Bitcoin: buying in at 6000 for keks

By John Miller

Tuesday the 6th of February 2018


Another exciting week in the world of Crypto. I still haven’t heard back from the scammers at Bitgrail who stole my money, or the regulatory authorities in Italy, so I guess I’ll just memory hole the XRB shenanigans for now.

Babby’s first time getting caught up in an insider trading ponzi scheme scandal, kek.

Bitcoin continues to bleed out. As of writing it is about to break under 6000. I started buying back in just under 6100.

I wanted to put the framework of my long-term Crypto strategy in place, and also show a bit of support for the Coins I like long-term: BTC, ADA, XLM, NEO, EOS, TRX, VEN, and LINK.

BTC is the flagship of Crypto. We all kind of hate it, because it is slow, and charges too much to transfer, but it is what it is. We tried to flip it with ETH, and here we are now in freefall. I’m giving King Coin his due, even though I probably shouldn’t have started buying back in until we got under 6.

ADA is a neat project, and makes up most of what I’m keeping on Binance. Part of the reason I’m keeping it on Binance is because desktop wallets are shit. Sort yourself out  Daedalus.

I also want to support Binance because of all the good times I’ve had there in the last months. They always gave me my money, and replied quick if I had any problems. I love the trading interface too. Please don’t get crushed by Beijing, Binance guy.


XLM is the real deal. The future of Crypto. I love the Lumens wallet, and I’m building up my stack in it. Quick trades, low fees, top tier partners like IBM, and most of all a project with integrity. Stellar Lumens will always be a large part of my crypto portfolio.

NEO is also for real, and Neo and Lumens both have great Wallets. You gotta send the NEO in whole units though, so it’s not operating in a true transactional space like Lumens are. Also massively exposed to Red China and Red China HATES crypto. That said, it is puwning the smart contract space, and GAS is neat too.

There is still a shitton of upside for NEO to grow as Chinese Ethereum. Especially at 80 bucks. And I do love that wallet. I’ll keep stacking Neo in it until I get to lamboland.

Just took another look at my Bitstamp tab. Bitcoin testing 6000, went up to 6500, and settled around 6200 – 6300. For now. Loves those BTC whales.

Still mostly in fiat. And I never went into debt or touched my savings accounts.

I did put a large whack of my regular fortnightly savings in recent bad months into crypto, so I feel like a bit of a chump. But I still feel pretty comfy about my longer-term prospects with crypto. Rather bleed out in crypto than stack in a bank TBQH famalams. Hate those guys.

EOS is a small part of my Binance portfolio. Stellar, Neo, and EOS form a continuous segment in the top ten of CMC, and this bloc is as blue-chip as you can get with crypto. In terms of the Tech and the way crypto technologists talk about how we’ll be using it in the future, they also beat out all the coins above them. There will be flipping in the future. But right now that’s a dirty word. Thanks ETH.

TRX is kind of a joke buy. Everyone on /biz/ hates it. Normies love it though. Well, they used to. Tron has a product, I think. The real product is a penny coin that is consistently in the Top 20. Really makes you feel like a player, as opposed to buying a fraction of a better coin.

You can pick up a 1000 Tron for the price of a bottle of Scotch. At 2 cents you can’t lose. Unless you sell it at 1 cent, but I’ll just be buying more of it then. Should shoot up quickly once the normies come back. So two to three years tops then. Binance wallet is ideal for Tron.

VEN used to get the living shit hyped out of it. I would like it more if it had a cool wallet like Lumens or Neo. Never mind, the project sounds great, and the coin pumps easily. After Cardano, VeChain is by far the biggest play in my Binance trading portfolio.

My last play in Binance is on the same tier as EOS and Tron. LINK marines impress the hell out of me with their HODL. Coin loyalty will count a lot going forwards, and the stinky linkies are cult-like in their devotion to their white paper. That kind of loyalty is worth buying into.

Of course, none of this will count if the Senate hearings into Bitfinex and Tether go REALLY pear shaped today. Reality is that we are in such a shitstorm of FUD right now, that I probably should have put less into my front-end load today, and more into my next fiat buy on Monday or Tuesday next week.

We are widely expected to break under 6000. Can we reach 4? 3? 2? 1? Zero?

Whatever happens, I’ve had fun. It has been a pleasure trading with you, gentlemen and grills.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie who’s keen on Conservative politics, Trump, and the Anime Right. I enjoy various Christian activities and talk about Crypto too much.

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