7 lives for my country: BASED Abe tells Commies go to HELL, ghost of MacArthur approves

By John Miller

Wednesday the 27th of December, 2017


In le strange Brave New World of Current Year, the Corporate Fascist state of Red China is portrayed as a cuddly panda by the globalist media complex so that the Davos crowd can benefit from its toxic factory culture. We are constantly reminded that We Have Always been at Peace with East Asia, while at the same time the Red Chinese steal land and sea lanes from all of their neighbours in the name of International Communism.

It is gratifying to see that the Japanese at least are not buying into this Soros tier disinformation campaign – they are preparing their defences for next inevitable Sino-Japanese war, as the Reds move aggressively into their waters.

The Red Chinese are still ass-mad about a few things the Japs did in the last War, and the Japanese don’t like all this talk of a Chinese century, so it will be interesting to see how all this plays out.

The latest stage for this most ancient of Kabuki dramas is the East China Sea, where the Japanese refuse to roll over like the poor little Malays, Philippinos, and Vietnamese did in the South China Sea.

Bullying the little ASEAN nations out of their fishing waters is one thing, but the Red Chinese Communist fears the Samurai, especially when he is flying a F-35B stealth fighter jump-jet.

BASED Abe is keen to show he’s no lightweight, upgrading his helicopter carriers to full Imperial Navy aircraft carrier Banzai status – thus the recent howls from Beijing.

Officially speaking, Japan isn’t allowed to have aircraft carriers, because they told Douglas MacArthur they would never build them again, but that was before the sneaky Red Chinese converted from failing Communist Manifesto economics to their weird but relatively successful final form of hybrid Crony Capitalist State Commie Fascism.

Will Japan allow itself to be eclipsed by the Reds? Heh – not without a whole bunch of Commies getting disembowelled on Samurai swords they won’t.

The Chinese may be ambiguously capitalist, but they still fly the Red flag of the International Soviet, and are culturally Maoist. Industrially fascist, and quasi-nationalist, the Red Chinese state has two overarching goals – take Taiwan, and humble Japan.

To this end the Reds are expanding rapidly into the territory of their neighbours, and massively gearing up for war.

Japan has not been idle either, building the so-called helicopter destroyers in response to the Red Chinese programme of aircraft carrier building – so as to not take a single backward step in the East China Sea.

The 25,000-ton flat-topped Izumo-class aviation ships of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defence Force have until recently pretended to be for helicopters only, but now Japan is done with cowering and gone Seven Lives for my Country on the Red Chinese menace.

Did somebody say Chinese century? That began with Slick Willy and ended when Obama rode off into the Okey Doke Sunset. This is the Make America Great Again Century, pal, and the Japs are key to keeping the Pacific free of Commies.

Trump can easily and with little diplomatic cost contain the Red Chinese menace with the sale of US jump-jet F-35B stealth fighters to Japan, and with a few choice sales to Nationalist China in Taiwan, whose claim to Mainland China every Christian realises.

Expect to hear a lot of sabre rattling from the Reds on Article 9 of the Japanese constitution in 2018 though – this dictated that Tokyo would forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation.

Does this mean that the Japs will just turn over their territorial waters to the Red Chinese? Not this century, pal. The Samurai is back, and he wants to keep his maritime oilfields.

Beijing is bristling, but has very little leverage over Tokyo. The Reds have warned their arch-nemesis Japan to act prudently, but in all likelihood this intervention in the sovereign affairs of Nihon is more likely to make Tojo buy a fleet of F-35Bs just to spite them.

Earlier this year China launched its second aircraft carrier, and paraded its first on several intensive war-game exercises.

The US Navy aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan was forward-deployed with the JMSDF Izumo-class helicopter destroyer JS Izumo. The Chinese Century was over as swiftly as it began.


Even with Red aggression being pushed back on in the East China Sea, Beijing’s aggressive and dangerous expansion into the South China Sea and the construction of illegal artificial islands that act as heavily defended fortresses has dramatically raised tensions throughout Asia and the Pacific.

Japan will not and should not allow the Reds to do the same thing on the disputed Senkaku island chain in the East China Sea – over which both Beijing and Tokyo claim ownership.

“””Fishing””” fleets backed up by Chinese naval vessels have repeatedly entered the waters around the islands in recent years, and overflights by Red Chinese combat aircraft are becoming a regular occurrence. If you are Japan, what do?

Time to go full Bushido on Han doggu, of course!


Tokyo has already doubled up on its naval patrol vessels, installed missile defence systems and sent more fighter aircraft squadrons to the area — does the Red Chinese dragon have the nerve to challenge the joint forces of Nihon and the US that are based on Okinawa? We can only hope, gentlemen.

Japanese Prime Minister BASED Shinzo Abe this year approved a record $US46 BILLION defence budget for 2018. He justified it as a response to North Korea’s belligerent behaviour AND China’s growing military presence. Bring it on, commie.

Japan’s two new Izumo-class ships are currently capable of operating about 14 helicopters – usually tasked with hunting down submarines. Izumo and Kaga are the biggest ships built by Japan since WWII. At 25,000 tons, they are similar in displacement to the recently decommissioned British Invincible class –  short takeoff and jump jet carriers.

Like Australia’s new Canberra-class Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD) ships, the Izumo class can also carry troops — 400 marines — and about 50 light vehicles. Specialist heavy choppers can get a Japanese rapid reaction force swiftly to any island the Reds want to play on.

Neither Izumo or Kaga have catapults yet — or a ski jump yet as per our Canberra class. These mods can help get the fixed-wing aircraft like the F-35B airborne, and we might expect to see them in the New Year, even though the F-35B variant barely requires them. Combining the F-35B with the V-22 tilt-rotor Osprey would certainly terrify the heck out of the Reds.

But let us not forget the end game here is Taiwan, and to have any chance of successfully invading Taiwan, China must establish total air superiority and command of the sea around a landing site.

While the Nationalist Chinese government on Taiwan retains its substantial air defences and offensive strike platforms, any Chinese amphibious invasion is impossible, because Taiwan can pick off PLA landing craft as they motor across the Taiwan Strait.

Although China has amassed an incredibly large missile force to destroy Taiwan’s defensive capabilities at the outset of a conflict, it would still need to take Taipei by complete surprise to be successful. An unlikely move under Xi, but who really knows with Beijing?

Taiwan can disperse its aircraft to the thirty-six military airfields across the islands, or even the civilian airstrips, and the potential for the Red Chinese to wade into a Bay of Pigs scenario is incredibly high.

Taiwan has invested heavily in road-mobile missile launchers and anti-aircraft weaponry, and has an array of ships and submarines capable of attacking Red Chinese forces with cruise missiles.

But the real question is, who has the pure strength of will to control the island of Taiwan? Until the answer is Beijing, or Taipei retakes the mainland, there can be no serious talk of a Chinese Century. The nightmare scenario for Japan is that they peacefully merge – but given the historical animus between Chinese Nationalists and Chinese Communists this seems unlikely.

Faced with a defiant Taiwan and a resurgent Japan, Beijing is in stalemate.

With little prospect that Red China can currently knock out all Taiwan’s sophisticated defences in a surprise first strike, Beijing must build patiently on its South China Sea strategy and play the waiting game, and hope for a weaker government in Tokyo, to give it the encircling control it needs to choke Taiwan into submission.

Only ten percent of Taiwan’s coastlines are suitable for an amphibious landing, and Taipei has significant land forces it can concentrate in those key areas. Red Chinese rocketry firepower is impressive – but fighting a belligerent island in the rubble of its cities is hardly an improvement on the present case of affairs for Red China.

Most important of all, Beijing cannot just steal American tech willy-nilly these days, like they were able to when there was a Bubba or a Commie Socialist in the White House.

Red Chinese expansion appears to have reached a zenith for now, and as the Samurai arises from his long slumber his one shot at snatching Taiwan slips away – did somebody say American Century Again in the Pacific?

GOP 2016 Trump

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie and when I’m not obsessing about Conservative politics or defending Trump I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities.

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