Gay heretic C of E bishop of Liverpool hates Trump and the Holy Bible, nobody shocked

By John Miller

Thursday the 28th of December, 2017


Yet another gay heretic Church of England bishop who wants to replace Moses with dildos and glitter ventured out of the closet to hiss at President Trump today, and surprise, surprise: it’s that progressive devil worshipper Paul Bayes, the guy who spends most of his time telling Conservative and Puritan Anglicans that there is no place for them in his thoroughly modern “””Church””””.

Paul Bayes is the Heretic bishop of Liverpool, a C of E sinecure that once belonged to God fearing men, but is now passed around amongst the catamites of Anglican divinity schools like small children at a homosexual orgy.

Liverpool was seen as key by both Puritan and Heretic forces during the English civil war, when the heretic king defied the will of Parliament and Jesus, and was put in his place by the common God-fearing men of England and Scotland.

Cromwell himself was with the Army of Parliament at Liverpool castle, and prayed his righteous prayers in the same streets where Paul Bayes buggers altar boys.


In 1644 the heretics conjured up a German prince to go fight Cromwell in Liverpool, as none of the Royalists had the stomach for it.  Prince Rupert of the Rhine was a flamboyant homosexual, just like the heretic Paul Bayes, who liked to mince about and talk bullshit, just like the heretic Paul Bayes – in every way the opposite of a Christian Puritan.

The Hun, when he arrived at Liverpool to fight the meagre Christian forces, had an army of 10,000 heretics, one dog, and a pet monkey. The dog, whose name was Boye, was widely reputed to have magical powers, as Prince Rupert not only dabbled in sodomy, like Paul Bayes, but also witchcraft, like Paul Bayes.


Prince Rupert’s dog was thought to be able to sniff out buried treasure, and to catch bullets in his mouth. Paul Bayes, on the other hand, may or may not have a magical cat.

The other pet of the Satanic warlock Prince Rupert was a monkey that was rumoured to be a shape-shifter, and which could disguise itself and even turn invisible to spy on the enemy.

With his demonic cohort in tow, Rupert encamped his men along the Everton brow, right down to lime street, giving him the high ground from which to look down upon the Godly Roundheads at Liverpool castle, near the river.


Perhaps more importantly than having ten thousand men and a magical dog and monkey, Prince Rupert of the Rhine had cannon, and he sent forth a barrage of cannonballs upon the Christians at Liverpool castle while they were at their prayers, and also began levelling the Quarters of the city where their wives and children where.

Thus battle was joined, and there were many days of fighting between the Heretics and the Christians during the Siege of Liverpool, which was eventually ended by the treachery of the Scouse traitor Molyneux family, who got Rupert’s troops into Liverpool castle in the dead of the night.

Many of the Christians were slaughtered by the devil worshippers and heretics like Paul Bayes, but a band of Christians including Cromwell and his cavalry fought their way out, and got to Marston Moor, where Christ would avenge them in an honest battle.

As the Christian forces of Parliament withdrew, Prince Rupert’s heathens set about torching Liverpool and demolishing the castle, and plundered all the wealth of the city.

The original Liver bird, given to the city at its foundation by King John himself, was taken away by the sodomite German friends of Paul Bayes, and never seen again. It is thought to be lost in the tunnels beneath the city, where Paul Bayes and his cohort of Satanists dance around it naked, and curse the name of our Lord, and eat human flesh and so forth.

There is no doubt that Paul Bayes hates Christ, and Christians, and that he is a traitor to Liverpool and practices witchcraft and sodomy and cannibalism.

In one of his many fawning articles about witchcraft and sodomy for the Manchester Guardian, Bayes claims that LGBTBBQ people have been left bruised and broken by the Church, but he forgets to mention that those are just the Rent boys that he runs through after vespers.

Bayes, like most Fifth Columnist queers that have invaded the Church of England to vandalise it, believes that the Church is in need of change. Christian Conservatives and Puritans, be they C of E Parliamentarians or Covenanter Presbyterians, could not agree more. It needs to change back into a real Church, and it can begin by defrocking Bayes.

It is time for another Battle of Marston Moor.

Never mind Cromwell, the situation is so dire that we require an Earl of Leven, to smash these vexatious Heathens that are polluting the Church, to chase off their German princes, and to sanctify and restore all of England and Scotland. The C of E has always leaned heavily upon Scots Presbyterians for their salvation, just like the British Empire itself.

And so God himself had sent us a righteous Scots Presbyterian, in the form of Mary Trump’s son.


Trump is the defender of the Church and of Christians, and he has announced that Jerusalem is the City of David. England was to be the New Jerusalem too, but how can any man believe that in this present hour of wickedness?

England is in dire need of a saviour. Where are the Puritans though? Where is the fighting Church man who made Britain great?

Ought this heathen bishop, this devil mouthed heretic Bayes, be allowed to spew his witchcraft from the altar without a single Christian to resist him? Is there not a single Puritan left in the whole of the City? Then go take your Church back, if you fear God.

This filthy heretic Bayes is not fit to wear the same robes as Bishop Ryle – drive him out, Christian man.

I will tell you this, when these Sodomites decided that the coast was clear to desecrate our Churches with their demonic marriages, they over-reached. They have become overweening in their degeneracy, but the Pendulum is swinging back away from degeneracy, and towards decency, as even those with weak faith realise that Christian civilisation was the apex of our society, and this Current Year morality only leads to suffering and total annihilation.

There is a growing movement to get these heretics out of our Churches and our Christian nations altogether. We must either purge them and their degeneracy entirely, or go extinct ourselves. And are these degenerates to be feared more than Nero?

We have been persecuted before, and won, and we will win again. Peter was crucified upside down by the mighty secular oppressor, but God himself raised up the Church in Rome, and saw it spread to all nations.


Paul Bayes claims to represent the Church of England’s “””evangelical wing”””. If this is true then his is the lukewarm Church that will be spewed out of the mouth of God, just as that lukewarm Church amongst the Seven Churches in the Book of Revelations.

Do you want to be vomited from the Body of Christ, Anglican?

If not, then take back your holy places now. Arise and fight, Puritan man. You have known victory in the past, when Christ was with you. For all things are possible in Christ, so why are you so timid?

Take back what is yours. These heathens built nothing, and they have stolen what your Christian ancestors made.

Is this heretic bishop somehow to be believed over Moses, who heard from the lips of God Almighty Himself that homosexuality was a death sentence? This is a most heinous abomination, and even if we are individually unfit to pick up stones, NO MAN AMONG US HAS THE AUTHORITY to undo the Divine verdict of death which the LORD has placed upon the catamite.

The fornicator, the liar, even those such as I that rail, our sins are of a trivial kind, and Moses had from the lips of God that we ought to simply stop our misdemeanours and purify ourselves. Our imperfections have been washed away by the Blood of Christ our Lord, if we but kneel in penance.


But these abominations demand to enter our Churches and still practice their foul buggery in direct defiance of God? And you would stand idly by, Christian man?

Then you are a coward, and it is clear that you fear Man, when you ought to fear God, and the wrath of our Lord Jesus Christ, who when you meet him next will have an avenging sword and Hellfire for you.

The Church of England’s true traditional teaching is the same as that of every other Church, that holy matrimony is the union between a man and a woman. And if you do not believe this then you are not a Christian, and if you are a bishop who blasphemes the Word of God then you ought to be defrocked with an Auto-de-fe.


Any “””Church””” that conducts same-sex marriage services does the Devil’s handiwork, any “””priest””” that blesses same-sex civil marriages is a Satanic pervert, and any “””bishop””” that fornicates with sodomites is an Antichrist.

The heretic Bayes could not resist running his mouth against President Trump, because he is a sodomite, a witch, and a human flesh-eating Christ hater who loves the Devil.

The Guardian and Bayes are the voices of Hell, and they have lured the C of E with a false siren call, and now England stands upon the precipice of annihilation. Step away from your great peril, England, and go with Christ.

What do you even think all those crosses in your flag represent? They were put there by better men than you.

These days same-sex civil partnerships and marriages are commonplace, but so what? Women and faggots and children are weak minded fools, and this is not a time to be allowing them to touch the stove, just because they are stupid.

For the quisling catamite heretic Bayes to call Conservative Christians to be “faithful to the teaching of the bible and to the culture we live in” is completely reprehensible. If we were faithful to the Bible then we would have stoned him to death, and the culture that we live in is abhorrent. It is soaked in a cat’s urine of degeneracy, and anyone who approves of this present state of cultural depravity is profoundly stupid and utterly perverted.

Open up your Bibles, and read.


When he is not advocating for sodomites to come and desecrate the C of E, the insane bishop Bayes is calling for fornicators and harlots to come and exhibit their shameful lusts in his “””Church””” too.

Has this fool no shame? Have the Anglicans of Liverpool no shame?

This is clearly a man possessed by a legion of demons, and he has no business within one hundred feet of a children’s playground, let alone a Church, let alone pretending to be a bishop. Get thee hence, Satan.


And here we get to the crux of the matter. This man is not a Christian, he is a Devil worshipper, who hates our Holy Scripture. Bayes calls for entire passages of the Bible to expunged, and he thinks that he is fit to reinterpret Christ and Moses.

Bayes is an abomination, and he ought to be run out of Church of England, and out of Liverpool, and out of England, and go live amongst the heathens in the jungle, where he can practice buggery and fornication and cannibalism and devil worship to his heart’s content.


Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie and when I’m not obsessing about Conservative politics or defending Trump I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities.

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