Melbourne is Gotham: Tarneit under siege by gangs, bombs going off in Bayswater

By John Miller

Thursday the 11th of January 2017


Do you feel in control, Melbourne?


Local Joker and ruler of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, sounded the everything’s OK alarm again today, insisting that he’s been eating out at restaurants every night – and no doubt life is great for Daniel. With his permanent police escort he lives in a parallel universe, but not everybody has the connections to waltz out of college with a BA and go straight on the gravy train mate.

In Tarneit and Cranbourne decent families have to stay locked in their homes at night, and be up and investigating every creak in the middle of the night with a bat – in case they’re NEXT on the violent home invasion list. And make no mistake, these thugs are working our good working men and women over: bashings, rapes, robberies – and it’s only a matter of time before the blood on the streets moves over to the neighbouring suburbs.

Meanwhile Daniel the Amazing Gastropod eats out every night at taxpayer expense, and ties up police manpower that Vic Police desperately need on the front line to get the African street gang crime wave under control. Oh, but if that were the only threat hanging over Gotham!

ISIS has not been idle in Melbourne either, and JUST TODAY the hardest working police force in Australia exploded another car bomb in Bayswater. ARE. YOU. FKN. KIDDING. ME.

And this is not even an isolated incident. This is the THIRD TERRORIST ATTACK in the LAST FORTY DAYS. That’s just over once a fortnight that some diversity Haji is trying to kill all his Infidel neighbours. Wew lad, Melbourne is officially worse than London. Not to worry though – just part and parcel amirite?

The first ISIS plot was to shoot up New Years Eve revellers in Gotham, but the Feds and Vic Police nabbed that Somalian ISIS shitbag late last November while he was still buying the guns and ammo – well done our boys and gals in blue.

Is Ali still even custody? Melbourne magistrates love releasing the Vermintide as fast as our hard-working coppers can lock them up – even if you boot a cop in the face in Gotham the scumbag local Magistrates give you a free get out of jail card these days.

May Christ save Victoria from its ALP appointed magistrates – every last one of them is an enemy of state, hates cops, and wants as many crims running wild as they can possibly let loose on the streets. And why not. Laws are racist, and these degenerate poofter judges want as many homeless black drug addicts out at night as possible for when they go on a kerb crawl.

Meanwhile Victorian media and the ABC continue on their merry way like the virtual signalling homos that they are, trying to convince all and sundry that diversity is still great, but even these maggots couldn’t cover up the second Haji attack, when Omar from ISIS went full Mr Plow and tried to kill and paralyse as many Infidels as possible in the Melbourne CBD.

Oh but he was a gud boy who got on the drugs and sheeit. Newsflash – all these ISIS Haji criminals are high on drugs. It’s part and parcel of their bloody death cult.

So no surprises then that when the cops exploded a car bomb IED in Bayswater today – no doubt while fine dining critic Daniel Andrews was finishing his five course lunch with Abesha at his favourite Sudanese restaurant – that they found criminal charge sheets at the crime scene.

They had taken their license plates off, but left their court papers in the glove box. ISIS intelligence everybody. Also their pipe bomb IED was fairly shit according to the bomb experts. Lucky for us these guys are idiots – but they only need to get lucky once.

No word on who the offenders are yet – so according to Coulter’s law that means thanks for the enrichment, religion of peace. If it was a deranged Christian it would be all over the national media by now, instead of a local daily interest story at the back of the Melbourne Age – oh how quaint, ISIS is bombing our suburbs now.

It’s pretty clear that Melbourne is only one Whore of Babylon and Seven Angels with scrolls away from being the Book of Revelations right now, and that Jesus needs to come back with his sword and a Lake of Fire and purge the whole damned degenerate city good and proper.

Melbourne was always a degenerate shithole that was begging to be enriched – but no part of Australia should ever be surrendered to chaos and anarchy like this.

It’s time that the real Victoria stood up to the Left who invited all this carnage upon them, and said enough is enough. We need to start discriminating again. Australia First, and if we take refugees they ought to be Christians, or at very least not a bunch of low IQ tribal Hajis who want us all dead.

So far the ISIS tally is just the 20 or so that were badly injured when Omar played GTA with Melbourne pedestrians in the CBD, and this is how bad the situation truly is: the African street gangs can do that in a single night. But because it happens in the darkness and there is no footage, this is somehow less alarming?

I have no problem at all with Africans – Christian Africans, even secular Africans if they’ve been living here and obeying the law and respecting the country and its traditions. It’s these bloody Hajis who are always menacing any and every other community, and if anybody hates Africa it is these damn Somalis and Sudanese. They’ve been trying to destroy Christian Africa for centuries.

And we should just let them come here and re-create Mogadishu on our streets?

Our stupid government is going to be the death of us if it keeps waving in these death cult fanatics. It’s time for some EXTREME VETTING.

No more Hajis, no more Third World Street gangs. Not by boat, not by plane, and not by any other means. Australia doesn’t need any more explosive cultural enrichment right now from ISIS in Africa.

Never mind that idiot Andrews. Labour is always soft on crime. That’s just how they roll.

But why haven’t you sent them all back yet, Dutton? Deport! Deport! Deport them all to Manus now! Get them out of my country!


Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie and when I’m not obsessing about Conservative politics or defending Trump I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities

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