Hands of Glass: Bitgrail & Nano JUSTed, no Flippening only FUD marines

By John Miller

Friday the 2nd of February 2017


Well, it was a night of EXTREME Schadenfreude as we entered Real Burger Hours, for those of us who thought that XRB was worth investing in and had our Raiblocks swiped by Bitgrail guy just in time for the Nano rebrand by the Raiblocks cartel. WTF guise, pretty blatant criminality there desu.

Resold on Kuchain for a mark-up and still no release of our Shitcoin? Totally MOUNT GOXXED by Franco. Do they even have laws in Italy?

Heck, I’m not even a big gambler on Crypto, and I’ve probably made bigger losses on Alts with stupid buys. But this loss really ticks me off, because Bitgrail and the team at Raiblocks/Nano were clearly implicit in the scam. The sweet timing with the XRB rebranding and resale on another exchange – wew lad.

Hello EU? Do you even consumer protection, bro?

And once you realise just how infested with criminals and greedy scammers the Crypto market is, you lose all respect for the project. Watching it get JUSTed and burn down to the ground is kind of – neat.

The contagion from the Bitgrail scandal looked like it was well contained at this time yesterday though. I think they kind of underestimated the amount of FUD that was to come. All that greed was about to get JUSTed.

Fear started to grip as we approached Real Burger Hours. Nothing unusual there, jej.

I found my joy mounting as the inexorable grind down towards 9000 began to snowball. Watching the green get slowly squeezed out of the scamcoin Nano was so much fun that I barely noticed what was happening to my stack of Stellar.

By the time the first Burgers were waking up I fired my stack of XLM off to Binance. Many were going all in on ETH for a HODL in anticipation of Teh Flippening. I quickly traded out at 1100.

I realised I just don’t have any interest in making Skelly the next Zuckerberg, and I kind of figured that a majority of Coiners were feeling the same. They got in way under 8000. Those not prepared to go down with the ship were filthy casuals.

Now entirely cashed out or Nano scammed, I could fully enjoy the Bloodsport of the Crash. And what a night it on /biz/ it was. There won’t be another like it until, uhh, maybe tonight?

The carnage was magnificent. Bitstamp telegraphs each barrier before it breaks. Easy arbitrage profits there lads, if you think you can pick the bottom. At one point when Bearstamp reached 8400, the other exchanges were around 8700 ~ 8900.

The Sell Wall on GDax was apparently terrifying just a few hours before Real Asia hours too.

CMC was always about an hour behind all through the night/Burger day as everything crashed.

And the biggest Happening of Happenings is still yet to occur. The biggest scandal will be when Tether is finally revealed as a Ponzi scheme with little or nothing behind it, and Tether snaps. Will the Great Untethering happen in Real Burger Hours tonight?

How much runway do the Whales have left to burn? I got popcorn, snacks and fiat. This gon b gud.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie who’s keen on Conservative politics, Trump, and the Anime Right. I enjoy various Christian activities and I watch Crypto burn with great delight because vengeance is mine, sayeth the LORD.

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