Rome 2018: Somali super Haji rapes pregnant woman in labour in Italian hospital

By John Miller

Wednesday the 3rd of January 2017


The Eternal City was culturally enriched this last New Year’s Eve, when a Somalian refugee decided to dress up as a nurse and make himself welcome – by raping a pregnant woman WHILE SHE WAS IN LABOUR.

The woman was in the delivery room and on the cusp of giving birth, when the deranged man decided to convert her and her unborn baby to Islam with a traditional Haji rape ceremony. Thank God the Italian Coast Guard was on hand to rescue this man when he needed it, and bring him to Europe, where he obviously belongs

Clearly it was considered culturally insensitive for the doctors and nurses to prevent a proud black man from an Islamic pirate colony in a stolen green nursing uniform from raping one of the local hospital patients – even though the woman was IN FULL LABOUR while she was being taught the strength of diversity.

The 38-year-old Somali man, which when converted to actual refugee years would probably make him about 58, carried out his abominable crime this New Year’s Eve just gone at the Sant’Eugenio hospital in Rome, while dressed as a nurse in a uniform that he took earlier from a nearby warehouse.

Whether the man assaulted hospital staff in order to perform the rape, or whether they were simply MASSIVELY derelict in their duties is as of now unclear, and the condition of the 43-year old woman and her baby has not been released.

Never mind – welcome to Italy, next boatload of new Europeans. Who needs borders when you have good intentions?


The man was eventually apprehended in the act of raping the woman at the scene by police, and charged with sexual violence. Judges of the fifth penal section of Rome have since validated the arrest and ordered the measure of pre-trial detention in prison.

The Somalian refugee had already been living in Italy for several years, and was well known to police from previous offences. Which begs the question: why was this man in Italy at all? Was he waiting for the worst Pope in living memory to wash his feet, and make me feel bad that I don’t live surrounded by Somali rapists by pointing out how sad this Haji looked about not being able to rape the women of my country?

How is this not an invasion?


Once upon a time the Vatican used to protect Rome from violent Saracen rapists. Can’t the Hollywood pope get one of his celebrity friends in California or somebody on his Rolodex from the Davos Set to put this maniac Somali super predator and his pals up at one of their mansions, just until they get on their feet – another seven years ought to do it.

Honestly, why aren’t we still sending cannonballs at these good-for-nothing heathens? Italy, it’s time you learned a little trick from Australia: it’s called Stop the Boats. Then you put them on an island like Manus, where they can only rape each other – it’s just their custom, we don’t need to be enriched by it as well.

There is a reason why the Vatican has walls, and that reason is that the Saracens have always wanted to kill us all. Why kill your ally though – this pope wants them all in Europe.

So just remember that, the next time somebody tells you that we need more cultural enrichment in Australia from third world Islamic sewers, and that we ought to shut down Manus Island and let the barbarian horde just march on in, that they already tried this Open Borders stuff in Italy and it doesn’t work.

The Haji is already demanding his rights, and pleading a cultural defence. The trial is set for January 10th.


Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie and when I’m not obsessing about Conservative politics or defending Trump I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities.

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