WTF Conan is doing the Dem response to SOTU and he’s DROOLING BAD

By John Miller

Wednesday the 31st of January 2017


Moments after President Trump knocked it out of the park with a State of the Union all about Church, Family, and the American Way, with over 100 standing ovations and two outbreaks of USAUSAUSA echoing over a joint sitting of congress, the Democrat response got underway.

And it did not go well.

For a start whichever Kennedy they picked immediately alienated every Democrat voter because he was a FKN White Male. And then Conan clone – Fancypants Kennedy the Third – began to shout about Transsexuals at an empty hangar. Weird, man.

The mantra that the Dems will take into the 2018 Mid-Terms seems to Transsexuals YES, Chain Migration YES, and Screw U Middle America. Um, OK?

Trump doesn’t even know this guy exists. He’ll still be watching re-runs of his own speech. And you know it was good if it interrupts his regular shows on the Gorilla Channel.


There was literally nothing for the Dems to hate in SOTU 2018. The nation rallying around the parents of the American kid who got murdered by the Norks. The can-do spirit of the Christian with no legs who made it out of North Korea and Red China to freedom on wooden crutches – and then held the crutches up and waved them defiantly! The madman.

Dems spent the evening just sitting around looking salty as shit, because they know that all the Left-wing fruit bats of #Resist are WAYYYY MOOOOORE salty than they are, and they don’t want to get caught on camera agreeing with Trump about anything.

Trump likes God. Boooo.

Trump likes the Flag and the national anthem. Double Boooo.

Trump supports our troops. Even the Dems can’t sit down for that one. But the looks upon their faces.

And then to have this pasty kid who looks like a poster boy for White privilege come out and screech resistance at an empty room for the Dem response to SOTU – priceless.

Oh, and nobody mention that he was drooling, OK. It was lip gloss. TOP KEK.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie who’s keen on Conservative politics and Trump. I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities. Somehow I ended up in the Anime Right and I trade Crypto because I want a Lambo.

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