King Coin spanks Ripple and destroys all the Alts, Bitcoin 20K when?

By John Miller

Saturday the 6th of January 2017


So everything is going pretty much how it seemed it would go in 2018 desus. Ripple became the next big thing, and then got sat down by King Coin. Wew lad, we already did the entire year’s script in six days. Jej – how about Bitcoin 20K before the next regular lunar cycle is complete then?

Hey, don’t get me wrong, I still love XRP. It’s neat to not have to wait an hour to transfer between exchanges and still use a Crypto worth holding, and it totally crushed Eth and owns that space now. XRP is the only crypto apart from BTC that will always be in my portfolio in 2018 – and in crypto years that means forever – but just how much weighting should you give it portfolio wise?

Good question, depends on the going exchange rate, and what represents good value is still up in the air.

Right now it’s all about Bitcoin again though, and the Return of the King saw the Alts melt away. I expect this will always be the case whenever either King Coin or Ripple are surging this year. Because the Alts, from Eth on down, are really just flights of fancy.

Right now we are just deciding on whether the future of Crypto will the centralised XRP, or will it be BTC in some kind of power suit?

There are rumours flying around that the “””owners””” of BTC – the Cryto nerd anarchists who built the Blockchain – are working on speeding up Coin transactions by powersuiting it.  There are rumours that Zuck is looking into crypto too – and he does his best work when he’s stealing ideas from the Winkelvii.

Zuck and powersuits aside, Coin continues to be King, and has extended it’s lead over second place Ripple from $100 BILLION to $170 BILLION in the space of a single CRUSHING weekend of crypto domination – take that upstart.

Ripple has hardly been slouching about, and extended its own lead over Eth and the rest of the Alty abyss to about $20 BILLION, presently hovering around the $120 B mark.

And we all got into Ripple before the boomers of course, so we saw that nice 40 % spike once the Fake News started hyping up Ripple – you did get into Ripple before the Boomers right anon? Aaaand this Boomer invasion of course led to the inevitable overvaluation of XRP vis a vis BTC – topkek.

I got out in a very comfy range of sales from 21 to 25, woohoo, before it fell back to the regular band of 15 – 20, and I was able to stock up on the Ripple Coins again. Because in the future the only millionaires that matter will be those with 1 Million R.

And the only Billionaires that will matter will be those with a few Million B, so make sure you never become a Nocoiner. They lead salty lives and start cancer threads, kekketh.

Anyway, no sooner did Ripple start going sideways than we had a slew of stories from the Fake News about how this or that Alt was going to be the next big thing – but of course there are only two real players in Crypto Town – King Bitcoin and the Ripple Kid.

The Ripple Kid is quick on the draw, but he still has a ways to go to dethrone the King – and boy did he cop a pasting this weekend.

Ripple seems good closer to 15 and Coin seems better closer to 20. Hopefully I get another round of sell 25 buy 15 in next week, but I kind of doubt it will breach 20 while Bitcoin is cresting again – but then what would I know?

Both Bitcoin and Ripple are here to stay though, and will surge at various times, and as we found out this weekend it will probably happen quite unexpectedly. So even if you get stuck in one of them, just forget about it and take the day off from Coinwatching. The tide will turn for you eventually, bruh.

The big losers were the Alts, which are backed by nothing but speculation, and get trampled every time there is a bit of fear or greed swirling around. Quite a few lads saw their Alt-gains monstered by the Bitcoin surge. Alts are really only for the Pros, and even then it’s really just something to do with your Coin while it’s going sideways if nothing is happening with Ripple.

So I think XRP was 0.00016something last time I looked, and I’ve still got plenty of XRP in case it decides to go on a tear up towards 20 or 25 again.

Whatever happens with the exchange rate, Bitcoin is probably going to keep crashing upwards – or at least that’s what I’m figuring – after all we still haven’t had the slew of stories in the Fake News about how Bitcoin is suddenly amazeballs again.

Right now Boomer still thinks he’s riding Ripple to the Moon and that Bitcoin is last year’s story – hopefully once he gets reprogrammed by the dipshits in the Legacy Media while he’s watching the nightly news tomorrow we will see the BIG PUSH towards Bitcoin 20K lads.

Then again, who freaking knows. I’m strapped with both Coin and Ripple and no Alt trash holding me back – so bring it on next week.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie and when I’m not obsessing about Conservative politics or defending Trump I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities.

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