Weinermails: Clintons into kiddy trafficking in Kyrgyzstan, Uranium One paedos rape Central Asia

By John Miller

Saturday the 30th of December, 2017


So the Anthony Weiner laptop emails are starting to leak, and the biggest red flag so far from the stash of Huma-Hillary correspondence found on that sexual deviant’s personal laptop is probably the direct interest that Hilldawg lackey Huma was taking in trafficking children from Kyrgyzstan in 2009. That part of the world was corrupted by the Clinton cartel just over a decade ago, and it is well worth revisiting some of that Uranium One history.

In September 2005 Bill Clinton and Frank Giustra, a major financier of the Clinton Foundation slush fund that was meant to put Hillary in the White House, travelled to Kazakhstan to meet with the ex-Soviet dictator who still ran that country.

Kazakhstan is best known to most Americans as the country that Sacha Baron Cohen picked to mock in his 2006 movie Borat as a penniless and backwards nation, and while it is true that the people are exceptionally poor, the ruling class enjoy a life of great splendour, and the country itself is blessed with abundant natural wealth.

Kyrgyzstan is the smaller neighbour of Kazakhstan, and both are upon the Silk Road which runs through Central Asia. It too enjoys some natural wealth and other less salubrious advantages, which the Clinton cartel was keen to exploit apparently, but I will return to that later, in connection with the Weiner emails.

To return to 2005, and Kazakhstan, just days after its dictator met with Clinton and Giustra, a worthless shelf company that Frank Giustra had formed was suddenly worth a small fortune, because against all expectations it had swooped in and bought the national uranium assets of Kazakhstan, the three former state-run mines, for a bargain price of $450 million.

This shelf company was UrAsia, which would eventually become Uranium One, and quite controversial for other reasons, but reasons entirely related to over-arching Clinton greed.

Three months after this Clinton-Giustra visit, when Mr. Nazarbayev won “””re-election””” with 91% of the vote in Kazakhstan by the usual Soviet tactics of intimidation and ballot-box stuffing, the Clintons sent their regards. The Clinton Foundation elect Hillary slush fund got its first major tranche of Uranium One payoff money in 2006 from Giustra – $31.3 Million, all donated nice and legal.

UrAsia, it should be noted, was set up specifically to “conduct uranium exploration, development, production and marketing operations and related activities in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan,” according to a draft of the shareholders’ agreement.

So when I read in the Wienergate Huma emails just released that the Clinton circle was interested in procuring children from Kyrgyzstan in 2009, then a notorious hub of child trafficking, this set off all kinds of alarm bells for me.

If the Panama papers proved anything, it was that the Clinton cartel cronies preferred to do most of their shadiest deals through shady law firms, and it is not every day when Bill and Frank will personally jet into Almaty to shoot the shit with a local dictator.

Generally speaking, these guys like to operate in the dark, and with complete anonymity – and there is usually a Chinese wall of offshore corporations standing in between them and their darkest deeds.

When the offices of Mossack Fonseca were raided, surprise, surprise – it read like a Who’s Who of the Clinton cartel: Frank Giustra, the Canadian mining magnate who gads about with Bill; the Chagoury family, who pledged $1 BILLION to the Clinton Global Initiative slush fund; Chinese billionaire Ng Lap Seng, who bought the White House for Red China when Bill Clinton was president; and last but not least Glencore International, the company of dead narco-trafficking tax dodger Marc Rich, who was an international fugitive when Bill Clinton pardoned him in the final hours of his presidency.

I don’t think that Chagoury has much to do with child trafficking in Kyrgyzstan. This was the guy pulled off a plane in New Jersey in 2010 because he’d been identified as a major funder of Hezbollah in Lebanon – the Iranian backed terrorist organisation that killed 304 Marines – the same guy who was promptly released by the treasonous Obama DOJ with an apology. His only link to Central Asia I’m aware of is some influence with the Iranian terror regime.

The Red Chinese are the most obvious facilitators of child trafficking in Central Asia, and most notably via Kyrgyzstan. By providing the Clinton cartel with these innocent lives to exploit, they gain leverage and influence. The volume of children distributed from Central Asia by the Red Chinese is estimated at 60% of the entire world market, and may be as high as 5 or 6 million. Not all of these are passed on to sex networks such as the ones associated with the Clintons. Most are simply worked to death in Red Chinese factories, making your iPhones.

Apart from Frank Giustra, the most prominent and senior Clinton cartel associate in Kyrgyzstan was Marc Rich, who like the Chagoury clan has strong ties to the Iranian terror regime. Rich even broke the embargo on Tehran during the Hostage Crisis. He was active in Kyrgyzstan, but he was active in most places with a poorly functioning government and an easily exploitable people whose resources Clinton influence could help him steal.

When Marc Rich’s firm Glencore listed on the London and Hong Kong stock exchanges in 2011 it was revealed that he had cornered the market in 90 commodities and was posting annual revenues of $186 BILLION simply by exploiting 40 of the poorest countries on earth – and Slick Willy pardoned him for a mere $450,000 bribe to the Clinton presidential library. Sucker.


Marc Rich is dead now, so we’ll just focus on Giustra instead, who took a very specific interest in the Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan region of Central Asia along with his partner in crime Bill Clinton around the same time that it emerged as a regional hub of child trafficking.

Frank Giustra was director of UrAsia Energy Ltd, the now infamous British Virgin Islands offshore company registered in May 2005, set up with the express intent of exploiting the poorly governed nations of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Despite being a shelf company set up in the Virgin Islands, UrAsia was based in British Columbia, Canada.

The shady deal that Bill and Frank pulled off in September 2005 to buy those Central Asian uranium mines made them both incredibly rich – and began the decent into Hell for the children of Central Asia, now enmeshed in the global paedo network of the Clinton cartel.

The utterly laughable thing is that the deal was cut at the launch of a Clinton Foundation “””health initiative”””, where Giustra and Clinton wined and dined the Kazakhstan dictator.

Following the initial bribe of $30 Million to the elect Hillary Clinton Foundation slush fund, Giustra went on to pay a further $70 Million in kickbacks to the foundation. This does not include the other millions that Giustra – along with Hillary booster Carlos Slim – also “””donated””” to the Clinton Rape of Haiti campaign.

Sergei Kurzin was the Clinton cartel link to Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin at Uranium One, a Russian investor who appears in the draft shareholders agreement as the partner of Giustra in the British Virgin Islands offshore UrAsia Energy Ltd. Kurzin also worked closely with Marc Rich in the 1990s when the pair were looting the former Soviet Union of its minerals and oil.

Kurzin paid his mafia dues to the Clinton Foundation of $100,000, and appears in the Panama Papers as the director and chairman of various oil companies. As an interesting side-note, the One Hundred thousand that the Clinton Foundation put through its books from Kurzin was a massive understatement of his total investment in their network of slush funds.

The Clinton Foundation exists to openly flout electoral laws meant to prevent foreign influence peddling, but the vast majority of bribes being funnelled to the Clintons go off the books, and directly to their personal off-shore accounts.

In a 2009 interview with Forbes, the British-Russian dual citizen Kurzin boasted of his personal largess to the Clintons, noting: “I once wrote them a check for a million dollars. I don’t think you can call it a small amount.”

The partner of Kremlin agent Kurzin was the notorious Giustra, who  blatantly set up a paedo warehouse in Greece called the Elpida Factory, ostensibly to “””house””” refugee boys. It was even branded with a notorious paedo symbol.

Giustra was founder of the Lion’s Gate Entertainment Corporation in Hollywood, and after selling his stake remained on the board. He remains a powerful voice in Hollyweird circles. Prior to Weinergate Hollywood celebrities were once the virtue signalling conscience of America, and Giustra was as instrumental as anyone in getting Tinsel town to parrot Clinton talking points, and call for more open borders. I guess when you are trying to smuggle children into your Western rape factories that borders can be sometimes be troublesome things.

His greatest accomplishment for the Clinton cartel though was Uranium One, which he created in February 2007 by merging UrAsia, which now owned the Kazakh uranium mines, with another mining company.


That same month Mr. Dzhakishev of Kazatomprom, the national uranium company for the Republic of Kazakhstan, travelled to Chappaqua, N.Y., to meet with Bill Clinton and Frank Giustra at the Clinton Estate. Clearly the Kazakhs knew they had leverage with these corrupt and influential men, and on 13 August 2007 Toshiba sold a 10% in Westinghouse to Kazatomprom, for $540 Million.

Mr. Dzhakishev has always insisted that Mr. Giustra arranged the three-hour meeting with Bill. He said he wanted to discuss Kazakhstan’s intention — not publicly known at the time — to buy the 10 percent stake in Westinghouse, a major supplier of nuclear technology in the United States.

Both Mr. Clinton and Mr. Giustra at first denied that any such meeting occurred, and Mr. Giustra denied ever arranging for Kazakh officials to meet with Mr. Clinton.

The New York Times, which had not then been bought out by Hillary booster Carlos Slim, confronted Clinton and Giustra with evidence that the meeting had taken place, and both men were forced to choke on their lies – Mr. Dzhakishev had taken a photo of his visit with Bill, and had it hanging in his office.

Giustra sold his stake in Uranium One in 2007, and in 2008 as Hillary Clinton became the 67th US Secretary of State, the Russians began negotiations in earnest via Rosatom, the Russian atomic energy agency, to directly invest in the company.


The remaining investors in Uranium One who stood to profit on the Rosatom deal kicked in $10 Million in bribes to the Clinton Foundation slush fund, and in June 2009 Rosatom subsidiary ARMZ took a 17 percent ownership stake in Uranium One.

The entire amount that the Kremlin gave the Clinton Foundation as the saga unfolded totalled a staggering $145 Million, and that a Secretary of State can get away with such breathtaking treason is quite amazing. The Obama DOJ and the FBI were clearly subverted and corrupted, and we can see the results today, with Senator Graham just revealing that the entire Mueller investigation began with a tainted warrant based upon a fake Russian dossier that Hillary paid for.

Not surprising that the Deep State would tap Mueller to try and frame Trump either – in 2009 Mueller was sent to Moscow by SOS Clinton with a Uranium One sample. Mueller had no business running errands for Clinton, but off he went like a good little dog anyway, and we know this because Wikileaks released the cable sent to Moscow.

Bill Clinton was not below travelling personally to Moscow either, to pick up an extra $500,000 for a speech in Moscow on July 29, 2010 – to the very same Russian investment bank with ties to the Kremlin that was assigned to buying Uranium One stock. Man, some people are just plain greedy and stupid. He can’t keep getting away with it.

To get back to Frank Giustra though, he went on to become a noteworthy philanthropist, by his own admission to Bloomberg: “All of the money that was raised by [the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership] flowed through to the Clinton Foundation — every penny.”

This self-confessed act of corruption relates to the Haiti Development Fund, incorporated in Delaware in August 2010 by the Clinton Foundation with an initial endowment of $20 million from Giustra and ironically fat Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim. The Fund was widely criticised for doing little except helping friends of the Clintons swoop in and rape the Haitian economy after the earthquake, which devastated the country in January 2010.


This is also where SOS Hillary Clinton sent Clinton cartel child trafficker Laura Silsby, and where Bill Clinton personally intervened to get Silsby a reduced sentence for child trafficking. Silsby was arrested at the Haitian border attempting to smuggle 33 children out.

Silsby’s lawyer meanwhile, fellow Clinton cartel child trafficker Jorge Puello, went down for running an extensive international child sex smuggling ring that trafficked boys and girls from all across Central America and Haiti direct to the Satanic paedophile network of Clinton associates.

Didn’t read about this in the New York Times? Why would Carlos Slim want this to get out? He was up to his ears with Bill and Hillary Clinton in the Rape of Haiti.


Emails from the New Life Children’s Refuge, which Director Silsby was using to traffic in stolen children, can be found in Wikileaks’ Hillary Clinton Email Archive, where Silsby and Clinton discuss their “””Ministry””” of Satanic works.

Cool, so as it turns out the Clinton Foundation wasn’t just a slush fund to help Hillary sell uranium to Vladimir Putin and extract hundreds of millions in dollars in Russian bribes to rig the DNC and steal the election with dirty dossiers from Fusion GPS, it was also the world’s largest TRAFFICKER OF STOLEN CHILDREN.

Can somebody tell me why this evil woman and all her friends aren’t in jail yet?

When Silsby was arrested in 2010 for attempting to steal 33 children it was not even the first time she had attempted to traffic children out of Haiti. Police had already acted on a tip and intercepted Silsby in an earlier, separate attempt to remove 40 children out of the country. That time after a mysterious intervention, NO kidnapping charges. It was all blamed on a misunderstanding.

Fortunately they caught Silsby doing the exact same thing again, and this time they didn’t let her get away with it. God only knows how many Haitian kids ended up in Clinton cartel rape rooms or places like the Elpida Factory before Silsby eventually met an honest cop and that cop was backed up by an honest Christian higher-up.

Bill Clinton got himself appointed Special Envoy to Haiti for the United Nations, another notorious hive of scum and villainy, and his FIRST AND ONLY act was put to out the fire of the child abduction scandal.

By February 7th, 2010, Bill Clinton had struck a deal with the Haitian government, securing the release of all co-conspirators except for Silsby, who instead of being shot for abducting Haitian children, was given an appallingly light six-month sentence.

We wouldn’t even know any of this if it wasn’t for Wikileaks, because no news organisation in America wanted to report on the clear and obvious link between Bill and Hillary Clinton and their Clinton cartel child trafficker, Laura Silsby.

On November 4th, 2016, the Daily Beast attempted to debunk the Clinton-Silsby scandal, but unsurprisingly ignored the UNDENIABLY OBVIOUS LINK of Bill Clinton flying in to Haiti to set free a CHILD SMUGGLER who had been in constant communication with his wife about CHILD SMUGGLING which the Clinton Foundation was paying her do – wew lad.

The chain of emails published by Wikileaks offer a litany of proofs that Hillary Clinton abused her position as SOS to facilitate Silsby’s child trafficking.

At least they kept it all in the family, the Daily Beast is a holding of InterActiveCorp, and Chelsea Clinton, also then the Vice President of the Clinton Foundation, and daughter of Hillary Clinton and Webster Hubbell, sits on InterActiveCorp’s Board of Directors.

Silsby went on to take the last name Gayler, and work at AlertSense, which works with the Federal Government on Amber Alerts during kidnapping events. You can’t make this shit up.

And Silsby was not the only one with a lawyer who was up to his neck in this either. James Alefantis, he of Pizzagate fame, has a lawyer by the name of Max Maccoby. Max was the DIRECTOR OF THE ORPHANAGE THAT LAURA SILSBY STOLE THE BLOODY KIDS FROM. Lock em up Jeff. Lock all these kiddy fiddlers up.

Just going back to Haiti and the twenty-million-dollar Rape of Haiti slush fund set up by the Clinton cartel money-men Giustra and Slim, it is worth noting that Carlos Slim is the guy who bailed the New York Times out in January of 2009 with a $250 Million-dollar loan.  His investment in the Times amazingly coincided with the collapse of all further serious inquiry into Clinton crimes, and spiked all further enquiry into the shady Uranium One deal.

The most notable beneficiary of this Times largesse – apart from the Clintons – was Giustra, who up to that point had been taking a hammering about his Uranium One ties, and even managed to get into a spat with Times reporter Jo Becker.

By October 2010 Rosatom’s majority ownership in Uranium One had been approved by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, on which Secretary Clinton had a seat. Who wants to guess which way she voted?

In January 2013 Rosatom took full control of Uranium One, and took it private. From then on, all that Highly Enriched Uranium delivered into the hands of Putin by the Clintons could be sold in the dark to the Iranians and the North Koreans, or to anybody else who hates America and wants a nuke. That is what HEU is for. It doesn’t have any good uses outside of American hands, or the hands of a healthy Democracy.

As for the children of Kyrgyzstan, we can see by the Weiner laptop emails that Hillary was taking the same interest in them as she had taken in Haitian children during the Rape of Haiti, and with all the usual suspects hovering about, there is plenty to investigate in this story.

The email chain to retired congressman Jeff Miller about subverting the laws of Kyrgyzstan that are meant to prevent child trafficking are part of a tranche of 2800 emails belonging to Hilldawg’s bottom bitch Huma Abedin that were found on the laptop of her husband – convicted paedophile and former congressman Anthony Weiner, and date back to 2009.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie and when I’m not obsessing about Conservative politics or defending Trump I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities.

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