UN dead to Trump, America to light up the Korean Peninsula with Shock & Awe

By John Miller

Friday the 22nd of December, 2017


After paying into South Korea in blood and treasure for the last half century and more to defend it from Communism, America might have expected a little gratitude, but the Donald always knew that none would be forthcoming.

He needed to demonstrate this to the American people though, and the vote on Jerusalem was perfect. Not only would the backstabbers all be forced to show their hand, but he would set it up as a referendum on America – and as hundreds of knives were sent one after the after between the shoulder blades of Uncle Sam it produced the desired result.

The UN has revealed its bare naked hated and loathing for the impotent America of the Obama years. It has become a toxic environment for American diplomacy, in a world that no longer fears the United States of America.

So Trump will now demonstrate that the US not only has the biggest stick, but it also has a President that is not afraid to use it. Are you ready for Shock & Awe Trump edition – Comfy War.

The UN is irrelevant, and its about to be reminded about this in no uncertain terms. The last time they involved themselves in a Korean War it was a disaster, but the US war machine under Trump is about to rectify the mistakes of the past.

The UN is nothing more than a talking shop for the Hate America crowd, and funded by the US taxpayer no less. But all that ends now.

Look who loves China more

Sorry kid, nothing personal. Japan and South Korea chose to go with Rocket Man, Iran, and China. So let Rocket Man, Iran, and China protect them – enjoy your glowing rice fields, traitors.

Trump has patiently been making his preparations all year to unleash an Apocalypse of American wrath upon North Korea, and now he has the excuse he needs to walk away from the UN laughing, killing two birds with one stone. Congratulations retards – you played yourselves.


For the last decade and more before Trump came along America has been sleepwalking towards nuclear holocaust on the US mainland, as President after President caved in to Rocket Man, and American greatness was allowed to erode.

Now the era of Kim acting out with impunity will come to an end.

South Korea is a nation of ingrates, and America has risked its very existence and a nuclear winter in the heartland for long enough. When they voted against America, they demonstrated themselves as a country with no good-will towards their benefactor – and now they will learn what happens when you bite the hand that feeds you.

Get prepared to say goodbye to your K-Pop idols kids, because Plastic Surgery Korea just became a third wheel to America, and now everything on the Korean Peninsula except the US forces that have wasted the last seventy years defending a nation of dog eating degenerates from Chinese aggression can all go to hell.

Trump captures victory one flag after another. Year One was the White House and the Congress, and Year Two will be the obliteration of all America’s enemies abroad.

In a defining moment for his presidency, Trump is set to unleash the full might and fury of the US war machine against North Korea, and end the threat of a nuclear strike upon America by the rogue terrorist state once and for all.

There is now absolutely nothing that North Korea can do avert its complete and utter annihilation, as the President decides on WHEN and NOT IF to attack North Korea, and immediately degrade it back to the Stone Age.

America is gearing up for the best kind of war, one that it will WIN, because its President pays no attention to those at home who embolden the enemy, and because he is completely unshackled from caring about what his enemies in the UN think.

Will Trump obliterate the Norks for Christmas? Will he drop the Bomb on midnight and wish Kim a Happy New Year?

Only Trump and Mattis know the answer to this.

Godspeed American forces, and remember that cuck Malcolm Turnbull and dead-eyed Julie do not speak for our nation or our military, who are both more than happy to kill Commie Gooks.

RAAF to strafe the rubble, the Diggers to bayonet any survivors, and RAN to stop the Boats with extreme prejudice.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie and when I’m not obsessing about Conservative politics or defending Trump I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities.

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