What’s with the epidemic of Cat Grrrl paedo teachers who groom schoolkids for sex?

By John Miller

Sunday the 17th of December, 2017


As we enter Day 10,511 of Harveygate, and the Third Wave feminists who ruin everything good are running around with rape whistles condemning every man who ever patted some skank on the ass as being worse than Hitler somehow, a silent epidemic of rape in our schools is being ignored.

Daily it breaches the surface of our mass consciousness, before being swiftly being memory holed – the rapey Female Teacher stereotype is real, and she’s probably raping your kid right now.

And rest assured, if it were some gang of Devil worshipping homosexuals who had infiltrated the Catholic Church, then Hollywood would have already made five movies about it, and every faggot who fancies himself a Late-Night comedian would be up in arms, and there would be judicial enquiries.

So why is it that every other day some filthy pervert Cat Woman turns up in court after have the sex-tape she made with Chad Jnr Snap-Chatted around the play-ground, only to be instantly forgotten, until the next Female Teacher turns up in your news feed raping school-children? And why was I never raped?

And where’s the outrage from the perpetually outraged Left on this? Are they all outraged out?

Where’s the social commentary from the degenerate Hollywood poofters who can’t even let poor Taylor Swift tell everyone she had a nice year without tearing her to pieces for daring to enjoy life under Drumpf?

Where’s the shrill screeching from the #metoo Left about how everything is Sexual Assault now? How come the only thing that doesn’t count as Sexual Assault in Current Year is literally f#$%ing a child?

Make no mistake, Kinder Surprise is no longer the most dangerous thing your children play with – that dubious honour goes to Female Teachers.

And it’s not like they’ll wait until they turn 18 and then ask their permission to fap, and then apologise like Louis CK – ehrmagherd shut erp Matt Damon #metoo DAS RAYUP!

I’m talking about you, regular family guy or gal. You pack your kids a nice school lunch, you drop them off at school –  and then have them FILMED IN EVERY SEXUAL POSITION KNOWN TO MAN BENEATH SOME SWEATY SHE-BEAST.

Oh but that’s different sweetie, didn’t you see the new Star Wars? She is empowering that child, and afterwards they’ll have a positive conversation about gender roles and feelings.

Good Jesus and Mary, it’s no wonder that Cali won’t stop burning. It’s entering the Ninth Circle of Hell where it belongs for foisting all this degeneracy upon us.

And at the rate that Female Teachers are raping our children, we’ll all be joining them soon.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie and when I’m not obsessing about Conservative politics or defending Trump I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities.

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