BUNDLE UP: President Truth wrecks Climate Change fakers with Trump Twitter train

By John Miller

Friday the 29th of December, 2017


Did you really think that there wasn’t enough time left in the year for Donald J Trump to MAGA his hapless critics even further into the ground, where they lay seething and in awe of his truth telling powers and demonic wit? Well think again Pedes, because the President hasn’t forgotten how much you love the bants, and he was saving the best for last.

And if you thought these SNOWFLAKES were triggered by Big Don feeding the Emperor’s Koi just however the F he pleased, then you’re going to love today’s end-of-year MELTDOWN, because the Shitposter-in-Chief who wipes his butt with Paris Climate accords just reminded all his critics that all their meticulous plotting against America was for less than nothing – and has all been undone by God Almighty Himself and a volcano in Bali.

That’s right folks, as we enjoy an unseasonably fresh Summer where I am, and as Burgers enjoy their BEST WHITE CHRISTMAS since Bing Crosby was around to enjoy it – thanks President Trump and Jesus – we can all laugh at the faggots who told us if every coal miner in West Virginia wasn’t on food stamps by now we’d all be sweltering beneath 100 feet of melted Antarctic ice-water.

Oh Jesus, won’t somebody think of the Polar B….wait, what? So you mean to tell me that human beings are insignificant mice after all, and that God can just turn the planetary thermostat up or down any gosh darned time He likes by causing a volcano to spew Sulphur Dioxide into the atmosphere? Das rite.

Wew lad – it looks like Paris was just a bullshit holiday for virtue signalling bureaucrats and politicians who love holidaying on taxpayer money after all. I mean Paris isn’t what it used to be, but it’s not like these faggots ever all get together near one of the Red Chinese factory cities that ACTUALLY spew out toxic crap 24/7, or some other place with unbreathable air and a lack of five-star hotels.

So Bundle Up and enjoy, as Trump punctures the vanity of the pointy-headed ecocrats and their brain-dead Millennial pack of followers by trolling their bullshit Doomsday LARP cult of MUH CLIMATE CHANGE.

B-but the assured extinction of humanity was ASSURED, with incontrovertible proofs – sorry completely controvertible LIES – that were meant to lead us to believe that we were all going to die, and that it was all the fault of the West somehow, for being so good at Capitalism. Nope, sorry, all BS.

And even as the alarmist Left was forced to abandon its foxholes in the Climate Change wars to avoid explaining why the sea-level rise of 20ft Al Gore predicted for 2010 never eventuated, they are forced now by THE FACTS to admit their alternative bullshit theory – that any time the weather does anything anywhere it’s man-made climate change, is also nothing but BS.

Choke on your MAN-MADE LIES, stupid Left.

So thank you Mount Agong, or Mount Dugong, or whatever the hell that volcano in Bali was called, for ushering in the best mini Age of Fresh Summers and White Winters ever, and thank you Jesus, for giving us a super-balling President who took a stand for Coal Miners everywhere, so that working class men and families got a lick of the general economic prosperity for once.

Acting like Virginia Coal miners had something to be ashamed of while the CEO of Apple and the Red Chinese army got a pass while literally choking Chinese factory workers to death to make (((iPhones))) was always a Satanic LARP – and now the flat out lies of the globalists are exposed for all to see.

Also just plain disgusting, the Hollyweird-Industrial Propaganda Complex of brain-dead celebrity faggots and Fake News “””journalists””” who pushed this bullshit narrative for the Carbon credit Merchants of Davos, and will continue to do so. Bundle up faggots – we’re all having a good laugh at your expense today, thanks to President Trump.

What a pack of wankers and intellectual cowards, watch them conveniently forget how they told us that the Ocean Conveyor was supposed to have shut down by now. Come let me laugh at you while we watch all those stupid movies together that Hollywierd banged out in the Noughties about the existential crisis that you manufactured and hyped up and which is now laid bare as a 100% HOLLYWOOD FANTASY.

Where is you prophet Al Gore now?

I want him to rebut the honourable Justice Barton, who has assured us that his “graphs do not establish what Mr Gore asserts.”

But that is too mean for the festive season.

So Merry Christmas to the environmentalists shouting for crowdfunding from the top of Mt Kilimanjaro, whose absence of snow cannot reasonably be held to be attributable to human-induced climate change, and a Happy New Year to all the Climate Change fags weeping their tears into dry Lake Chad, the absence of whose waters result from population increase, over-grazing and regional climate variability.

In the overall scheme of things, we are just not as important as we think we are. The earliest fleets to arrive in the Gulf of Mexico and on the Florida panhandle were wrecked by hurricanes, and despite all the panic about global warming, hurricanes will continue to occur, even if we return entirely to the Age of Sails.

W-what about the all the poley bears that are being drowneded right now though?

To return to Justice Barton: “The only scientific study that either side before me can find is one which indicates that four polar bears have recently been found drowned because of a storm.”


That was 2007. The Polar Bears are still fine.

Completely unfine – the degenerate Left: today REKD and BTFO forever on the Twitter. Thanks President Trump, this is the kind of Global Meltdown I can really get behind and enjoy.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie and when I’m not obsessing about Conservative politics or defending Trump I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities.

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