Paris 2018: This is what open borders look like, hashtag refugees welcome

By John Miller

Tuesday the 2nd of January 2017


The never-ending horde of barbarian invaders currently pouring across the borders of the EU and invading her cities with their cultural enrichment was on full display in Paris on New Year’s Eve. Police in the French capital were simply overwhelmed, and at least one hapless female officer was separated from her colleagues by the roaming packs of savages, and beaten nearly to death.

You won’t find it in the news, because the globalists at Google won’t aggregate it to you, and you won’t see it on YouTube, because Big Business loves open borders, and you won’t find it anywhere in the Fake News, because these are the propaganda factories of the New World Order.

But if you walked the streets of the Western Capitals on New Year’s Eve then you’d know what those of us who live in working class suburbs have known for years now: we are losing control of our countries. And the smug middle class are starting to feel it too now, as police lose control of the streets, and the crime wave begins to surge out of control.

Why don’t we just shut down Manus Island and let these fine newcomers colonise us, Australia?

It’s not like our diversity and tolerance capital Melbourne isn’t currently in the grip of a Sudanese crime-wave thanks to the stupidity of our own Federal government, who invited a horde of useless layabouts into the country to attack Victoria police and loot our suburbs.

The West is at a tipping point right now, and it can either continue to ship in the surplus population of the rest of the world to gratify the feelings of doctor’s wives and the fetishes of homosexuals, or it can survive.

The canary in the coal mine has always been the working class, which has been seething with rage for years now: disenfranchised, impoverished, and either on the verge of turning to fascism or already there.

Upper middle-class brats can make signs about Refugeephilia, and virtue signal and pout, and demand cultural enrichment all they want, but if the white working class are forced to live in third world ghettos just to gratify their to feelings, then don’t be surprised if the next Literally Hitler political figure that the Right throws up is, well, literally Hitler.

Because all this is really about is enriching the 100 wealthiest people in every country by providing a limitless pool of low wage workers, and the small class of bootlicking Smitherses who look the other way because they got the best Uncle Tom jobs, while the rest of us are out in the fields picking cotton. Meanwhile savages are being let across the borders to burgle our houses while we are at work, and the same filthy barbarians get to riot in the streets at night high on the drugs that they bought by pawning our meagre possessions.

The social contract was that if we picked the damned cotton, we got to live in relative peace and security – well, that deal is over.

The disgusting class of persons known as journalists, who tell lies for a living, would have us believe that things have always been this bad. This is simply not true. Civilisation is collapsing around our ears.

We’ve all gone along with your kumbaya bullshit for long enough now. The Fake News has perfidiously hidden the problem, but it can no longer be ignored, because there is blood on the streets everywhere.

I am not advocating for more blood, but I am telling you that if the police cannot maintain order on the streets, and you have lost control of your country, then you will get more blood – rivers of it, whether you want it or not.

This is the deluge of enrichment we see happening in Paris, we see happening in Melbourne, and we see happening right across the Western world.

It is all very well for the Pope to want all these savages to come to West, and God bless him for his compassion. But I’m a Puritan, and the way that we deal with savages is we keep them at bay, and if they won’t be kept at bay, then we go forth with Christ and wipe them all out.

I may not know as much about Christology as an Argentinian pope, but I know how the best nations on earth were created, and it was not with weak borders and Socialism, but with the civilising force of musket balls, and only once the savage was put down did we go back about our business with our Bibles and our Protestant work ethic.

It is time for a return to the civic virtues that made the West great, and the greatest of these was the strength of Christians arms that enforced law and order, and created the space in which civilisation and a great society could flourish.

This has been abandoned for a headlong descent into anarchy, in the name of feckless tolerance and appeasement of the invader. No more, for the love of God.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie and when I’m not obsessing about Conservative politics or defending Trump I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities.

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