resolve to keep it out of weak hands. Bitcoin is for trading coins and admiring in your wallet, not for filthy casuals.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie who’s keen on Conservative politics, Trump, and the Anime Right. I enjoy various Christian activities and talk about Crypto too much.

Please sirs, my lolis are starving. Send small domashuns of BTC bitcorns to 1L8W1qnPxKQx2GwL8EFZDYC6n6NodLc2ay for coin blessings.

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