Who framed NEETanyahu? Jelly cucks release bad boy’s LRT tape from 2015 to smear Bibi

By John Miller

Thursday the 11th of January 2017


Yair Netanyahu would not be on the front page of the papers if it were not for his famous father. Unlike his dad, who also happens to be the Prime Minister of Israel, he saw out his military service as a spokesman for the IDF, rather than as a member of the special forces. His younger brother joined a combat unit.

When Bibi was his age he was killing Haji terrorists with his bare hands, and was already highly decorated. Yair lives that wealthy NEET life, at home with mom and dad. Even so, I think I speak for many goy when I say that we like Yair a lot more than his dad – he’s just a lot more relatable.

Maybe it’s the fact that he browses /pol/, the notorious site frequented by politically incorrect LARP Nazis – and posts up Merchants on his social media. This kind of self-deprecating humour landed him in the hot seat late last year, and it appears that the enemies of his father have decided that the NEETanyahu is his dad’s Achilles heel – and gone in for the kill.

The Open Borders appease Islam globalist forces of Soros have not been idle in Israel, and they are not below buying a tape of some Locker Room Talk between Yair and his pals – in this case the son of a local energy tycoon and a member of the Packer entourage – and releasing it to the media just when the Prime Minister was riding the good vibrations of the Jerusalem is Ours wave to glorious victory.

To be clear, this is nothing more than a shabby hit job, to derail a good Prime Minister by smearing his family.

The image that the anti-Bibi guys are trying to portray is a corrupt PM, so Yair palling around with the son of a tycoon that got a good deal from his dad’s party and asking him to shekel him isn’t a good look – even if he is just asking for lunch, and offering to pay for the strippers later – wait, what?

So it seems our lad is quite the wild one – or was in 2015, when he was secretly filmed outside a strip club. Apart from asking his mate to pay for lunch, the biggest part of the scandal seems to be that he was calling the strippers whores. There is a fine distinction there lad, but you are pretty close to the mark, so I’ll allow it.

Not so, Soros media Fake News, who are making a bigger deal about NEETanyahus choice of words than all the rest of it, forcing a contrite PM to say he raised his kid better than that, and that he ought to respect women.

Kek, it’s not like he was beating the strippers, or even being mean to them. He was just having a private convo and got caught on tape making that Locker Room Talk.  Pretty much everybody calls women who take their clothes off for money whores in private, even other women.

This is all just another hypocritical assault upon the Right by the Left, and as it always comes out, whatever dumb thing that one of ours guys does and feels contrite about because we have religion, these nihilist Godless animals are always up to far, far worse. Observant Jews and Christians need to stick together, because when we bicker the Left always wins.

The Religious Right tore itself apart in the early 90s and 00s by allowing the hypocritical Left to run the narrative against us – and we ended up with the Clintons, gay marriage, Obama, transsexual abominations in our schools, Haji peace trucks, diversity explosions in our Christmas markets, and God only knows what disgusting thing they have planned next for us.

I don’t envy rich kids at all, they are always worse for the soft upbringing, and while money is always nice, I don’t see how you could ever take any pleasure from it, or derive any self-respect from it if you didn’t make it on your own.

And this is true for many of us whose parents aren’t quite so rich the powerful – the epidemic of over mothered man babies in the West is rife.

This waste of a young man’s potential is the real story here for me, rather than some phoney baloney narrative about an LRT tape and a manufactured scandal. Yair seems like a smart kid though, and I’m sure he can make something of himself in the future, if he puts his mind to it.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie and when I’m not obsessing about Conservative politics or defending Trump I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities

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