Local shitbags call for more dope and more dead cops, now being investigated

By John Miller

Thursday the 11th of January 2017


A group of would-be cop killers that were talking tuff on the Intenets lately are pulling their heads in today, as the Federalis start kicking doors in and taking names. It seems the real AFP, the Australian Federal Police, are not so keen on the other AFP – the Australians Filming Police group.

The batshit rotten insane Left and the degenerate noisiest 1% of the Right – the Dope Libertarians – who intersect on a lunatic fringe, just love to talk shit about the people who risk their lives in uniform to protect their freedom and worthless lives. These losers are constantly berating the diggers and the cops.

Welp, it seems like their endless call for Jihad against the Boys in Blue has finally come to the attention of said fellows – and now they’re all going to get their shit pushed in by Johnny Law.

I sure they get some good footage – the cops, I mean. Nothing like watching some ingrate prick who hates the guys and gals that stop the real thugs from bullying them and stealing all their shit get their comeuppance.

I guess we’ll never see the best footage, as they cop phone books out the back of the cells, but it’s gratifying to know that somebody can answer Lefty and faux-Right violence with a show of force, and that somebody is still out there keeping an eye on these bloody hoodlums.

A quick look at the AFP Facebook page – the hippy crackhead AFP –  shows a wide variety of degenerates flouting the drug laws. All these idiots taking selfies with their dope and dope paraphernalia would look great in a prison uniform.

Apparently this 17,000-member Facebook community is where all the local Junkies, Wiggers, and Apex nogs hang out, so for all your Aussie Black Lives Matter, Tupacposting, Cop Hate, and general drug addict shitbaggery make sure you check it out lads.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie and when I’m not obsessing about Conservative politics or defending Trump I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities

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