The Second Bannon Reich (Sept – Dec ’17) has fallen: So what happens to Uncle Steve now?

By John Miller

Saturday the 16th of December, 2017


Well, it was never going to end well for Steve Bannon, at least on that high-test trajectory of post-Luther hubris.

The RINO establishment is amazingly resilient and unbelievably shifty. Even godlike Reagan was eventually worn down and usurped by RINO cucks.

Trump is, well, Trump, so no mortal should try and compete. But Steve Bannon just flew too close to the Sun, and he got his ass fried in Alabama.

Heh, not by Doug Jones and the Dems. Those guys were the least important factor in the Republican candidate for Senator in Alabama shedding 1 million votes, allowing Jones to just get his nose in front in the Deepest of Deep Red states.

Fair play, the Dems did do an impressive job of pumping up their base. The admission from one their campaign guys in an unguarded moment that they were flying in from all over the country to vote for Dougie boy startled absolutely nobody on the Right. That’s how they roll. Same old Democrats, always cheating.

The Left are great at ALMOST rigging elections. But would Big Luther have lost to this cuck? C’mon.

Yeah, the Dems put felons back on the rolls, they bus groups of activists from friendly polling place to friendly polling place, and they pre-fill thousands of voting forms and mail them in for your dead grandma. Heck, if the race is tight enough, dead grandma could vote twice or more.

Any Blue wave is one-part real angst, and two parts contrived Tammany Hall.

But the Republicans have some dark arts too. We’re Christians, so we don’t cheat on the Right.

We just eviscerate you. And when it’s happening to Commies it’s like pottery. Right now though, our super-weapons are being unleashed on our own guys.

The Bane Chamber of Mittens, the Bushes, the ghost of John McCain, and the “””Republican””” Globalist Donor Class worked Roy Moore over good, but the guy they were really going after was Bannon.

Roy Moore goes from Conservative judge to paedophile (protip: he’s a decent family guy and the whole thing was BS), but he’s just collateral damage. Bannon goes from leader of the insurrection to the guy who lost Alabama, and he was always the primary target here.

Nothing personal Judge Roy, there was just no way that these guys were ever going to let the Bannon insurrection go unchecked. Even if it meant throwing away a senate seat.

Well, there goes the theory that Steve Bannon is really time travelling Barron, who came back from the future as Steve to help his dad rescue America. Unless it was Milo who was actually travelling Barron all along, and hiding his power level at Breitbart behind Steve.

But let’s put conspiracy theories to one side and focus on some real treachery, the  conspiratorial cabal of RINO cucks who tore Steve a new one.

Country first my ass. This pack of degenerates ooze treason, and barely move more than one standard deviation away from the most disgusting elements of the Donor Class that own them.

At least Turtleman and the guys that are sticking to Trump like glue now have some smarts. Jeff Flake is literally an empty barrel, a Republican Clinton, and in another timeline he would be pushing the TPP and all the rest of the globalist agenda through the Senate for President Hillary. The sooner Arizona has a new senator the better.

Bannon never stood a chance against these guys. He simply doesn’t have the machinery to beat them. A simple fact that eluded most of us in the heady days of the Second Era.


Steve Bannon made himself an existential threat to the sort of guys who routinely crush their enemies by any means necessary. He was threatening to walk off with the base, and make a Steve Bannon movement, with Steve Bannon candidates all around the nation. This all sounds a bit hollow now, but a month ago he had the Donor Class sitting on the fence.

Steve still has some money behind him, and Breitbart is still influential in Alex Jones circles, but the dream of the Bannon Reich died with Roy.


Turning Deep Red Alabama Blue was a defining and humbling moment for Bannon, and he has been transformed into a figure of ridicule. This is what the Republican war machine does best, and there is probably plenty of schadenfreude if you’re Mike Dukakis or John Kerry watching Mr America First get taken down a peg.

If there is any consolation to Steve, he was beaten by the best. The only guy they fear is Trump. So get with the program Steve, and get back on the winning side.

It could always be worse. At least Steve Bannon wasn’t a lifelong Conservative Christian and family man who in any ordinary election cycle with the party behind him would have walked into the Senate but is now tarred for life as a sexual deviant for dating 17-year-olds half a century ago with their mom’s permission.

So the RINOs got their pound of flesh, and it was no problem to them if they lost a Senate seat. That just gives each of the rats in the Senate that much more power to block the Trump agenda.

But where goes punished Steve from here – and will there ever be a Third Bannon Reich?


Probably not – the Right isn’t that sentimental about losers, and that is pretty much what Uncle Steve is right now. He still has the Breitbart megaphone, but Breitbart was inextricably linked with Steve, and has lost a bit of its swagger too – for now.

Organisations recover, but politicians are either going up or down. Bannon the kingmaker has watched the curtains drop. Bannon the pundit will be with us for a long time.


Trump knows when to fold, and he knows when to walk away. Nothing personal kid, I’m here to win.  Bannon is an honest to God true believer.

I can’t see Bannon running as Ross Perot against Trump, he’s a loyal guy.

Once Trump goes out into the wild blue, I can definitely see Steve Bannon setting up an America First party at some time in the future. He’s got a great platform in Breitbart, an angry mob to demagogue, and he hates globalist cucks. Ayyy, who doesn’t.

Who would go with him though? Anne Coulter, maybe. Milo. Anybody with gravitas? Rowdy Trey Gowdy? Lol nah. Treys a winner. I just wanted to name-drop him so I could use teh jiff.

The Republican party doesn’t come to play. Its opposition research is always on point, and it throws mud that sticks. For Steve’s sake, and for the sake of the Right in America, I hope that Bannon doesn’t ever have to go rogue. We all want Trump to succeed, and President Pence in eight years.

Setting up that success will take a disciplined and united front, and success in the Mid-terms: and that starts with Extreme Vetting of candidates, something the Republican party is much better at than Steve. Sorry guy, sometimes the truth hurts.

Breitbart himself went hard after the Left, but the Breitbart news organisation nowadays spends wayyyy too much time obsessing about the Republican Congress and Jared Kushner. Disunity in an election year is death. Save that shit for the post-mortem, if you lose, or 2019, if you win and the America First agenda is getting memory holed.


Right now Steve is still a base hero. And part village idiot. He probably won’t get to strut around like he did at conventions prior to the collapse of the Second Bannon Reich, but he still has plenty of fanboys, because Conservatives love his ideological purity levels. We also like to win.

Hopefully Steve will get a call from the President, and be found some useful role. He’s better off inside the tent, because he fights the good fight, and he is an intelligent and honourable guy.


Right now the Bannon embrace is the candidate kiss of death, and perhaps this is a good thing. Civil war in the primaries is not a good look.

Remember, if everybody had just taken a deep breath and trusted Trump, Big Luther would have upvoted the entire MAGA agenda next year. Sure, lead the fight against RINO cucks, but undercutting the President was always a cuck move.

With any luck we’ll see the President draw Uncle Steve close again. A chastened Steve is probably best Steve.


The man needs a bear hug, and he still has a big, beautiful brain that Trump can use. To keep making gainz for America First in the Rust Belt, against the Red Chinese menace, and in defence of the Mother Church.

Maybe just leave the Southern strategy to HQ though, eh Steve?

President Trump Meets With Cyber Security Experts At White House

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie and when I’m not obsessing about Conservative politics or defending Trump I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities.

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