Downer Intelligence: Stupidest man in Aussie politics conned by Hilldawg’s fake Russian dossier

By John Miller

Sunday the 31st of December, 2017


Hold onto your seats Pedes, it turns out that it wasn’t just dead-eyed FM Julie Bishop that thought it was Hillary’s turn, but that bumbling South Australian lackwit Alexander Downer was a closet Hillary booster as well, and just when you thought that the Muh Russian Conspiracy couldn’t get any more bizarre, the New York Times has unwittingly invented a new oxymoron: Downer Intelligence.

Now I’m not saying that Alexander Downer is stupid, but he did once pitch the Coalition’s Domestic Violence Policy jokingly to an audience of shell-shocked women as the Things that Batter.

Alexander was our George W Bush, the guy who after being told about 9/11 while reading a children’s book would then continue reading to children for the next fifteen minutes until he received further instructions from Karl Rove, or whoever was handling him for the day.

A perfectly affable chap, and the current Australian High Commissioner to London, Downer and the Coalition need this like they need a hole in the head. Turnbull is one bad phone call away from getting kicked to the children’s table, and Alexander is hoping to return home to South Australia and become the leader of the South Australian Liberal Party by default.

But is seems that the Dems aren’t quite done burning every Ally and Institution in their do-or-die quest to create enough smoke and mirrors around the fake Russian dossier that Hilldawg paid Fusion GPS to make just yet.

And having served up this steaming pile of garbage dossier to the FBI, which then used it as the entire basis for the bad warrant which the utterly corrupt Mueller investigation hinges on, they need somebody to blame – & here comes dat Downie!

Day 30,351 and still no dirt on Trump, so why not throw goosey Alexander under the bus?

Kek, if this whole investigation really hinges on Alexander’s testimony that some guy said something to him while they were both boozy, and that Alexander dropped a dime for his pal Hilldawg because Trump was too crass for Downer the prissy Patrician – then God help him. The Dems will walk away whistling.

It is increasingly apparent that the only people who had anything to do with the Russians were the Hillary campaign, Fusion GPS, and the Manhattan Institute Never Trump RINOs – oh and let’s not forget the dirty little Never Trump mole inside the Trump campaign, this Papadopoulos creep who is desperately fingering everybody to try and link them to the phony Russian dossier that Fusion GPS made for Hilldawg.

We all know that McCain ran to Comey with the dossier, but he’s not long for this world, so I guess it falls on Alexander now – top kek.

Downer was a good choice for Papadopoulos to leak to, but that RINO rat may well regret his vile cunning while rotting in prison for the rest of his life – because the election didn’t quite go the way everyone expected.

Expect more hilarity to ensue, as the purveyors of Fake News do more digging into Downer, who is hardly a profile in courage, often confused, and prone to babbling like an idiot.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie and when I’m not obsessing about Conservative politics or defending Trump I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities.

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