Fusion Collusion: the Clinton case against Trump and Russia

By John Miller

Friday the 19th of January 2017


So now we know where the Russian Dossier that underpins the Mueller investigation of President Trump and potential ties to Russia came from. We know who wrote it, and we know who paid for it.

Fusion GPS compiled it, Christopher Steele wrote it, and Hillary Clinton paid for it.

Christopher Steele has already walked away from his outlandish document, and is on the public record as saying that most of it was just salacious gossip, which Fusion GPS was quite happy to pay him for, because it was an opposition research document, and the main interest of all concerned was never getting to the truth, but merely smearing a political figure.

Chris Steele is an old hat at scandal mongering, and learnt his trade at MI6 under John Scarlett, who wrote the Fake Dossier that Tony Blair took to his good chum George. This was the salacious case for war, the Fake WMDs, that Bush reported to the American public. We all know how that turned out.

The Bush Doctrine of nation building and spreading democracy in Iraq were mission creep. The reason we had so much creeping to do was Scarlett’s notorious September Document. Did Scarlett go to jail for this? Nope. He got a knighthood. One hand washes the other.

So why wouldn’t Chris Steele just bang out the most outrageous set of lies to smear Donald Trump, the guy that everybody knew was going to have his ass handed to him in the General Election by Hillary Clinton?

In an alternate timeline Christopher Steele and his Fake Dossier rode the President Clinton gravy train off into the sunset, and nobody ever found out that Steele was a bitter Socialist with loose morals who threw away his Cambridge education to write subversive adult fiction for candidates who like to win dirty.

In our timeline, America was saved by 4chan. Let that sink in.

Steele’s Fake Trump Dossier belongs in the trash, which is where it found Buzzfeed, and this is where they both should stay, along with Christopher Steele’s aspirations as a storyteller.

CNN ought to have known better, but they shamelessly took cover behind Buzzfeed and ran with the unsubstantiated nonsense in the Dossier. Everybody knows why. Because CNN were too gutless to say no to the Clinton DNC.

The stench of Hillary was still heavy upon her party organisation, before Donna Brazile came forward and told us what we suspected all along, that Hillary had secured complete control of the Wasserman-Schulz DNC before the primaries even began. Sorry Bernie Bros, Hillary rigged the Democratic primaries.

Justice for the Bernie Bros. Justice for Seth. Hillary destroyed a lot of lives along the way, and Debbie helped her do it.

Politics is a dirty game, and none play that game dirtier than the Clintons. They paid for a dirty dossier, they got a dirty dossier, and Fusion GPS used their inside connections to whip up the Russia scandal.

Trump had many enemies at the time, and still does now. But in 2016, until election day, few of them expected him to be the President, or for there to be any consequences to participating in a campaign to delegitimise him as candidate for President of the United States.

By the time that he won the election, many of his fellow Republicans were already deeply enmeshed in the Fusion GPS scandal, not least because the document that Hillary Clinton paid for was initially commissioned in some form by the Manhattan Institute flunkies of Paul Singer of Elliot Capital fame. This cabal includes Bill Kristol, Senator Jeff Flake, and various other heavy backers of the Rubio campaign in 2015/6.

Singer and Fusion GPS have a long history, as do the Russians and Fusion GPS. The Russian lawyer woman who went to Trump Tower to meet Donald Junior, the first time anyone related to the Trump campaign had anything to do with Russians, had employed Fusion GPS extensively in the past on behalf of the Kremlin.

The Russians employed Fusion GPS to smear Sergei Magnitsky, who died in a Moscow prison after investigating a $230 million tax fraud scheme which involved Russian officials. Magnitsky was refused medical treatment for months, and he was eventually beaten to death while in custody in 2009. The Magnitsky Act was then enacted by Congress, and Fusion GPS has been working for the Kremlin to get the Magnitsky Act repealed ever since.

In June 2016 when Donald Junior was lured into taking a honeypot meeting at Trump Tower with a Russian lawyer named Natalia Veselnitskaya who promised to spill the beans on Hillary and the Russians, he was duped. Veselnitskaya was the intermediary between Vladimir Putin and Fusion GPS, and this meeting between Veselnitskaya and Trump Junior occurred at a time when Fusion GPS was an agent both of the Russian government and the Hillary campaign, actively trying to sabotage the campaign of his father.

Fusion GPS had first been hired in October 2015 by the Washington Free Beacon, a fake Conservative RINO website set up by open borders globalist hedge fund bloodsucker Paul Singer. Back in October 2015 his guy Marco Rubio was locked in a four-way struggle for the Republican presidential nomination. Marco fought a hard campaign and then got back with the program.

Jeff Flake went entirely off the reservation sucking up to Singer. He became a one man wrecking ball inside the GOP, betting everything on the Never Trump movement. He still thinks that the Manhattan Institute can make him President in 2020 somehow, despite shitting all over the Republican base and their guy for the last two years. He’s about as lowdown a dirty rat as you can imagine.

It ought to be pointed out that the 17 memos in the Fake Trump Dossier compiled by Steele which Clinton paid for are officially dated between June 20 and December 13, which is just after Singer stopped writing cheques to Fusion GPS, and Hillary took over. Plausible deniability much, Singer?

Paul Singer and what would eventually become the #NeverTrump conspired against President Trump with the same organisation that was conspiring with the Russians against the American Government, and the same organisation that conspired against the Trump campaign with the Clinton campaign – Fusion GPS. Fusion Collusion much?

Natalia Veselnitskaya wasn’t known at all to Donald Junior, who after his brief meeting with her immediately released the entire chain of emails that constituted her attempts to secure a meeting at Trump Tower with promises of dirt on Clinton.

Veselnitskaya’s longstanding relationship with Fusion GPS and its founder, Glenn Simpson, is illustrated in the depressing facts of the Prevezon case, and Bill Browder. All of this ties back to the Kremlin’s desire to subvert the Magnitsky Act.

Prevezon was a Russian holding company based in Cyprus accused by the US government of laundering stolen cash into New York City real estate. Browder had blown the whistle, telling prosecutors that the laundered money was stolen from Russia as part of the tax-fraud scheme that Magnitsky was beaten to death over.

In 2013, Veselnitskaya hired the law firm BakerHostetler, and BakerHostetler hired Fusion to dig up dirt on Browder. Veselnitskaya, who was Prevezon’s Russian lawyer, also hired Fusion to pitch anti-Magnitsky stories to American journalists. Fusion GPS worked for the Russian government then, and it still works for the Russians now. It has always worked for the Russians.

Jeff Flake is just an overly ambitious rat, but Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS is a God damned dirty traitor who knowingly sold out America to the Russians. He needs to hang.

Nowhere is the abhorrent nature of Fusion GPS and the Russians they deal with more apparent than in the case of the very cool sounding Thor Halvorssen, who began researching a multi-billion-dollar corruption case against the government of Venezuela in 2012.

Thor expected extensive exposure on the front pages of America’s national newspapers. Fusion GPS, however, was hired to spike these stories. Fusion GPS, who never registered under FARA while acting as the agent for a brutal Socialist regime which has managed to bring an oil rich nation to the brink of starvation.

Guess who swooped in and took all the Venezuelan oil? Kremlin lackeys. Guess who the Kremlin had take care of their American PR? Fusion GPS.

In Halvorsseen’s case Fusion hired journalists to write blog posts claiming that he received treatment for a heroin addiction that was paid for by Peter Thiel. They broke into his house. They left photos of his kids playing for him to see.

The Russians hate Magnitsky . But they love Robert Mueller.

Robert Mueller, the guy appointed by de facto AG Rod Rosenstein to investigate fantasy collusion with the Russians, was the real-life Clinton bagman who personally took Highly Enriched Uranium to Putin in 2009. We know this thanks to dogged whistle-blower Julian Assange and Wikileaks.

Quoting Clinton herself in a cable to John Beryle, the U.S. Ambassador to Russia, dated August 17, 2009:

“Action Request: Embassy Moscow is requested to alert at the highest appropriate level the Russian Federation that FBI Director Mueller plans to deliver the HEU sample once he arrives in Moscow on September 21.”

Secretary Clinton corrupted the State Department and used the Director of the FBI as her personal bagman to Vladimir Putin to secure a deal to sell Uranium One lock, stock, and barrel to the Russians. In exchange the Clinton Foundation, the political slush fund that was supposed to deliver her the White House after Obama left office, was given $145 Million dollars in bribes by Moscow.

The Russians have one-fifth of the Highly Enriched Uranium that America had in 2009. They own Uranium One lock, stock, and barrel. The Clinton Foundation received the $145 Million dollars, spent it on the 2016 Election, and lost. Doh.

The HEU that the Russians got they then resold to North Korea and Iran, who are putting it on Nuclear missiles to kill us with.

In the case of Iran, they got the money to buy the HEU to put on the nuclear missiles to kill us with from Obama, who sent them $400 Million dollars in cash. Thanks Obama.

Is this crime to go unpunished? It will if Hillary’s bagman anything say about it. Mueller has assembled a team of the most partisan hacks from the Obama DOJ to go on a fishing expedition against the President of the United States based upon a document that was fabricated by Glenn Simpson and Fusion GPS for the Clinton campaign.

Let us never forget there are incredibly dark forces at work behind the scenes here, not least notorious spirit cooking enthusiast John Podesta and his brother Tony, the Cheese Pizza aficionados. John worked for Obama, managed Clinton’s campaign, and was set to be the Chief of Staff in a Clinton Whitehouse.

John and his paedophile brother have been agents of the Kremlin for well over a decade, via an investment vehicle name Joule, which they held 75,000 shares in, contributed nothing to except corrupt influence upon the American government, and which was funded entirely with a $35 Million Dollar bribe by Moscow.

Skippy transferred 75,000 shares in an offshore company named Joule to his family members, and failed to declare this when entering the Obama Whitehouse. There is a clear email record of Podesta acting as Director on behalf of Joule even as late as the 2016 election, when it was widely expected that creepy John would soon become a bigshot in the incoming Hillary administration.

So what did Putin hope to get for his $35 Million dollar investment in Skippy?

We’ll never know, because Joule only existed as a golden collar on Podestas. As soon as Trump won, the company was worthless. Last August Putin simply wrote it off.

Even the $170,000 in speaking fees that Tony Podesta got from Putin is more than Moscow spent to get Trump elected. Yet we are meant to believe that Hillary is somehow Putin’s arch-nemesis, and Trump was Putin’s guy all along? Give me a break, Fake News.

The objective facts are these: Putin was always perfectly comfortable with his ability to milk everything he wanted from a Clinton administration. That Clinton has the audacity to pretend she was ever more than a greedy traitor is laughable.

And who is building the case against Trump? Andy Weissmann.

Andrew Weissmann flew under the radar while his gun-running bosses at the Obama DOJ were forced to resign for their official dealings with the Mexican drug cartels, but now he is the guy prosecuting the case against Trump for Mueller. Andy is the scandalous one man wrecking crew you turn to if you have already decided on your target, but you lack a crime.

The Supreme Court once unanimously reversed a conviction that Weissmann got against Arthur Anderson using his show trial tactics and flair for bogus crimes. The highest court in the nation labelled the Weismann case for corrupt persuasion against Anderson in Arthur Andersen LLP v. United States (2005) as an imaginary crime.

Chief Justice Rehnquist slapped down Weissmann and threw out the case against Arthur Anderson, but this was small comfort to the 85,000 who had already seen their jobs destroyed, thanks to Awful Andy. He literally annihilated one of the Big Four accounting firms with a pack of lies, and then just walked away laughing from the carnage.

Weissmann is also your guy if you want someone sent to jail who never broke the law. Loretta Lynch and Leslie Caldwell brought the disgraced Weissmann into the Obama DOJ to reunite the old Eastern District of New York troika, whose war on American business is the stuff of legends.

Weissmann was reversed by the Fifth Court in United States v Brown, which set free four men wrongly convicted and sent to jail by Weismann. The Fifth Court declared that Weissman had “plainly supressed” the evidence. He did it then, and he’ll do it again for Mueller.

Weissmann only escaped the ensuing ethical grievance against him at the New York Bar by invoking ties to the Mueller FBI. Weissmann acted as Mueller’s counsel, and Mueller used his personal cache to get his pal Weissmann off the hook. Now the pair are conspiring against Trump. Corruption much?

As an FBI counsel, Weissmann got his case punted from the New York Bar to the Obama Department of Obstructing Justice, where it was quietly squashed in the darkness by the hilariously misnamed Office of Professional Responsibility by his pals.

Worse still, Caldwell then tapped Weissmann to head Fraud at the DOJ. This is the disgusting Swamp creature leads that leads the Mueller witch hunt against Trump.

In what world is it acceptable for a Secretary of State to profit from a deal which places the lives of millions of Americans in jeopardy from a nuclear strike by Rocket Man, or some other Russian proxy?

In what world should her cronies get to run an Inquisition against a democratically elected President, an investigation premised on a discredited document which she paid for?

The case against Trump is weak, but he has let the Mueller investigation run its course because he has nothing to hide, and nothing to fear.

So now let us investigate Hillary for a year, and Fusion GPS, and see how that goes.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie and when I’m not obsessing about Conservative politics or defending Trump I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities. Somehow I ended up in the Anime Right in 2016 because of Trump, kek.

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