El Chino is free at last: Viva el Peru, [insert profanity]

By John Miller

Monday the 25th of December, 2017


Alberto Fujimori was the Peruvian head of state who cleaned up the mess left by Commie loser Alan Garcia, rescuing the middle-class and workers of Peru from hyperinflation and political chaos. In his final Super Saiyan form, President Fujimori was able to Fujishock a stunning THIRTEEN PERCENT GDP growth out of the formerly anaemic economy – the man is a legend.

Not only was this godlike man forced to drag his country out of the economic Dark Ages over the objections of a Congress riddled with Socialists and other traitors, he was simultaneously faced with a full-blown Communist insurgency backed by Red Communist Chinese devils – in the form of the loathsome and insidious Maoist Shining Path terrorist organisation.

Before Fujimori these Commie thugs were running amok – after Fujimori they got sick of taking helicopter rides and decided to play nice.

When Fujimori was just getting started in the 90s the Shining Path was in full insurgency mode. Faced with a complete breakdown of parliamentary democracy and with the Communists and Socialists working together to undermine the Presidency on behalf of the Beijing heathens, noble Fujimori and his loyal commanders in the Peruvian armed forces still managed to completely rout the Christ hating plotters on the field of battle and secure the Presidential compound that he was elected to live in.

He was of course decried by the usual corrupt revolutionary cartels that attach themselves like leeches to most Latin American states, and abandoned by the heathens in the Bush I administration despite fighting a narco-trafficking communist insurgency.

The incoming Clinton administration was awash with illicit Chinese cash, and also weirdly supportive of the Shining Path cocaine communists, and it threw Fujimori to the wolves.

Encircled by Red Chinese lackeys, and abandoned by the West while slick Willy was busy taking bags of cash, cocaine and hookers from the Red Chinese Communists, Fujimori nevertheless stayed true to his Samurai code and walked the path of honour – he continued to fight the Shining Path alone.


The 92 Counter-terrorist action was ratified by a national plebiscite in 1993, but Red Chinese meddling in Peru continued, fully abetted by Bill Clinton, and Fujimori survived a coup led by a rogue general backed by Beijing in the same year.

In 1995 Fujimori easily won re-election, despite the New World Order globalists parachuting in some UN bigwig. There was extensive meddling in Peruvian democracy by both the Red Chinese and the Clinton administration, which by this time was fully complicit in all Red Chinese plotting in South America.

Clinton was little more than a Red Chinese thrall at home either – sending American jobs and treasure off to Red China and importing atheist degeneracy into the USA.

Fujimori the peacemaker meanwhile continued to govern well for the people of Peru. He forged a diplomatic agreement to end the longstanding border tensions between Peru and two of its neighbours – Ecuador and Chile. These three nations had been at loggerheads due to badly drawn borders that were a hangover from the colonial era.

Despite all that Fujimori did for his country, he was eventually undermined using a classic Alphabet agency psyop, as the CIA under Clinton were fully subverted to fight for Red Chinese Communist interests – and against the kind of guys like Fujimori that they backed when they helped Reagan defeat the Commies in the 80s.

The CIA literally acted as agents of the Red Chinese and Beijing in Peru when they undermined Fujimori – a complete disgrace.

And everywhere the post-Clinton CIA turn up seems to turn into a sea of illicit drugs and a swamp of corruption – why is this?

Once it stopped fighting the Commies and began working on behalf of Beijing the Agency lost its one redeeming feature. To this day the CIA remains a hive of devil worshipping narco-trafficking scum who work for the Reds and hate America.

This is how it was so easy for Hillary’s people to get the CIA to spy on candidate Trump, and try and steal an election in America – unsuccessfully.

Fujimori was not quite so fortunate as our GEOTUS, and he got railroaded by the Alphabet agencies and the Christ hating Red Chinese, and despite winning a third election, he was ousted by a coup led by globalist puppet Alejandro Toledo, a University of San Francisco and Stamford homosexual who was programmed by George Soros with NWO globalist Socialism.

No sooner was the ink dry on a treaty with the New World Order globalist looters – whose rights were enshrined in an embarrassingly one-sided Free Trade agreement – than Fujimori was handed over by the Japanese who had offered him safe custody. A shamefur display and an eternal stain on the honour of Japan.

The show trial of noble Fujimori was swift and with a certain outcome, and the brave and noble Samurai warrior was soon languishing in a Peruvian dungeon. The globalists quickly descended upon the Peruvian economy, to rape the nation and push it back into poverty and enslavement.

Now finally there has been justice – a pardon for Fujimori.

The cracks are appearing in the globalist armour, and everywhere the nationalist forces are emboldened. A faction of Peruvian patriots in Congress have secured the release of Fujimori, and Peru has gotten a little of her dignity back.


Well done Keiko Fujimori, by far the brightest political star above the Andes these days. Well done the Popular Force.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie and when I’m not obsessing about Conservative politics or defending Trump I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities.

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