Hurr durr Natzee Frogs: another TV lesbian loses her mind at J Pete

By John Miller

Monday the 29th of January 2017


Jordan Peterson is no stranger to controversy. When he’s not challenging the Leftist hivemind with scientific facts like, you know, the fact that a Sea Lobster isn’t a social construct, and, uhhh, all of us were born as boys or girls (except for hermaphrodites and my 7th grade teacher), he’s going on the Goybox and redpilling the over-50s.

And just how far down the Maoist rabbit-hole do you have to refuse to go to earn the displeasure of a talking head on Canadian TV these days? Not far at all. Amirite? Its all gone too far to the Left.

We all know that everybody who works in Fake News is a rampant homosexual who hates us all, and that these traitors just switched their allegiance from the Soviet Union to Red China as soon as the Berlin Wall fell. But just how far off the reservation did these cucks get since 1989? Let’s find out.

If the recent interview between Canadian TV queer Mendy Wesley and Alt Lite icon Jordan Peterson is anything to go by, the deviants have managed pushed the Overton Window so far Left that that even a fairly mayo Civic Nationalist without a hint of JQ about him is automatically convicted of hate crimes these days in Canada. Ruh Roh.

But rather than capitulate and apologize, which were the two defining actions of white men in Canada and most of the world before the good professor took a stand against the ridiculous demands of the Yoos Muh Probber Promoums gang of Leftist crybully scum, Professor Peterson decided to do what any good educator would do – hell what all of them USED TO DO – and challenge the stupid assumptions of the Left.

Uh. That’s just a Cartoon Frog, Hendy. Lighten up, cuck.

After picking apart the absurdity of the Transsexual Pronoun Bolsheviks, Jordan made himself the eternal enemy of the Left worldwide, who now vie with one another to see who can undo this modern Aristotle with their sub-80 IQ brains, and their complete control of Lugenpresse.

Case in point, Dendy Smesley, who is apparently some kind of bigshot in Canadian TV, so let’s all pretend we’ve heard of her so we don’t hurt the Leafs feelings eh lads.

Cindy Nesley decided to expose Peterson as a rabid anti-Semite (top kek) for her captive audience of nursing home prisoners and literal prisoners doing Two to Three in County before heading back to Sunnyvale Trailer Park in the latest episode of her hit TV series – the Lindsay Peesley News Hour – with hilarious results.

How aboot this picture with YOO and a NATZEE FROG screeched Mousely at the attractive older gentleman whose most controversial statement to date has been that I should clean up my room.


Mate I already told you stop telling me to clean my room mate. My room is spotless, mate. SPOTLESS. And stop shilling your damn rug. You’re not my real dad, Peterson.

But oh no, Horesly had the bit between her teeth. Not only were we all indicted on fourteen-eighty-eight counts of being an accessory to a GREEN FROG, Worstly knows about all 4chan too, the secret Far Right Internet Club for Generation Hitler over which Peterson apparently presides as some kind of benign Patriarch. This gun b gud.

Well, first off, I’ve never seen an e-celeb thread go entirely well for Peterson, although they usually go far less well for other Alt Light figures (Lauren, anybody). Even self-proclaimed Alt Righties like Spencer are routinely either mocked or accused of being glow in the dark CIA.

Hitler himself is barely edgy enough for our containment board. And almost nobody Pepeposts anymore. Frenposting, yes. Learn the difference. It just may save your life.

So what are we to make of the Left, which seems determined to make me defend Jordan Peterson, even though I don’t watch his or anybody else’s YouTube?

And I’m pretty sure he has pretty limited appeal even on /pol/. Does he even cross over into the consciousness of the rest of 4chan? Maybe /fit/? Maybe maybe /biz/, at the margins. /b/tards don’t clean their room. I hope he’s not on /gif/.

How did this become a whole of 4chan issue? Why can’t these legacy media faggots into boards? Won’t somebody please think of the autistic children?


More triggered lesbians to come on the Peterson world tour of Canada and the nation formerly known as Great Britain soon desu. Still not buying the damn rug.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie who’s keen on Conservative politics and Trump. I also enjoy various sports and Christian activitiesSomehow I ended up in the Anime Right and I trade Crypto because I want a Lambo.

Please donate to my Patreon and buy my rug.

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