Who is the real leader of Europe right now, and why is it Sebastian Kurz?

By John Miller

Sunday the 17th of December, 2017


When the Austrian Conservatives of Chancellor Kurz announced yesterday that they were forming an Austria First governing coalition with the anti-immigration Freedom Party there were plenty of howls of indignation from the European Left, but the Left is in terminal decline, and so is Status Quo Centre-Right.

Having abandoned Middle Europe and the Working classes to suffer the consequences of an invasion by a never-ending horde of economic refugees, and witnessed not only the collapse of order but a diminishment of the general prosperity, Europa is rejecting the dictates of Brussels, and returning to her traditional anchor of safety – the Church and the nation State.

The dead secularism of La France is rejected – what has it gotten her but ghettos of violent youth who hate the flag of the country that pays their benefits? The cult of vapid consumerism likewise is being abandoned, the West German hedonism which has given nothing to the average German except despair.

kurz (1)

Europeans like their peaceful Union, but they don’t like the constant interference of Brussels, Berlin and Paris in their national affairs.

The Austrian has rejected the failed leadership of the Paris-Berlin-Brussels Axis, and returned European authority to Vienna, where it rightly belongs.

With a much greater sweep of history to fall back upon than the secular Frenchman, who guillotined his connection to his ancestors away, or the lowly North German, who was never much without an Austrian or Prussian to lead him, the Austrian is a superior breed of European man, and he is fit to give the benign guidance of Catholic Vienna to the benighted European continent in these dark hours for European civilisation.


The children of the Holy Roman Empire are awakening from their long slumber, to find that the true Austria has endured. The great Vienna which ruled Europe for centuries still exists, and by the grace of God mighty Austria still stands, a rock and bastion for the Mother Church.

Sebastian Kurz is part vision of Metternich and part vision of Charles V, but it is still early days yet for this young and vigorous Catholic ruler – never too early to start stopping the Mohamedan invader at the Gates of Vienna though.

Kurz is fully committed to the European Union too, and why not? Austria has always been at the heart of Europe, and meant to guide and rule its Princes.


The new Austrian Chancellor, who is just 31, and Freedom Party (FPO) leader Heinz-Christian Strache, the new Vice Chancellor, announced their Coalition governement on Friday night.

This hands the Nationalist Right a share of power in the Alpine republic again after more than a decade in opposition. The FPO will take control of much of the Austrian security apparatus, including the foreign, interior and defence ministries.

The People’s Party (OVP) led by Chancellor Kurz will control the powerful finance ministry, as well as the justice and agriculture portfolios.


Incoming interior minister and chairman of the FPO, Herbert Kickl, began his career as a speechwriter for the late Joerg Haider, the leader of the Nationalist Right in Austria who had the temerity to point out that the Third Reich had the most successful employment policy of any European nation in the era after the Great Depression. Haider also led the FPO to its first mainstream electoral success.

The coalition plans to make referendums more widely available, but both Kurz and Strache have stressed that NO Brexit-style vote will ever be offered by the Coalition.

Kurz will reform Europe from within, and to do this he taken several European departments from the FPO-run foreign ministry, to give him greater control over EU matters.


Austria’s recent parliamentary election was dominated by the European migration crisis, and the devastating toll that it has taken on a once affluent country – now overrun with jobless asylum seekers who are over-burdening the welfare system.

Kurz’s party won with a hard line on immigration that was almost shoulder-to-shoulder with the FPO’s, pledging to cut benefits for refugees and never to allow a repeat of 2015’s wave of arrivals. The FPO came third in the election, with 26 percent of the vote.

This then is the future of the Right in Europe, a rock-solid Christian Right Coalition that can govern with a majority mandate – just compare feckless Merkel and her Germany, they may go for months or years and never have a proper government again in Berlin.

Brussel too should watch its Ps and Qs. That Socialist open borders rabble just can’t stop obsessing about the Poles and Hungarians and refugees – and trying to open up national borders to give the Christmas markets of Warsaw and Budapest the same explosive lashings of diversity and tolerance that are ruining Christmas preparations all around the Continent.

Kurz and Strache are the brave new face of Europe, and held their announcement on the Kahlenberg, that famous and beloved hill on the outskirts of the capital, where in 1683 the Battle of Vienna was won, ending the siege of the city with the utter rout of the Ottoman Jihad – and just as the Poles and Hungarians once rode to the defence of the Vienna, this act of Christian solidarity and stand with their descendants in Budapest and Warsaw in the face of the Jihad of loathsome Brussels and Berlin will not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

The new Chancellor and Vice Chancellor stood like the Count of Salm and Duke Phillip come back to life, and left those witnessing no doubt about what course Austria will take in fighting the present-day Muslim invasion of Europe.

No parallel societies will be allowed to emerge in Austria – no French or Belgian style ghettos of youth with no loyalty to Europe or its Christian values.

Strache and Kurz both oppose Turkish membership of the EU too, a position that polls regularly show most Austrians support.

As Austria goes from strength to strength, and Macron grows increasingly disaffected with the ingrates who suck everything from France and give back nothing, and with the Scandinavian states no longer able to afford their generous welfare programmes and suffering refugee fatigue, how long can Mother Merkel hold out in her bunker in Berlin?

Once she is gone, that old witch who courts refugees and Socialists, her party and the Nationalist Right in Germany are easily compatible, and then the Christian Right will rule over the entire European Union undisputed.


Sebastian Kurz is the future of European politics, and world leaders would do well to pay less heed to Brussels, and more heed to the nation states.

The Austrian model is how Europe can be made to work again. Both the OVP and FPO believe the EU should focus on fewer tasks, like securing its external borders, and hand more power back to member states.

Brussels is a sham, and the sanctions that it used to try and break Vienna in 2000 have come back to bite that nest of villainy. The rise of true Christian Conservative and Nationalist Right across the continent is now unstoppable.

AEIOU. Alles Erdreich ist Osterreich Untertan.


Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie and when I’m not obsessing about Conservative politics or defending Trump I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities.

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