The old German Evangelical Church is needed to fight modern degeneracy

By John Miller

Saturday the 13th of January 2017


The Pope sure is in the news a lot these days, telling everybody to be more like a South American Communist, and that’s all well and good if you’re a Marxist who likes open borders and lots of Islam, but what are the rest of us to do?

Worst pope is still far better than most of our Protestant denominations, of course. My own Church doesn’t even exist any more: we got taken over by the Methodists, and the resulting union became the biggest gayest most transsexual Satanic hive of uppity women priests without bonnets or morals that any country has ever seen.

I could just become a Baptist I suppose, but most of the holy roller congregations are full of degenerates on a redemption arc who are only one bad day away from becoming whatever combination of drug addict, sex addict, alcoholic or other feeble-minded degenerate they were before they ran into the arms of Jesus. Hey, I’m glad that you’re Christian now pal, but I still don’t want you around my family or in my home unless you have a lifetime track record of being morally upright and you are rock solid in your convictions.

The Lutheran Church these days is in little better condition than our many local variants of the Scots Presbyterian Church – or the Church of England, which I ought to have been a member of because my family were mostly Anglicans, but my semi-Christian parents lazily decided to baptise me in the Uniting Church instead because they couldn’t tell the difference.

Who can blame them? What does the Anglican Church even stand for any more? And why single them out? Every single Protestant denomination is the same these days – all have been subverted by the virtue signalling Communists and the homosexual deviants and the child molesters that infest the pews.

What would John Knox make of these uppity women and faggots? What would the Puritans have done about them – probably burned them at the stake, and good riddance too. Luther would have certainly driven them out. He was always a firebrand for Christ – a man worthy of emulation.

So where is a Protestant to find a Church that doesn’t make him spit upon the traditions of his ancestors, and which will take a stand against Satanic behaviour? The best answer I have found is the German Evangelical Church, the Lutheran Church of the Third Reich.

Hitler was a rogue devil, but there were many things which the Third Reich did better than us. One of them was creating full employment and rescuing his nation from the breadlines and poverty of the Great Depression. The other one was a Christianity that was untainted by International Socialism and the creeping degeneracy of the 20th and 21st centuries.

The reason that so  many followed Hitler into his madcap wars was that the Third Reich rescued the German nation from the pit of Weimar depravity –  and from the quagmire of globalist economic forces. Well here we are again, mired in Weimar depravity.

Ask yourself: does this progressive world make you feel any closer to God – or just closer to the Gates of Hell?

I have not rejected Keynesian economics just because it was the way in which the Third Reich got the German folk off the bread lines and working on projects of national improvement, and nor will I ever reject the pure and traditional form of Christianity that all our modern churches now despise.

There is no way that I can ever accept homosexual marriages, women who act like men, transsexual abominations, or the surrendering of our Christian nations to the Muslim horde.

For me then, the only denominations worth emulating are the most traditional ones, but all our Churches have been stolen by noisy women, and atheists, and left-wing vermin. I refuse to go to any Church run by women or by effeminate men, where the men just follow the women and homosexuals into degeneracy.

It was ordained by God that women should follow men, and they always have, except for when the men are weak. The Christian men of this generation are exceptionally weak. Our modern churches are therefore weak, and dying everywhere.

What does it matter if the Soviets turned the Luisenkirche into a puppet theatre when we handed over all our churches to the degenerate Left in the West anyway. At least they fought and died to protect their Church in Konigsberg – here they were taken away from us by treachery and nonchalence.

Well then, it is time that we resurrected the Churches of the past. Our Protestant tradition is that if the Church is rotten, you purify it, and if it will not be reformed you make your own congregation that is free of its taint. But the best outcome is always to restore what it traditional rather than to innovate your own Christianity.

The German Evangelical Church is just the type of Crusading Church that will inspire the young Christian man to take back his lands for Christ.

Many of us have part Prussian or German ancestry, and resent the present Lutheran Church as being a complete betrayal of the life and mission of Luther. Indeed, the harshest critics of Luther are the modern Lutherans – the so-called Lutherans, a gang of homosexuals and Bible hating Communists who have stolen the religion that created much of modern Europe and the indeed the modern world.

These Lutherans have turned the religion of the German Empire into a namby-pamby open borders freak show. As there is nobody who represents the good interests of the German Evangelical Church Confederation any more, but only this modern Evangelical Church in Germany with it Weimar levels of degeneracy. Are we to simply let the Prussian Union of Churches simply vanish from the earth? Never, I say.

Valiant Prussia may be dormant in the breast of Germany, and in the long-suffering city of Konigsberg, and amongst the Prussian and German diaspora, but it will surely rise again. Prussia was the leader of the Protestant German nations, a model civilisation and a great society. Should that Protestantism that civilised vast territories and all its history become nothing more than a memory? Not if I can help it.

These were fine Christian folk who went forth and civilised the globe, and for the Leftist vermin to babble about colonialism and expect us all to feel guilty about bringing Christ to the savage nations does not wash with me.

So if you are a Protestant, and of North Germanic ancestry, even just a little, and wish to keep the Church of Frederick the Great alive, then I welcome you as a brother in Christ. If you truly believe that God is with us, and not with the Weimar degenerates who presently rule over us, then help reconstitute the Evangelical State Church of Prussia in its final form – the form that it was perfect in before the International Socialists and the Atheists took it over.

Commit to help rebuilding the German Evangelical Church, to fight the creeping influence of degenerate women and homosexuals and other abominations who are weakening and destroying our Protestant churches with their detestable lifestyles and Antichrist beliefs.

Gott mit uns


Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie and when I’m not obsessing about Conservative politics or defending Trump I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities

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