Stockholm 2018: Polite Swede picks up IED at the Metro and blows himself up

By John Miller

Sunday the 7th of January 2017


A lucky break for everybody else considering using the Varby Gard metro station in Stockholm this past hour, when a polite elderly Swedish gentleman noticed some trash left behind by one of Sweden’s many cultural enrichers and went to bin it – only to have a TERRORIST IED go off in his face.

Also injured, the good Samaritan’s elderly wife, but the man apparently took the worst of it, and may even be dead as I type this. God willing, he will survive, for his act of good citizenry undoubtedly saved many others, had it been detonated in a busier hour with a crowd packed around it at the train station.

No claims of responsibility just yet, just shock and disbelief from the Swedes that the regular spate of explosions which rock Malmo – a city they have all but ceded to the Asylum-seeking invaders – are now being felt in the capital.

If any further proof was needed that Sweden has fallen, then this is it. The fighting has reached the capital, and terrorist attacks are now just Part & Parcel of regular Swedish life.

As the Socialist government of Sweden is so fond of telling their constituents, Ramadan is a quintessential part of modern Swedish life now, so just relax and enjoy the fireworks Sven.

Today’s attack comes hot on the heels of the “””Swedish””” Suicide Bomber who exploded prematurely and blew himself up, and the death of two ISIS bomb makers in Sweden who also suffered a similar fate when the bomb they were working on went off in their faces.

It is only a matter of time before these vipers manage to get their act together though, and there are clearly dark days ahead for the Nords of Saracens Welcome Zone.

Useless Swedish PC police have already determined that the incident was not terrorist related and that there is nothing to see here, move along.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie and when I’m not obsessing about Conservative politics or defending Trump I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities

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