Refugee ingrate who milked Aussie tax payers bags out Australia from London. Again.

By John Miller

Monday the 8th of January 2017


Yassmin Abdel-Magied is back in the news again, this time mocking the nation that rescued her from her Third World Sudanese shithole. Again. Apparently it’s all good that Melbourne is being Apexed by the rampaging gangs of Sudanese nogs which are presently enriching us culturally, because we’re just a nation of convicts anyway.

Well as I recall love, when convicts got off the boat they did twelve hours a day of back breaking labour, and built our nation up from the dust of the desert into the sort of place that freeloading vandals want to come and destroy. So my question is, if you love the convict life so much, why aren’t you chained together and building roads and public buildings like my convict ancestors were?

Ms. Magied ran away to London after the entire nation grew to despise her, but she still feels entitled to have an opinion about everything, despite having no roots in the nation and despising everything about us.

London is a good place for this stupid Haji, the city which can’t go a week without a terrorist attack by one of her ISIS soul-mates, and which is run by a man who thinks that random acts of violence against the English citizenry are just Part and Parcel of living in a modern city.

Well that’s funny, because the only cities which have animals running wild are the ones that invite these savages in from sewers like Pakistan and the Sudan.

I’m sure that most university educated Pakistanis and Sudanese are lovely chaps, but that’s not what we’re presently getting, is it?

The English can look to their own affairs, but I don’t recall being asked whether Australia ought to become the dumping ground for the worst human garbage from the worst parts of war-torn Africa.

Do you think our Christian ancestors just let every bloody Saracen into our nations? Absolutely not. As I recall, Richard the Lionheart used to sheathe his sword in these barbarians. Is there a single man left like him in England?

And I’m sick of poofter bishops telling me how to Bible too. Every nation was given its own clay by God, and all this open borders degeneracy is just being pushed on us by the same pack of paedophiles that conduct Satanic marriages and who like to molest all the kids in the Sunday school.

I’m a Trad Christian and a Puritan.

My clay is for me and my family.

And our neighbours are our fellow Christians who share our values and our culture – not bloody degenerate heathens like Yassmin Abdel-Magied and the barbarian savages  of the Islamic horde – these are our sworn enemies. Always have been, always will be.


For thousands of years the Church was the pillar of society that blessed the soldiers who fought for Christ – I don’t recognise this abomination that calls itself our Church these days. All it cares about is gay rights and refugees.

What about the old Christian woman who had her skull bashed in by Sudanese thugs, and the young pregnant lass who was killed because some African gang hooligan was out stealing cars? Where’s their justice, then? Enough is enough. The invader must go.


Abdel-Magied, the “””activist””” that was platformed by the Fake News merchants at the ABC with your tax dollars, the Queensland Young Australian of the Year – and what a bloody joke that was – thinks she is fit to have an opinion about us.

Magied, the great “””author””” who wrote about Anzac Day: “Lest We Forget (Manus, Nauru, Syria, Palestine …). She clearly has no respect for this country, no respect for our diggers, and not an ounce of gratitude for the nation that gave her everything.

These men didn’t fight and die so that faggots like Turnbull and Shorten could just give the country away – and for what? For a round of applause from the kind of degenerates who make up the audience on QANDA – to hell with them too. Bloody traitors.

This stupid ingrate girl ought not only to be stripped of her Australian of the Year award, she ought to be stripped of her citizenship, and never permitted to re-enter the country.

Furthermore, whoever was responsible for platforming this vile person at the ABC ought to be fired immediately. I’m sick of Socialists funnelling our tax dollars to vermin who hate us.

Magied ran away to London, so she won’t even give the taxpayer back a dime of the fortune that we invested in her education and “””TV career””” at the taxpayer-funded ABC, and yet even though we would prefer to forget this disgusting creature ever existed, she continues to carp away at us from Britain, a country she only got in to by pretending to be one of us. What a joke that is.

Rise up Australia. Take your country back.


I’m proud of my convict ancestors, because as soon as they got off the boat they started doing hard labour, and that’s the difference between a white man and a lazy Sudanese piece of trash. We built our country up out of nothing. And for what? So that your garbage people could come here and tear it all down?

Not bloody likely. Send then back Dutton, send them all back to Africa, or we’ll put you on the dole mate.


Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie and when I’m not obsessing about Conservative politics or defending Trump I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities

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