Satan’s Reefer: Dope Wax is Crack Marijuana

By John Miller

Thursday the 18th of January 2017


Many proponents of legalised dope think it is all a bit of harmless fun. They probably remember their own red eyed college days and think: Why not?

Well like many of the degenerate fetishes of the Left, the thing that you think you are tolerating is often just the thin edge of the wedge. Legal weed has created a new Stoner sub-culture of Dabbers, and these guys are taking in single hits what you and your bros used to spend an hour or two smoking.

The new user isn’t usually even a weed aficionado, just some kid looking for a cheap and quick high, and they don’t know what they’re doing. Worse, they’ve probably been evangelised into believing that Marijuana is some Godlike plant with zero harmful effects.

Many of us who became drinkers learned it from our parents, and as dope use explodes throughout mainstream society, the same thing is happening with pot. Perhaps just as alarmingly, use of cigarettes amongst Gen Z kids is growing, as Mookers who spin their precious weed with tobacco to make their baggy last longer suddenly find that they crave nicotine.

Quite insidiously I think, Big Tobacco is increasingly moving into the territory that was once occupied by the narco-traffickers and the dope peddlers. Pot smoking is clearly the future of smoking, as the West heads further and further towards full-blown levels of Wiemar degeneracy.

Most of us have hit a blunt or smoked a reefer at some time, or had a ciggie with our friends while we were drinking, and then later decided that smoking wasn’t a good decision and given up. Even as recently as the last decade there still seemed to be a solid consensus that this wasn’t a good way to live and that it was bad for your health.

Now we live in split society: Leftist families raise their kids in an environment where pot smoking is acceptable. Media is pretty much 100% pro-weed, and of course social media just reflects the thought silo of your friends. All this weed evangelising has led society down a dark and dangerous path. Dabbing has become normalised amongst teenagers. What is dabbing? I’m glad you asked, grandad.

In the same way that Crack Cocaine is extracted from Coke, Dabs (BHO) can be extracted from Dope. Same greasy shit process, same intense cheap rush, same result – this is how you make junkies. And you better believe that kids who dab are exactly that: Dab Junkies.

The oil of THC is extremely potent and prone to abuse, to the point where Dabbers as young as primary school aged children are now being dropped off in hospital emergency wards by their friends Scromiting. What is scomiting? It’s when the Dabber can’t stop vomiting but is still in a deranged state and won’t stop screaming either.

This is a real thing that doctors, nurses, paramedics and cops have to deal with now. Thanks Jah mon the reefer will never hurt you crew.

The Dope Resin that once an aficionado may have spread on his reefer and passed around on chill night is now being hit up all at once by dumb kids, who have almost limitless access to it as long as they can find more cash. The kind of shitbags who used to steal for their Heroin or Crack are now thieving for Dabs. Gateway drug much?

The dope peddlers were quick to realise the potential of BHO, and it is now its own dab sub-culture. Dabbers increasingly smoke their dope in the most highly refined hard glass-like substance: Shatter.

Whether in the form of Shatter or Honey Wax, highly concentrated forms of marijuana need to be heated quickly. Most often this is vaporised and inhaled through a dab rig (oil rig).

When a kid or any other person dabs, the physical and mental affects you get with smoking marijuana are highly intensified. THC content in dabs range from 60% to as high as 90%.

The full extent of harm done by dope concentrates has not been properly studied, but doctors are reporting a disturbing epidemic of psychotic breaks amongst both adolescent and adult users. The same type of behaviour that you might expect from somebody who dropped too much acid. Yet whereas high grade acid is relatively rare, high grade marijuana concentrate is everywhere.

All this has been made socially acceptable because of all the dope evangelising that goes on these days, and of course dumb kids will always get way too high and fuck up majestically if you give them half a chance.

Marijuana concentrates are EXTREMELY strong, and 911 teams are increasingly being called out due to cannabis overdoses. Of course, the Leftists are dismissive of this – often out of sheer ignorance. They probably never tried hash oil, and if they did it was just some low grade shit they had on a joint with friends.

In this toxic political environment, the dope peddlers have tucked themselves neatly into the thought silos of the Left, and we are on the cusp of losing half a generation of good kids to drug abuse, just because the Left and Right can’t talk to one another with civility any more.

Drug abuse is not something that a person recovers from quickly, and the long-term effects upon both the Family and Society are incredibly destructive, so it is well worth the effort reaching out to them I think.

Marijuana wax is the highest you can get from weed, but modern levels of refining have produced some exceptionally high purity levels of what are all essentially just derivative forms of Butane Hash Oil.

The thick, oily substance of the past that looked or smelled a little off because the chemicals used to extract it were not properly taken off has now been refined into to something that looks like honey and is much easier to market to dumbasses – because honey is natural and good for you, right Granola?

Actually, BHO is made using a process similar to the one used to make meth or crack, and the vapours it extrudes during production can fill a room with toxic fumes.

Long before it was called dabbing dope wax used to be hit up with the bong, which while giving a more potent hit than the traditional joint was still pretty inefficient unless you had a very strong flame like a jet lighter. Hot knives were a thing too. These days all of it is vaped for inhalation.

Even if we put to one side the wasted lives and the psychotic breaks associated with long term abuse, this is surely wreaking havoc on the user’s lungs and central nervous system.

A gram of dope wax costs about four times as much as a gram of bud, but the effects of wax are much more powerful, and there is better value in the high – if it is rationed out by a responsible user.

Unfortunately, dabbers are falling into junky patterns of behaviour, and chasing those big highs right down into the gutter. The only winner in this scenario – the dope man.

Perhaps the only legitimate argument for weed that I have ever encountered is that sufferers of chronic illnesses deserve to use dope, especially if they have some kind of issue with prescription pills and their physician agrees. Nobody likes to be a dick about weed when somebody is dying of an incurable disease.

But having ordinary idiots self-prescribing for imagined maladies is a road to disaster. Most people can improve their life with more sleep, better exercise, better diet, having healthier relationships with better people, and by using LESS drugs and alcohol.

While there are probably plenty of dudes blazing up at home with great careers and success stories, these folks tend to be the exception. These guys would have prospered anyway, because they have some measure of self-control, and are good at keeping their shit together.

Most kids are idiots though, and they don’t keep their shit together very well at all. They start dabbing because it’s fun, and they keep dabbing because everything else becomes increasingly irrelevant to them.

We already have alcoholism entrenched within our degenerate societies, do we really need a permanent underclass of dabbers too, just so that it is easier for you to fill your bonghole with your magic smoke because you had a hard day?

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie and when I’m not obsessing about Conservative politics or defending Trump I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities

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