Chinacrypto crushes the West: Quantum builds world’s largest blockchain with Baofeng

By John Miller

Sunday the 7th of January 2017


Damn I miss 2017. Dump my meagre crypto savings into Bitcoin. Forget about it until I see Bitcoin in the newspapers. Take out a little bit of crypto profit and put it in the bank or whatever. Rinse – repeat, easy life amirite?


Not so fast, happy Bitcoin man. Suddenly there was Ripple. I always knew about the kinds of things that Ethereum could do. It was faster than Bitcoin. It was commercial. Yeah, I’m good man. Keep your banker’s coin. But the way Ripple crushed Ethereum it was clear that it was going to suck all the oxygen out of the crypto conversation – and after buying in the transfer speed compared to Bitcoin was REEAAAAALLLLY noice.

OK, so I got my Ripple, I got my Bitcoin – neither is going anywhere. Set and forget.


Not so fast, happy Coiner diversified into Ripple. Suddenly Boomer has heard that Ripple is going to be bigger than Apple, and XRP was swiftly overvalued. So I had to buy some Coin back, and wait for the market to settle down – to get my Ripple back. Kek, took less than a week.

Well, that should be it. Don’t care about the Alts. Don’t care about nerd tech talk. Unless you can show me how your crypto is fit to even step in the ring and contend with Bitcoin it has no future and I’m not interested in it. 9998 of the 10000 cryptos don’t deserve to exist, and the people investing in them are no better than sweaty degenerate gamblers sitting in front of a poker machine.

Did somebody say Chyna?


Apart from trying to make Bitcoin go kill, the Chinese haven’t been up to much in the crypto space, and then just last week QTUM partnered with Baofeng to build the world’s largest blockchain.

To put this into perspective, Bitcoin operates on 10,000 nodes. The big deal about Ethereum, and the reason that it grabbed the number two spot  – before it got crushed by Ripple – and why it is still number three is because it runs on a giant network of 20,000 nodes.

Not so fast Roundeye! Quantum is suddenly the world’s largest Blockchain Node Network – operating on 50,000 Nodes, and it’s all latest gen algorithm, like Ripple – and decentralised, like Bitcoin. Wew lad.


Horry Sheet. We are going to have a BIG 3, aren’t we?

QTUM has rocketed to within close striking distance of the Top 10, with a market cap of around $6-8 BIL: and it is well positioned to overtake the likes of DASH, MIOTA, TRX, XLM, and XEM as soon as Boomer hears about it. Can you explain why any of these fantasy tokens are more relevant than Quantum – the Chinese crypto with the world’s biggest network? I can’t.


LTC is still living on its laurels from before its owner walked away from it, and ADA was pumped and  I don’t understand why and don’t care – QTUM is going to easily tool both of these sometime in 2018 – and Cardano currently has a market cap of around 25 BIL.

There is plenty of growing room for QTUM right now, but it just took a massive surge and there will be some profit taking. I can’t tell you the right price to buy it at now, because markets are fickle things. All I can tell you is that it will probably undoubtedly surge again in the future – but what the heck do I know.


The only question in my mind is can QTUM catch BCH and ETH? And I think the answer is yes and yes. BCH was butchered by le Coinbase launch debacle, and is forever linked in my mind with the Christmas meltdown of King Coin – and why would I want Bitcoin Cash when I can have the real thing?

Ethereum still enjoys some first mover advantages over Ripple, but these are swiftly eroding. Most importantly, the war has already been won. Ripple owns the space they are fighting over, and holds down the coveted spot of pretender to the Crypto throne  – the only question left unanswered in my mind is can ETH nail down third place.

The one talking point it still has is those 20,000 nodes. Kek, Quantum has 50,0000. And they’re not all bank nodes that Ripple is in direct competition for and will eventually gobble up – they’re distributed on the biggest peer-to-peer network in the Chynasphere.


Of course, like everything to do with crypto it’s all highly spec, so don’t mortgage your house. But if you already rode the Coin wave in 2017 and you’re playing with house money, why not put a small part of your Coin down on a hedge against the Chinese Century of Crypto?

Quantum to the Moon lads? Quantam to the Moon. And now I have another exchange rate that I have to keep my eyes on – crypto world problems.


Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie and when I’m not obsessing about Conservative politics or defending Trump I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities.

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