FUDfags smugged me up Senpai: King Ethereum FOMOs like a Hurricane

By John Miller

Monday the 29th of January 2017


Time to post smug Anime girls. Thanks FUDfags, you guys are awesome.

The Great Untethering was averted by King Whale at Bitfinex printing enough Goy Dollars on his magic USDT press to keep Shitcoin in that comfy band above $11K to prevent the whole market from tanking, and Ethereum did exactly what we all knew it would do, and FOMOed to the Moon.

Smart money knows that ETH is going flip BTC this year, but it is probably a good thing that Bitfinex are using their Magic Buy Wall to manage the Whale migration out of Bitcoin and into Ethereum.

Better hurry up bros, if George Soros gets a whiff of this and decides to spend a fraction of what he is wasting shorting the Dinosaur Exchange and short  you guys instead then you are all toast.

I kind of hope he doesn’t though. Right now there are three coins that will get Normie Boomer and Normie Gen Xfag to the Crypto Exchanges with their sweet, sweet Bull Run pump money: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple.

We kind of need you Bitcoinfags and Ripplefags to keep shuffling along bros, so do us Ethfags a solid and stay alive until the Boom.

As long as Ethereum is pumping guys at the gym be like: Sheeit, I need to buy that naow. And you do, lad. $2500 by Christmas? Kek. $3000 easy.

But gainz are better with friends. And if Homo Normalicus is seeing a constant slew of bad press about Bitcoin and/or Ripple, well, this could really slow the roll.

So whatever arcane shit you lads are doing at the BitFinex/USDT magic money fountain to keep BTC over 11, keep pumping lads.

As for Ripple, that is seeing a little pump. Korea loves XRP, or so the theory goes. And they are all going to flood back into the market with their legal and verified crypto accounts paired to their $WON bank accounts any day now. Was it today? Tomorrow? I lost track of the days.

FUDfags were wrong about Asia FUD too? Top Kek.

Too late to buy Ripple? Has the market overpriced it already? Kek, who knows. But I ain’t buying it at these prices. FOMOfags tend to end up as bagholders on shitty Alts.

So what is a guy who went all in on Ethereum just as the news about Tethergate was breaking and rode it to the Moon to do? Well, first of all, keep 50% of it in a wallet nice and safe and watch it grow and grow, as it slowly flips Bitcoin.

BTC is frankly speaking the dog that is holding the whole market down. And the Flippening of 2018 will unleash the Golden Age of Crypto, lads.

Crypto is meant to flow at the speed of light, and be the low transaction currency of the future. ETH does this superbly. BTC is just, well, terrible at the basics.

So why not just keep all your money in ETH. Well, for a start, having all your eggs in one basket – unless it is a play to WATCH your eggs FOMO like a MOFO as ETH just did – is just plain stupid.

So what do with the other 50%. Well, I had the chance to reset my Alt portfolio with crazy newfound ETH/ALT buying power, so I basically could choose any ALT I wanted for once.

First of all I went with a 33% buy (of 50%) on XLM, because Stellar Lumens is the only ALT that I can think of that could seriously flip ETH, which has a small scalability problem. That doesn’t matter in 2018, but might become a thing going forwards. Stellar is a AAA coin: A for status, A for HODLer loyalty, and A for hype.

This plus Market Cap, plus great value compared to anything else in the Top Ten because it was coming off a Moon made it a no brainer. I literally put it straight back on at 40%. Because, you know, I’m all about that ETH until somebody can show me a better Current Year Coin that can serve as the Bank of Crypto.

But I’m also more than prepared to hold long term and keep adding to my XLM stack.

My next buy was VEN. This was a value buy. Could have been NEO or QTUM, but both were already pumped by Whales trying to predict where all the Koreabux are about to go. VeChain is solid AA+ coin. A for HODL, and A+ for hype, and its deflating from its last Moon right now, so a solid value buy just as my purchasing power is soaring.

VEN would be a good buy regardless. It could potentially flip at least ten of the coins above it, and muscle into the Top Ten during 2018. This can be said of quite a few coins though, so I put it back on at 25%. I’m prepared to hold Short to Medium term. Let’s see what February brings.

And finally, I bought BTC. Wait, what? Lol, not because I want to hold it.

Most of my Alt trading is done on Binance, which has a lot of Alts, but nowhere near all of them.

For instance, if I wanted Augur, Gnosis, or Melon, I would have to go to Kraken. Not that I do, right now, but it’s nice to have a Kraken account anyway. Those three coins are all also paired with ETH on Kraken, which is also nice.

But if I want to buy XRB on my XRB exchange (BitGrail), I need to send them Bitcoin. No biggy, thanks to King Ethereum smashing Bitcoin I can get shiggy diggy. I managed to buy at 0.105 Bitcoin. This was more like 0.094 before the FUD. We could see 0.110 before too long, but XRB is just too damn good to not hold.

RaiBlocks are the true AAAA+ coin. You don’t sell XRB until it gets to Normie Whale exchange.

If RailBlocks were on Binance it would crush almost every coin in the top 20. A friend told me about RailBlocks and BitGrail. His friend had already seen his XRB investment moon from $4000 to over $100,000.

Which is why I used a small sliver of my BitCoin that is left over from my RailBlocks purchase to (try and) make a buy order for CFT.

What is CFT? I have no idea. 720 by Market cap. Would probably be in the Top 300 if it was on Binance though.

XRB exchanges just have good mojo. As of writing, my buy order is still untouched. Clearly there are lots of guys like me who see CryptoForecast and think a $0.03 USD Coin at the start of its run on BitGrail has a metric ton of upside.

Anyway lads and ladettes, that’s how I spent the Second ETH rush of 2018. Look forward to plenty more keks at the expense of Bitcoin HODLers going forewards.

Going to really enjoy the Bull Run just buying ETH once a fortnight with Fagbux and filling Alt stacks at value without being a sperg Daytrader for naow.

I hope you are having a comfy ride, and I’ll see you on the Moon. We’re all going to make it bros.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie who’s keen on Conservative politics and Trump. I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities. Somehow I ended up in the Anime Right and I trade Crypto because I want a Lambo.

Help me to buy my lambo faster by sending Ethereum to my Binance wallet if you are an ETH Whale or a Richfag bros. Am just poorfag minnow over here .


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