Ripple smashes Ethereum to become 2nd biggest Crypto, can it dethrone Bitcoin?

By John Miller

Sunday the 31st of December, 2017


The recent Crypto meltdown has separated the wheat from the chaff, and the clear losers are the former pretenders to the Throne: Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin.

The new kid on the Second Tier Crypo block has leapfrogged all of them to surge into second place, powering through the Crypto-shock of a bungled Bitcoin Cash launch on Coinbase and the free-falling Litecoin, whose founder has walked away from his own Alt currency.

But why has Ripple jumped over Ethereum as well? The answer is simple. XRP and ETH compete in the same space – Centralised Crypto that are primarily meant to facilitate Business-2-Business transactions in the world of International Finance – and the Ripple technology is better and faster.

The one thing that ETH had going for was a larger market cap – but not anymore.

XRP has surged in front of Ethereum to grab the coveted second spot amongst the Titans of Crypto, and now has a staggering $80 BILLION market cap.

And it’s not just killing Ethereum with its technology, its killing it with the quality of its business model. I’m an MBA, so I understand just enough about business to understand that everybody in the corporate world tucks in behind a winner to make themselves look good, and right now all the big Crypto deals are being inked with Ripple.

They have won the war against Ethereum, both as the Crypto big enough to be an alternate store of value to the mighty BTC, and as the Crypto of choice for the commercial world, and you can expect Ripple to rise further as $70 BILLION of that “””smart money””” that was riding on ETH always owning its space and holding down the No. 2 spot shifts across to Ripple.

And when the legacy media lets the Boomers know how good Ripple is a week from now – wew lad.

So can Ripple do the unthinkable, and unseat the almighty Bitcoin as the King of Crypto in 2018? Possibly not, even if everybody switched out from Ethereum to Ripple right this instant, King Bitcoin would still tower over Ripple by a staggering $100 BILLION.

Advantage Ripple – it processes transactions 1000 times faster than Bitcoin and business jerks love it.

Advantage Bitcoin – it belongs to all of us. It’s a truly decentralised Crypto, and we know exactly what the supply of it will be.

With Bitcoin struggling to re-capture 15, and with many of us looking for a second play that isn’t rooted in Alt coin fantasy economics, it could be time for Ripple.

Ripple is like Origami, and Bitcoin is like Tohka. Bitcoin is a true Spirit, and Ripple is only a Wizard. Like Shido, I am only meant to be dating Spirits, but Origami’s cookies are delicious.

Or maybe Ripple is Tohka, and Bitcoin is Origami, because I just can’t shake her even though we just went on the date from hell. In any case, like Shido, I will have to date both of them.

But how do you even Ripple, bro?

Presently I am with an Australian exchange that only deals in Bitcoin. I REALLY like my exchange. They never ask me to do shady shit like send them a photo of me holding a placard as if I’m some kind of ISIS hostage begging to be datamined. Their website never goes down, unlike the websites of the multi-Alt exchanges, and they always get back to me promptly if I have a query.

Above all though, every time I want to cash out some Bitcoin they always give me my money – so props to my Aussie exchange – Coinjar.

The easiest way to get yourself some Ripple is go to a big American exchange, like the one which I just started using, so I can’t tell you much about it, except that the website often 404s. You can get entry level verification from most of the big overseas exchanges with minimal fuss, and this allows you to transfer Bitcoin into your account and buy various other cryptos.

And because Jesus loves me XRP just happened to have dipped quite savagely, so even with my tepid first transaction I was able to scoop up hundreds of Ripple coins at what I expect to be quite a nice discount heh heh heh.

In any case, I am now diversified in the only two Cryptos that matter, and I have options going forwards if Bitcoin stays in the doldrums for a little bit.

Do you even Ripple, bro?

Ripple to the Moon in 2018.


Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie and when I’m not obsessing about Conservative politics or defending Trump I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities.

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