Bitcoin still doing nicely, Apple collapsing into the gutter

By John Miller

Wednesday the 27th of December, 2017


The death of Bitcoin, which I remain lightly invested in, has been as overhyped by the Fake News as was its meteoric rise. Coin is here to stay. Even as a late to the party investor my Coin wealth still far exceeds all my investments in it – not to mention the small pile of cash that I’ve harvested from it.

From my own experience with Crypto, an investing experiment of three months that included a bull run of epic proportions, and a savage dip just before Christmas, I can tell you that journalists are worse than useless, because they are always at least one news cycle behind what the market is doing. Stay on the boards, man.

As a rule of thumb, sell when /pol/ is buying, and buy when /pol/ is selling.

So many Boomerposts from guys who went from Salty Nocoiner to oh-shit-why-did-I-mortgage-my-house-to-buy-coin-at-19.9K. Maximum kek, and thank you for helping me cash out at peak Moon, old man.

I do love you Boomer guys though – despite all your Q threads – because every time you stampeded into the exchanges and the price spiked I got to pull out some good lucre without hurting my overall position much. So thank you guys, and hang in there, Bitcoin 30K is coming.

I’m just a quisling investor though, so what would I know? Although I may have bought a Coin or two back in the day when they ony costed $400, on my latest tear I’ve invested no more than a grand and a half in small fortnightly amounts – just to check out the Current Year Bitcoin craze for myself with a few small wagers, and all in the name of Science.

Bitcoin is the flagship Crypto currency – with a 250-BILLION-dollar market cap, and it is by far the most heavily traded. It is also highly volatile, so I was able in a very short period to draw out three thousand in cash, double what I put in, while still keeping an amount of Bitcoin equivalent to my total investment.

So in a way Bitcoin is kind of like the Casino, except the game isn’t rigged against you.

And if you aren’t stupid or reckless or extremely unfortunate you soon get to play with House Money.

My concern all along was not to get so caught up in the hype that I sat at the table too long and ended up without any chips at all – always remember to not be too greedy, gentlemen.

The banks and brokers hate Bitcoin, and so do their media lapdogs, but who wants a measly 3% on your savings account, or has the resources to play the stock market and wait for a year to recoup your brokerage fees, only to see it all collapse because of macroeconomic events anyway?

Bitcoin is volatile, but as long as you don’t make outrageous wagers on it and keep locking in your gains by cashing out some of your Coin on the moons it’s a game you can win – and then play with House Money.

The value of Bitcoin used to be that you bought things with it that your government didn’t want you to have – and you can still use it for this – except most of us don’t. Because it is increasing in value so rapidly.

The value of Bitcoin now is that it is the bank and the store of value for the three latest Gens –  the Generations that have ZERO FAITH in their governments, and NEGATIVE INFINITY FAITH in the shadowy powers behind international finance.

So our best nerds have created our own currency for us with Blackjack and Hookers, and its name is Bitcoin.

We are constantly told what we ought to desire these days, by the media cartels that serve the interests of the soulless multinationals alone, and have utter disdain for the rest of us. The disconnect between the folks who make our garbage products and those of us they expect to consume them is complete – we are expected to just blindly follow the cat ladies who bang out articles for the Guardian, only we have stopped paying attention.

To say that nobody cares what CNN or Buzzfeed and the rest of the lying Leftwingosphere media thinks about anything is probably hyperbole –  I’m sure they have a small audience of Bolshevik apparatchiks – but those drones are getting slaughtered in the Culture Wars. They have lost their power.

So when the regular shills in Corporate Media are telling you to go buy an (((iPhone))), you can be sure that your latest Apple phone will turn out to be some piece of junk that just wants to scan your face for the Apple data mines.

And when the legacy media cat ladies tell you the latest Star Wars is great, you can rest assured that Disney just wants you to pay for the privilege of sitting through a two lecture on third wave feminism.

What makes Apple and Disney think they can get away with producing what is worse than shoddy garbage, and nothing less than a slap to the face of loyal customers?

It is clear that our boardrooms have become overrun with the same lemon faced cat ladies with shrivelled ovaries that have reached plague levels of infestation in our Fake News outlets – and that these virtue signalling Feminazis have created their own echo chamber that excludes all intelligent thought.

The carnage they have wrought at Disney and Apple is playing out right across the corporate landscape, fuelled by an out-of-control everything-is-rape movement that is allowing these degenerate women to push aside their intelligent male counterparts and wreck civilisation as we know it.


The “””men””” who work in the media are more likely to join in the carnage than lift a finger to stop it. Journalism today is a hot seething mess of estrogen queens, rampant homosexuals, and over-mothered soyboys – and this Lugenpresse fountain of lies spews forth nothing but degenerate bullshit.

Our failing cartels such as Apple and Disney think they can get away with pushing their corporate Orwellian Left wing agendas because the vandals they are in cahoots with tell their lies with such great zeal – the media incessantly whips up their hype to order – and as their iconic brands fall apart in real time they can’t take a hint because nobody in their inner circle has any connection to any part of the real world.

Disney can’t even give away its TLJ merchandise, and the box office is about what you’d expect from a franchise that was built by guys who like Leia best when she is chained to Jabba the Hutt – but just saw their movie rebooted as Wonder Woman in Space.

Apple too has become a victim of top-down stupidity, and if you are looking for collapsing value and a tower of media hype that is swiftly unravelling look no further than the maker of the latest (((iPhone))).

The type of insecure person that buys Apple could once take comfort in the fact that he or she belonged to a community of persons that were affluent enough to afford something they didn’t need – but even such vain and shallow persons as this can comprehend that they have by purchasing (((iPhone))) X surrendered all rights to their own likeness to the Apple corporation in perpetuity – and even those vacuous human sponges are starting to get annoyed at paying for the privilege of being data-farmed.

Gen X never trusted anybody, and our cynicism is creeping into the Millennials, as we are proved right over and over again. And just wait until Generation Zyklon hits the voter booths – they don’t watch Fake News at all, and only use a television to play Xenoblade 2 on. They are Gen X on steroids.

Bitcoin then, the alternative to banks and international finance and rampant government overreach, has a very bright future indeed.

To be sure, I’m a very Conservative guy, so when Boomer was running in with his 401K and mortgaging his house to buy Bitcoin I took out my profits, and my capital, and then some more profits, but I also always left myself some of the Coin tree to grow.

What of this Christmas Eve plunge though?

Late last week when the guys at Coinbase decided to pump Bitcoin Cash and to trash the value of Bitcoin, it seemed something was amiss. The legacy media was then still in full Boomer hopes and dreams mode – and trumpeting Bitcoin Cash as the next big thing.

Many of us Coiners were cashing out though, and looking sceptically at this BTH dog – and sure enough that dog couldn’t hunt.

As the BTH debacle went from bad to worse, with rumours of insider trading swirling around, and trading in BTH suspended amid the unwinding of its Coinbase trades, it became clear that this hard fork had tainted the Bitcoin “””brand”””. Here was the next Mount Goxx event.

The rapid decline in the value of Bitcoin that this crisis in confidence caused immediately infected all the Alt coins, the vast array of thinly traded and poorly capitalised Crypto currencies that stand in the shadow of Bitcoin.

Very few of these Alts have an easily understandable value – I don’t understand what their intrinsic value is, and things like the Litecoin guy walking away from his own currency doesn’t fill me with confidence about the long-term viability of the Alt Muttcoins.

Perhaps in the future a challenger will emerge to dethrone the mighty Bitcoin, but for now it is synonymous with Crypto, and if it vanishes then so will half a TRILLLION dollars in wealth. I wouldn’t even waste my time trying to figure out the future of the enigmatic Alts right now.


Bitcoin Chan & her Coin on the other hand I understand quite well, after just three months.

At its lowest point over the Christmas Eve weekend you could pick up some Coin for 12 (I am using USD prices throughout), and that was patently excellent value.

Of course, you can only buy if you already had some money sitting on the exchange, so it was a sellers market over the weekend, but in the wash-up over Christmas the Coin price still managed to bounce back strongly to around 15.

For most of us, we need a bank to be open to buy though, and here in Australia the banks take a full working day to get our money through to the exchange – so I’m still waiting on Wednesday morning for the damn bank to give me my own damn money so I can buy some cheap Coin.

I hope Coin dips back down again TBQH famalam, and with BTC anything is possible, but I kinda doubt it.


I expect to see Bitcoin Twenty Thousand before long, and Bitcoin Twenty-Five Thousand not long after that, so even rebuying at 15 what I sold for 19.99 doesn’t seem like such a bad deal to me – although I won’t gamble all of my House Money on it just yet.

Thank God I’m not invested in Apple Shares though. Imagine shedding $25 BIILION of market cap in a Bull Market like this just because you had no respect for your customers and thought you could do whatever you like because a pack of lying wine swilling cat fondling journos kept telling you how great you were. Top Kek.

2018 predictions: Apple is kill, Bitcoin is king

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie and when I’m not obsessing about Conservative politics or defending Trump I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities.

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