Release the Memo? Not if Bill Kristol and David Kramer can help it.

By John Miller

Saturday the 20th of January 2017


So everybody on the Right who was being illegally monitored by the Left wants the Memo released right?

You know, the Memo that directly links Obama administration officials with illegally spying on the Presidential campaign of an opposition candidate using a tainted FISA warrant, and illegally sharing information collected for national security purposes for political gain? But who were they giving the information to?

This is shaping up to be the most explosive scandal in the history of politics, and a lot of people are going to have a rough week. People are going to jail for this. And so they should. It’s a violent assault on Democracy, and low corruption.

Obama administration officials will go to jail. Hillary was the main beneficiary of course. But who was subverting FISA with Fusion GPS before Hilldawg came along and scooped up the dossier? Hey, wasn’t that our old pal Bill Kristol, and the good folks at the  Washington Free Beacon? Wew lad, and what about their paymaster Paul Singer?

This guy really wanted the Republican party to be about open borders and gay marriages. Maybe he can have a gay wedding in prison.

I mean if you thought that Watergate was a tawdry scandal, when President Nixon ordered his men to break into a hotel room and listen in on a few conversations, then how could you possibly justify total surveillance of the political opposition using a tainted warrant premised on a phoney dossier that was eventually paid for by the candidate of the governing party?

And as if that wasn’t scandalous enough, the private firm which was producing opposition research against Republican candidate Donald Trump was allegedly being given access to all the private communications of the entire Trump campaign team? Wew lad.

The national security apparatus was completely corrupted, and used for political gain, because nobody thought that Trump had a chance of winning, and everybody thought that they would not only get away with their high crimes and treason, but get rewarded for it by Hilldawg.

This is why everybody involved cannot stop attacking Trump: because they have nothing left to lose, and they knew this memo would be uncovered, and they would all end up in jail.

So now that the Democrats and the corrupt officials who helped them to subvert American Democracy are on the cusp of total defeat, the Right is entirely united and clamouring for the release of the memo. Right? Well almost…

All except for a couple of sad individuals: Bill Kristol and David Kramer. But is this just more sour grapes, or are these guys worried about going to jail?

A little bit of column A, a little bit of column B, famalam desus.

Never mind the Washington Free Beacon and the Manhattan Institute. The latest and greatest incarnation of Never Trump, and the one sure to propel NWO candidate and Paul Singer puppet Jeff Flake into the White House is here: The Alliance For Securing Democracy.

The Alliance for Securing Democracy? Never heard of her.

Well, clearly you don’t read your aggregated news very well, anon. Just today Reuters was warning that the massive Twitter campaign to #ReleaseTheMemo being carried out by Republicans is in fact a brand new RUSSIAN PLOT.

Wew lad, what are the proofs? Welp, The Alliance For Securing Democracy said so, and….

Wait, what? The guys who subverted FISA with Fusion GPS through Washington Free Beacon are now telling us there is nothing to see here, and the whole thing is a Russian plot?


Oh Bill Kristol, you totally crack me up. This is a joke right?

Not according to Reuters.

The Alliance For Securing Democracy is actually the grand authority on what counts as Russian espionage. Wow, sounds impressive. But who the hell are they?


Are you freaking kidding me, Fake News?

The entire Republican Party wants to release a memo that proves that the Obama administration was abusing FISA warrants, but we should be more concerned about some bullshit that Bill Kristol and David Kramer dreamed up because they’re scared of going to jail?

Might I remind you that Bill Kristol is up to his neck in this entire Fusion GPS scandal, via Washington Free Beacon and the Manhattan Institute, who were working with the Fusion GPS even before Hillary Clinton was, to manufacture a phoney case against Trump for Paul Singer, who really had a hard on for the Rubio campaign.

Once this memo comes out we’re going to find out exactly who was abusing FISA, and who wants to bet this all doesn’t lead back to Bill Kristol?

David Kramer is an interesting name as well. He was the McCain associate who got sued after the Trump dossier was published in its unredacted form, and is one of the key actors is this scandal.

Kramer was likely the guy who convinced John McCain that the phoney Russian dossier that Fusion GPS cobbled together was true.

Whatever the case may turn out to be, Kristol and Kramer are hiding behind a couple of dodgy deep state actors: Chertoff and Ilves, who may or may not know what is going on. They will probably rue the day they decided to lend their reputations to this ill-fated venture though.

Paul Singer will probably walk away whistling though, because he’s far too clever to leave his fingerprints on everything, unlike these two bumbling fools.

Sooner or later we will get to the bottom of Bill Kristol’s treason though, and the treachery of David Kramer, and it will not end well for them.

Bill Kristol and David Kramer everybody. The G Gordon Liddys of Fusion Collusion. Top Kek.


Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie and when I’m not obsessing about Conservative politics or defending Trump I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities. Somehow I ended up in the Anime Right in 2016 because of Trump, kek.

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