Fake News Vegas shooter narrative falls apart: Paddock confirmed gun runner, DS/Saudi connects to massacre

By John Miller

Saturday the 13th of January 2017


Warning: Gruesome images in article

Remember Stephen Paddock, the guy who Fake News told us was a deranged professional poker player? Solo gunman Paddock? The nut who killed 58 and wounded 546 of the kind of Americans that Deep State hates the most – patriotic Trump supporters. We were told at the time it was because he was an evil White guy. Case closed. Nothing further to see.

Well as it turns out the guy who allegedly shot up all those country music fans in Vegas on his own – back when Deep State media asset Keith Olbermann and other  hatemongers were still openly clamouring for the violent deaths of Trump supporters – wasn’t a professional online poker player after all. He was an arms dealer.

The judge has finally unsealed the search warrants, and it turns out 4chan was right, and the vermintide who hammer out the Fake News propaganda were wrong again. This guy Paddock was a gun runner, and most likely working for the very same Deep State agencies that are full of Trump haters and who want the President’s supporters dead – and who disposed of him as a loose end and witness of their many crimes.

There was never any way in hell that Paddock could have gotten his small arsenal into the Mandalay Bay without anybody noticing, not unless he had help from the inside, and even though there are cameras everywhere in Vegas, we’ve never seen the footage of him setting up for the killing spree he supposedly planned and carried out all by himself.

Was Paddock the trigger man, was he one of the trigger men? He clearly had accomplices, and not just his girlfriend, Marilou Danley, who is in this up to her neck – because as it turns out she helped him load the magazines.

She made sure she was out of the country when the massacre took place, and ran off with a boatload of cash. I doubt she’ll get to enjoy now though. Witnesses to this crime scene have an uncanny knack for accidental death.

So Paddock turns out to be a gun runner, and most likely running with the same filthy rotten Deep State moles that have been causing anarchy in America and trying to damage the Trump administration at every turn. Because the only way to keep from being investigated is to always stay on offence.

Paddock didn’t make his money from video poker – that was a lie. He made his blood money running guns for the Deep State. Whatever this guy knew about Fast and Furious – the illegal sale of arms to the Mexican cartels carried on by the criminals of the Obama DOJ and the filthy Deep States rats that infest far too many ratholes at the Never Trump FBI – clearly it was too much. He carried it with him to his grave.

Of course, we already knew that Paddock was a gun runner for the Feds, because his brother said so, shortly before he was arrested for having CP on his computer and the whole thing was memory holed. This is a classic Alphabet Agency play. Woops, looks like there’s some child pornography on this computer of yours that we took away (and put child pornography on) – I guess next time you’ll keep your mouth shut eh?

Who are the dirty rats behind it all? We know that after SWAT was done the area was taped off and somebody came back and took a hard drive from Paddock’s computer. Mandaly has cameras everywhere – this was certainly an inside job. Well as it turns out the top two floors of the Mandalay are owned by a notorious Never Trumper – none other than Prince Dopey.

Many have said that the cabal of corrupt Saudi princes who have been incarcerated at the Riyadh Ritz were in on this, and that this petulant mass slaying of Americans falls on one devil in particular – Al-Waleed bin Talal – the same Prince Dopey who tried to buy the election for Hillary, and having lost, lost all his cache in the Kingdom.

Prince Dopey is the enemy of the President, and currently persona non-grata. What role did the man who gambled everything on Hillary Clinton winning play in the deaths of all those good Americans in Las Vegas? That is yet to be found out. The cover-up is swiftly unravelling though.

A quick count of the shell casings on the floor around the shooter alone ought to be enough to set alarm bells ringing –  where are they all? This guy hit over 600 people. There ought to be shell casings EVERYWHERE.

Furthermore, Stephen Paddock was clearly shot in the chest, and then the body arranged to look like he had blown his own brains out afterwards. The whole thing stinks of cover-up.

Paddock was connected in some fashion to the rotten Obama era holdovers in the Alphabet agencies – the rats who were gambling their run of corruption was going to continue under President Hillary.

The Department of Justice is in the hands of the good guys now, but there are still plenty of Deep State moles about – not least that rat Rosenstein who started the Mueller fishing expedition. This is something that Jeff needs to get on to personally, Trump as well.

Those fine Americans who got shot up and their families deserve the truth. We know there has been a cover-up. Now we need some answers, and some justice.


Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie and when I’m not obsessing about Conservative politics or defending Trump I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities

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