Feminism: How to wreck your Family, Church, & Society in three generations

By John Miller

Wednesday the 3rd of January 2017


It seems like we’re constantly lurching from one existential crisis to the next in the West these days. All of our young boys want to chop their willies off, we have Satanic marriages on demand, single mothers are everywhere, bright girls are becoming bitter frigid career women, loathsome over mothered brats dwell permanently in basements, and such sad creatures who pass as men are lonely and alienated even in their failing marriages – what does it all mean?

Why is it that the societies that we are constantly told are the most successful and ought to emulate are literally vanishing right before our eyes?

If you were an American in 1980 then 4 out of every 5 people pretty much looked, talked, and acted exactly like you. By 2000 that figure had slipped to 63%. Today only 56% of America is white. Black American is in crisis too. I state these facts only to demonstrate that men in the West don’t want to recreate this hellish mess in the next generation – and are deliberately committing cultural sudoku.


And from the outside everything looks great, of course. If all you know of our societies is the propaganda that Fake News and the Entertainment industry pumped out, you would be clamouring to come here too. Yes, we are still prosperous, but we were always prosperous. Look closer though, our prosperity is just a thin veneer of crass commercialism now.

All of our societal values are gone, and we are mired in depravity and vice. Meanwhile everywhere that you look, Europeans are vanishing. Our Churches are abandoned along with our morals, even as the fertility of Europeans collapses and we magically disappear. This is an astonishing development, a thing of great historical importance. We are a swiftly vanishing race of people.

The creators of the modern world, the race which conquered the globe, and which produced the bulk of its cultural and scientific accomplishments, and dragged it into the modern era, is simply going to wither away and die.

Africa is still full of Africans, and they are as fertile as ever.

Asia is still full of the various Asian races, but they are not uniformly doing well. Some of them have caught the Western contagion, and are right now considering going down the same road of demographic replacement as we have done.

What is this malevolent force that erodes the family, destroys religions, and causes society to crumble? Clearly it is feminism.

Feminism is cancer. In the first generation it destroys the family unit. Either by encouraging promiscuity, or even more insidiously by taking a woman out of the gene pool entirely, so that she can “””focus upon her career”””.

Even where the Feminist has won all kinds of concessions from her employer, and may have both career and family, there is little hope that proper family life will ever recover in the West.

This is because an unbelievably large number of Western women have debased themselves to point where they are worthless as a mate now, and they are increasingly being discarded for trad women from non-European backgrounds.

Why would you want an ingrate Disney Princess who has no loyalty, no sense of decency, suffers violent mood swings, and who is more likely to drown or otherwise ruin your child than raise it properly, when you could go for an Asian Qt 3.14, or some girl from a culture who still thinks it is her role to raise a good family.

Western women are increasingly raising cats instead of children, and it is probably for the best.

I appear to be arguing against myself. If we can simply bring in ethnic women and reset the clock, and return to the trad values that made our societies great, then isn’t this a good thing?

Yes and no. Non-white women are not immune to the same forces that ruined white women.

The problem runs deeper than women now, it is cultural. If you are raising daughters, then you need to keep them away from the “””Westernisation””” of harlotry, but how do you do that these days?

The family was destroyed by wanton women, but women have always been vain and reckless creatures. In ages past, an Anna Karenina was scandalous, and worthy of a novel. Degenerate women might admire her and long to act out her depravity, but this longing was accompanied with shame and the disapproval of society. These days the same whore will get crowd-funded into her dream job as a porn star.

The modern woman knows no shame. She has been programmed by “””Western””” culture to lust after depravity, to destroy her fertility, and to act on every fickle impulse as if it were not poisonous both to her and to society in general.

The West was once both prosperous and powerful, until the cancer of feminism entered our bloodstream with the Boomer generation. In the first instance, this was simply a reckless hedonism. The homosexual and the harlot and the fornicator still knew some shame though, and was forced to operate in the shadows.

Nonetheless, we were convinced by the shameless forces of depravity that divorce was a perfectly fine thing, because we were not happy in our marriages. This was the thin edge of the wedge, the beginning of the end for our great Christian societies.

Generation X was the result of the broken homes caused by feminism. This depravity amongst women was egged on by the most debased men, and gave rise to a class of whores who paraded their naked bodies about for the amusement of men. Soon even this would be too tame, and so today you can witness the human body being subjected to any type of disgusting act that can be imagined.

The cancer of feminism in the second generation was not just about a complete disregard for the minds and bodies of women, its goal was the complete annihilation of the family in the West.

Generation X was the generation of Nihilism. Drug and alcohol abuse, the rejection of the institution of marriage, the rejection of God – these are the values passed down to the Millennials.

So this is where we are today. We have a generation who cannot even muster up the will to replace itself, but which outdoes both the hedonism of the Boomers and the Nihilism of its parents.

This depraved Millennial generation carves itself up with surgeries to try and achieve some sense of fulfilment that it will never realise, and at the same time there is an epidemic of depression and suicide sweeping across the West – often suicide by drugs like opioids – that is going entirely unreported.

When this Millennial generation, a generation without hope or any sense of purpose, reaches it forties, you will see a mass extinction event of our race such as the world has never witnessed before. This is not a generation that will grow old gracefully, or face God fearlessly in death.

The small remnant of the white Race that will exist in the future will be the Church going faithful, who have turned off their television sets, and broken their programming, and who ridicule the garbage values of Hollywood and the “””free press”””, and teach their children to do the same.

To those foreigners who come now to inherit our societies: learn from our errors, cling to your traditional values, and remember that anyone who tells you that a woman’s place is outside of the home is a liar and a spreader of poison.

Feminism is toxic, and it can destroy any society within three generations.


Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie and when I’m not obsessing about Conservative politics or defending Trump I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities.

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