Not so fast Aussie welfare queens: Scott Morrison goes after lazy refugees and perpetual students

By John Miller

Wednesday the 20th of December, 2017


So much has happened lately that you may not have heard yesterday that BASED Scott Morrison is cracking down on the welfare scroungers. Damn – now I’ll have to vote for that fag Turnbull again.


In the latest edition of cry me a river entitled Left, the Aussie treasurer has announced to asylum-seekers shopping around for the best gibs that they better not come here, because we don’t want them and we’re not going to give them anything for FIVE YEARS, a massive improvement on the current state of affairs which allows them to go on the gibs after only two.

Wew lad – that’s a spicy Fkuc Off We’re Full.

Also on the down-swing, the perpetual student. From now on the taxpayer will only fund xer voyage of self-discovery to a maximum of 100 THOU or so, which is still way too much, but at least they’ll have to go get a job periodically if they want to malinger around campus well into their 50s.

Students will also be required to pay their HELP loans back sooner, with the government reducing the payment threshold from more than $55,000 to $45,000 on 1 July 2018.

The savings will be phenomenal, a few billion, but most importantly, the cycle of welfare dependency will be broken. Going on the gibs ought to always be a nuclear option, and welfare shouldn’t just be passed around like candy.


If a man has to tighten his belt and build a bit of character it is in every way preferable than simply allowing them to throw their life away and become a parasite on society.

SBS and the ABC and the usual suspects who have corrupted our Churches and turned them into dens of carnal vice are already out in force wringing their hands, but I’m sick of those degenerate poofters, and they can all go to Hell.

I’ve nothing against ethnic communities that come here and work hard, and add something to the nation, but this trend of layabout foreigner welfare queens that jump off the boat and go straight into Centrelink and start scrounging needs to come to an end.

And the proof that this has become an epidemic – Morrison announced that the harder line on immigrant welfare alone will save 1.3 BILLION per year to the hard-pressed Aussie taxpayer.

The Treasurer now predicts a budget deficit of $23.6bn in 2017-18 — a $5.8bn improvement on the deficit forecast last May.

The surging Trump economy has come to the rescue of the Lucky country, a timely happening just as the Red Chinese Communist economy has faltered – once again Australia gets hit in the ass by an economic rainbow. God still loves 39% of us, at least.

The long lean Obama years of eternal American economic malaise which dragged down the world economy had given Beijing an out sized hold on this nation, but with the return of a real American President and real American prosperity, our bacon is saved.


Jobs growth is back, and this has delivered an $11.2bn boost to the budget over the next four years.

More importantly, the migrant or student who is forced to make the right life choice now will have a bright future, one of hard work and dignity, and not the degrading false hope and everlasting shame of taking money from others.


Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie and when I’m not obsessing about Conservative politics or defending Trump I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities.

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