Communist poofters attack Captain Cook statue in Melbourne, demand more monuments to failure

By John Miller

Thursday the 25th of January 2017


Daniel Andrews and his gang of gay-Left Socialist thugs have struck out at our European heritage once again, this time on the eve of Australia Day celebrations, defacing a monument to the man who discovered Australia.

Let us be perfectly clear about this, before Captain Cook discovered Australia it was a God forsaken desert full of wild ugly cannibals. If anybody ought to feel ashamed, it certainly isn’t the nation that James Cook and those who came after him built.

Not content with ruining our radio airwaves with their virtue signalling bullshit, and desecrating our Churches with their sodomy and glitter marriages, Melbourne faggots have somehow Made Saint Kilda Even Gayer Again, by tipping a bucket of shit all over the only civilisation in history which actually tolerates them.

I’m not sure what alternate universe they are angling for here, or if they think that the Aborigines wouldn’t just kill them with spears and eat them if the rest of us decided to pack it all up and go back to Blighty, but this is the absolute state of the degenerate Left on the eve of our national holiday.

The Left are in full attack mode against any and every symbol of anything that reminds them that Australia is and always will remain an Anglo-Celtic paradise. Our nation was carved out of a literal shithole wasteland. So why should we be anything but proud of that?

Captain James Cook was no ordinary man, but even if he was he would be ten times the man that any of these flabby crybully degenerates Leftist “””progressives””” are. The fact that we are even debating the merits of not honouring this man’s great adventure is a testimony to the unrelenting self-loathing of the Socialist poofters who occupy every roost of our degenerate national media.

Fake News constantly bombards us with the chatter of bitter women and morally ambiguous men, who think that the talking points aggregated to them by the Google and Facebook hive-mind somehow reflects the reality of Australian life – I call bullshit on that.

Australia hating Social media is cancer, and our national media are nothing but a Communist enclave of wine guzzling whores and crypto-poofters. They are entirely disconnected from reality, low grade humans completely unworthy of attention.

Captain James Cook, on the other hand, will not soon be forgotten.


James was the son of a Scottish labourer, and the second of eight children, born in Yorkshire in 1728. His family home was shipped to Australia in 1934, and painstakingly reconstructed stone by the stone in Fitzroy Gardens in Melbourne. Such was the great esteem that the city held in him then, before intervening decades saw it became a degenerate shithole awash with Third world vermin who hate our nation.

Daniel Andrews would rather see our history demolished, and build another African restaurant for his Left-wing faggot goons and their Haji friends. Such is the difference that diversity makes to a city. Veneration of the great men who came before you is strictly taboo amongst International Socialists, and destruction of heritage and history is their singular purpose.

Captain Cook has a few monuments in Old England too, an obelisk upon Easby Moor, which local Moors have declared to be offensive, and a statue of James as a young lad, which local Afghans have repeatedly tried to rape.

Young James looks longingly towards Staithes, where he first felt the allure of the Sea. Too bad for any Englishmen left in Yorkshire that they can’t come to Australia, because Malcom Turnbull doesn’t want you here unless you’re a full-blown Red Chinese Communist. He can’t go honking off his Red Chinese Masters, letting any more Anglo-Saxons (or Celts) into the country that they built out of nothing.

James Cook wasn’t a recipient of Austudy on a lifelong tour of one of the Adult Day Care centres that call themselves Universities, so unlike Daniel Andrews he didn’t learn how to become a virtue signalling faggot of zero accomplishment. James was educated on the penny of his father’s employer, and after five years of school he worked off his debt.

At the age of 16 James moved to Staithes, a nearby fishing village, where he was apprenticed as a shop boy to a grocer and haberdasher, but this line of work he found disagreeable, and longed for a better position in life.

Unlike his modern counterparts, who just walk out on the job and go on the dole, James continued to work hard for his employer, who in turn helped out young James by giving him a letter of introduction to his friends John and Henry Walker, ship owners in the nearby town of Whitby.

James relocated to the town of Whitby after 18 months of good honest work for his first employer, and was apprenticed as a cadet in the merchant navy.

John and Henry Walker were in the coal trade, and their vessels plied the waters between Newcastle and London. For three years while working on these ships James was taught the vital skills of a Ship’s Captain – algebra, geometry, trigonometry, navigation and astronomy.

There was no fancy campus which turns out the useless idiots who run their ships into one another at the first technological glitch in those days, only the rolling Ocean that would engulf you if you didn’t do your job properly, and so James was properly educated.

As soon as his three-year apprenticeship was done, James got a position on a trading rig in the Baltic Sea. After passing all his exams with flying colours, he was offered the position of Captain.

It was 1755, and James Cook left the Merchant Navy, joining the Royal Navy instead.

As an officer in the Royal Navy, James relocated to the East End of London, where he started a family with Elizabeth Batts. They attended the local Church of England parish, and raised six children, of which three died before him, and the other three died before having children of their own. Not to worry, Theresa May would have replaced them all with mosque dwellers by now anyway.

Rising swiftly from Able Seaman to Master’s Mate upon the HMS Eagle, Cook served Great Britain with distinction during the Seven Years War.

This War began in North America, where the French were up to no good, and threatened the Thirteen Colonies. A push out of Montreal in 1753 towards the Ohio River necessitated a response by London, and the Province of Virginia sent out George Washington and the Virginia Regiment to secure the river with a British fort which later became the city of Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, Washington promptly surrendered his fort to the French.

By 1755 London had raised two battalions of Irishmen to go fight the French on behalf of the hapless Americans, and sent them out to the colonies under Major General Braddock. This force was promptly annihilated in the Ohio Valley by French and Indian forces, and Braddock himself died of his wounds a few days later in Philadelphia. The Braddock Expedition was a major scandal in London.

James Cook leaving his cushy job in the Merchant Navy to go fight the French in 1755, the Darkest Hour for Britain, can therefore rightly be viewed as a most patriotic act, and any man who names his son James has a good role model for manly courage in Cook.

Cook saw action on the HMS Eagle almost immediately, his ship capturing one French ship and sinking another.

1756 saw the feckless Habsburg switch sides and join forces with the invidious French against Britain. Frederick the Great of Prussia joined the British alliance against the French and the Austrians. This was truly a world war, with consequences that are still being felt in our modern world.

In North America, the French were outnumbered by the British, but both were outnumbered by the savage Indians, who the French incited to kill the British at every opportunity. Today the crybullies of the Left carry on about genocide and how life isn’t fair. In the 18th Century the French and their Indian allies were killing every white man that they got their hands on.

History is not only written by the winners. It is also written by the bitter losers, because unlike every other people, the British peoples do not commit genocide upon their beaten foes. And what thanks do we get for coddling these ingrates? None at all, only curses.

The Redcoats could have ended the French and Indian menace in North America swiftly, were it not for more pressing matters on the Continent. The Austrians had switched sides and were supporting the French, and the cowardly Dutch refused to honour their alliance with Great Britain.

It was under these circumstances that William Pitt and Frederick the Great found common cause, and so joined forces as allies: Great Britain and Prussia against France and Austria.

Despite hostilities in the Colonies, no war had yet been declared when the French, in what can only be described as a typical French act, set a siege upon the British Fortress on Menorca in 1756. The loss of Menorca by Admiral Byng, who withdrew to Gibraltar, incensed public opinion against the French even further, and war was officially declared between Britain and France in May.

On the continent the Prussians declared war on Austria in August, and swiftly overran Saxony and Bohemia, both regions of the HRE. Frederick besieged Prague before the Austrians were fully mobilised, but soon the Prussians were being attacked from all sides: the French coming from the West, and the Austrians from the South. The Swedes joined in against Prussia from the North, as did the Russians from the East.

The very existence of a modern Germany is thanks entirely to Great Britain honouring its alliance with Frederick, and the British taxpayer extending the Prussian king a generous subsidy. If we gave with one hand in 1756, and took back with the other in 1945, then it is the Huns fault for acting up, and not ours.

In 1756 Cook was given his first command by the Royal Navy, and was made Master of HMS Cruizer, a Cutter that escorted the HMS Eagle on its patrols. In 1757 Cook joined the Frigate HMS Solebay under Captain Craig as Master, before being given a commission as Master on HMS Pembroke.

HMS Pembroke was a 60 gunner, under Captain Simcoe, and the lads of the Pembroke under Simcoe and Cook broke Frenchy in Canada. Were it not for Cook and the Royal Navy, both America and Canada would today be third world shitholes run by French-Indians.

Instead America became America, and Canada became a disgrace to the Anglosphere, but for a while it was governed by real men, like Simcoe, who was appointed first Lieutenant- Governor of Upper Canada, to keep Frenchy and his Indian pals in line.

Cook was Master under Simcoe at the Siege of Louisburg and Master under Captain Wheelock for the Capture of Quebec. Small wonder then that the Left hates Cook: he typifies everything that the modern Soyboy faggot can never hope to be, and he helped to create the foundations of the modern world.

The extraordinary bravery and competence of both the Captain and the Master of the HMS Pembroke, which sailed ahead of the main fleet to map the Saint Lawrence River so that the British could attack the French, simply cannot be overstated.

That a band of lazy welfare rats in Melbourne should consider themselves to be “””apex””” is a complete joke, when you consider their non-existent accomplishments, and compare them with those of Cook, who was still younger than half of these faggot refugees when he saved North America for the Anglosohere.

If James Cook did nothing at all with his life after this, and simply smoked his pipe in East London until he died, he still would have lived a better life than the homosexuals who tipped paint over his statue in Melbourne today.

The fact that Cook is so poorly remembered in North America is a testament to the overall greatness of the Englishman, the Scot, the Welshman, and the Irishman. Our ancestors accomplished so much that it is hard to remember it all.

Those of British and Irish stock have such a vast library of cultural accomplishments to reflect upon, that it is little wonder that our mocha friends are permanently raging against us with envy.

Keep going after our monuments, you wayward faggots, it won’t erase the shame of your history of failure. Australia was great from the moment that Captain James Cook set foot upon our shores, and it will continue to be great for as long as we have our flag, and our mighty people run this nation.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie and when I’m not obsessing about Conservative politics or defending Trump I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities. Somehow I ended up in the Anime Right in 2016 because of Trump, and I trade Crypto because I want a Lambo.

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