Breitbart Jews lose control of Republican party to 4chan, Bannon losing streak continues

By John Miller

Friday the 29th of December, 2017


In a bizarre twist of events, the Manchester Guardian and the Fake News establishment have all rushed to pat Breitbart on the head for tossing Paul Nehlen under the bus. The unforgivable sin of Nehlen – not caring enough about Israel and the Jews. Top Kek.

In a move oddly reminiscent of the eerie sight of the Occupy Democrats embracing George W Bush as one of their own while that bloated NWO reptilian was carping against Trump, the batshit-crazy Leftwingosphere are now lionising the same Breitbart guys they were just recently accusing of being the Arch-Dukes of White Nationalism for being the good goys now. Oh my sides.

The unbelievable capacity of the Left to transform everyone they disagree with at any particular instant into a Literal-Nazi and then instantly rehabilitate them into a Literally-one-of-Us as soon as they have need of them for their talking points has never been quite so breathtakingly awkward as this.

Paul Nehlen is of course the man who was until recently drowning in the embrace of embattled paranoid schizophrenic Steve Bannon – a kiss of death for anyone hoping to succeed to political office.

After witnessing the full majestic power and glory of Steve on display in Alabama we can only conclude that Trump ought to have won against Hillary in a landslide of Reagan-Mondale proportions – if Bannon wasn’t there gumming up the works somehow.

Breitbart is of course the brainchild of a cabal of Right-wing Jews, and I agree with them on most of their positions, but the ship under loopy Irishman Steve Bannon has been tilting in all kinds of odd directions of late, and in picking a fight with Nehlen the Breitbart organisation has effectively divorced itself from its readership, AKA the Breitbart Comments section – in effect, Steve has declared a pissing contest war on 4chan.

This will end about as well for Steve as Alabama did, because Breitbart without its troll army is very little different from the magazine that Bill Krystol puts out.

Of course, Breitbart enjoys and will continue to enjoy a considerable contingent of confused and angry old Boomer support, these guys stuck with Q for 700 threads and they will probably stick with Steve through the hard times too.

But the cutting edge, the getting things done, the influence – these will slip away. Because these were never Breitbart assets. These were 4chan assets.

Breitbart was never more than the angry noise that the engine made, but the engine of the Right itself is the angry white men aged 18 – 35-ish-ish who couldn’t give a toss about Breitbart – and they’re all on 4chan.

And as the influence of Breitbart ebbs, and Bannon is revealed as the cuck loser wannabe that got fired by Trump, the next face of the Nationalist Right will be whoever can channel /pol/ the best – God help us all – and right now that man appears to be Paul Nehlen.

Nehlen is of course well known and generally liked by the Reddit the Donald community, the other Internet bastion of Trump and the American Nationalist Right, but RtD is widely loathed on 4chan boards just for being Reddit. Don’t tell anyone I lurk there sometimes kek.

RtD and the Trump gen both have an innate fondness for Nehlen, as the guy who called out Speaker of the House Paul Ryan when Ryan was trying to throw Trump under the bus back in 2016, even after Trump had already been chosen as the Republican party candidate for President.

And now Nehlen is back calling out Paul Ryan again for not being MAGA enough, and trying to take his congressional seat. A Herculean task, to be sure. As far as I know, Ryan is well liked in his district, and dude, he’s the Speaker of the freaking House – the RINOs will throw the kitchen sink into this one if it even looks like being close.

Nehlen’s chances just got a whole lot better though, when it was announced by Bannon News, sorry  Breitbart News, that amazing electoral strategist and Boomer political science guru Steve Bannon will be withholding his personal seal of approval. Good news  – who the hell would even think of voting for a Bannon guy after Alabama, my dude?

Apparently Nehlen not giving a damn about Israel or caring much for the opinions of smarmy Left wing Jews was a bridge too far for Steve. Kek, what? The Right wing Jews that I like call out the Left wing Jews for being Left wing Jewy all the time – Andrew Breitbart himself was a model for this kind of behaviour – so why can’t Nehlen name a Lefty Jew? Don’t goys have any rights in America?

Honestly Bannon, just rack off with your virtue signalling to the Israel lobby and us evangelicals and trad Christians mate. We like Netanyahu’s Israel, but we don’t just suck up to every Jew we meet for good goy points. And when a Jew is being a Lefty dick, he shouldn’t just get to whip out his Jew card and get away with it. That’s not how this works mate – that’s not how any of this works.

(((Sources close to Bannon))) are leaking to the Guardian now? Well fuck you too, Raheem Kassam. Aren’t you some kind of Pakistani White Nationalist Muslim who hates Muslims? Shouldn’t you be in psychotherapy or something?

I’ve never even listened to Fash the Nation, but I’m sure whatever they had to talk about with Paul Nehlen was no worse than the Breitbart comments section.

Jesus and Mary Bannon, why are you constantly leaking every thought bubble that goes through your mind to the legacy media if you really detest them so much, and always through “””sources”””. If you have a position on something, then just come right out and say it kent. Tell us what you really think.

According to “””sources””” who leaked to the Guardian: “Bannon has never been particularly enthusiastic about Nehlen, despite the wealth of coverage on Breitbart.”

Well what does that say about you Bannon, except you hold Nehlen in the same contempt that Trump and the rest of us now hold you, you Alabama-losing backbiting rat.

So the bar here is 16%.

Can Nehlen beat the 16% of the vote that he got with the full backing of Breitbart and super electoral genius Steve Bannon – with 4chan organising on Nehlen’s behalf instead?

Prepare to witness the power of weaponised autism losers – and may Christ preserve us if we actually get him elected. Don’t even laugh. We did it for Trump.

Ryan is clearly yesterday’s man – he lacks the elite shitposting skills required of a modern politician, as typified by winners like Trump and Nehlen desu.

Ryan is the kind of guy who builds a wall around his own house and leaves America defenceless – as more and more MS-13 rapists and Mexican cartel drugs pour over the border EVERY MINUTE.

Who needs the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel when you’ve got /pol/?

WISCONSIN VOTER – are you ready to kill a RINO? Where’s the f**king Wall, Paul?

Nehlen is on the primary ballot and he’s going hard at the cuck who blocked the MAGA agenda – and on August 14 we may well witness the power of weaponised autism, as candidate Ryan is ANehlenated in South Wisconsin.

Nehlen is the face of American Nationalism and America First MAGA prosperity – an easy message to sell in the Trump Belt, as the Trump MAGA economic agenda which has knocked the rust off the engine of American prosperity brings the Mid-West roaring back to life.

The Democrats are cocky right now, but they won’t ever get to face a complete Pidgeon like political masterclass genius Steve Bannon again, and there is no way that Trump would let the RINOs Roy Moore his guy Nehlen – presuming Paul can knock off Paul fair and square.

Is this doable? Who cares. If we get to 30% of the vote then we’ve doubled what Bannon got. The game here is to make that cuck Steve eat humble pie for going off the reservation. Sheeit – unless our guy Nehlen starts polling in the high 30s the RINOs will probably be happy to let us troll Breitbart without even bringing out the sexual accusers they are no doubt prepping in the basement of the Manhattan Institute.

There is a path to victory for Nehlen – listen up fags.

First we blue-dog the hell of Racine, Kenosha and Janesville — and really rock the vote for Nehlen in just the kind of places that Trump needs to flip votes in order to get his Red Wave.

These guys aren’t going to vote for a fag like Ryan – but Trump and Nehlen desu don’t exude that prissy I’m-better-than-you Paul Ryan cuck-aura. Get in there Nehlen, turn that map Red for Trump.

And if a Conservative guy can pick up traction there then it’s game over for the Dems in Wisconsin, because after Milwaukee and Madison, these are three of the Leftyist cities in Wisconsin – and they also represent more than a quarter of the district vote that Ryan or Nehlen would have to either win or supress.

The GOP suburbs — the southern half of Waukesha and Milwaukee counties — these are the Ryan heartland, and where Trump won but underperformed. These are Republican partisan areas though, and Nehlen can beat Ryan simply by running to his Right. More guns, more freedom, no abortions, all MAGA. Show me your fkn war face, Republicans.

The small towns — Walworth, Rock and Kenosha counties — are where Trump desu over-performed, and here Nehlen has a massive home advantage over the incumbent Ryan. Go and preach MAGA to the people, Paul Nehlen!

Trump was the first Republican nominee in 44 years to win Kenosha County, which lies entirely within Ryan’s 1st Congressional District. This is Nehlen country now. Deploy tactical Awoos lads!

Whether Nehlen can pull it off, or whether Ryan just gets away with being a cuck all of 2016 and most of 2017 to Trump remains to be seen, but the Nehlen Train is going full MAGA with no brakes until August next year, and then beyond to Infinity.

Nehlen is no Bannon loser Wisconsin, he’s a MAGA winner.

Trump desu has praised Nehlen fulsomely in the past. In August 2016, when Trump was being deserted by the RINOs because of some fag at the Hillary convention that Trump criticised, Nehlen had Trump’s back. The then Republican nominee returned the favour in a tweet.

“Thanks to @pnehlen for your kind words, very much appreciated,” Trump wrote.

In recent weeks Nehlen too has attracted criticism from RINO cucks for controversial tweets on immigration and other subjects – who does that remind you of?

Nehlen tweeted that it’s OK to be white. Oh the humanity. I’m still waiting for all these media jackals who think that there is something wrong with that statement to explain exactly to me why I should be ashamed of my white family.

Bannon advisers are going on CNN and saying Nehlen is dead to them. Jej wut. Breitbart is begging CNN for attention now? Breitbart confirmed for Fake and Gay News.


Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie and when I’m not obsessing about Conservative politics or defending Trump I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities.

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