Sweden YES: Ageing Swedes to work 3 EXTRA YEARS to pay lazy asylum-seeker gibs

By John Miller

Saturday the 16th of December, 2017


In 2015 the Swedish Socialists imported 163,000 asylum-seekers, and at the time many wondered how Sweden was going to pay for them. They clearly weren’t coming to Sweden to work – but only to take advantage of the most generous welfare system in Socialist Europe.

A high success rate – 55 per cent of claims were accepted in 2015 – combined with sugoi welfare benefits for asylum seekers, has left the Scandinavian nation with the second highest number of refugees per capita in Europe.

Immigration is now the main concern for 40 per cent of Swedes, closely followed by the failing schools, joblessness and the imminent collapse of the Swedish welfare state that has attended the new arrivals.

By 2016 the whole of Europe was in full damage control mode, as the staggering bill for the refugee horde fell due. The intake in Germany dropped 70%, but the Swedish Socialists still shipped in an extra 60,000 freeloaders to join them in welfare paradise.

In the same year saner countries such as Norway slashed their refugee intake by 95%.

At the time it was promised that these “””New Europeans””” would take care of the ageing population of Sweden. Well, if by take of you mean sit around in their government housing reading the Koran and collecting welfare, then you are absolutely correct – but who’s going to pay for having so many good-for-nothings lazing about?

Sven will cover the bill, it seems. Asking the newcomers to get a job, or to stop scrounging off the state – that would be racist!

The Socialists have conceded they can’t keep up with all the parasites on the welfare – and just raised the retirement age to pay for muh refugee gibs.

Das rite Sven – go work an extra three years m9.

Ha, what a bunch of fags. Sven thought he could retire at 61, but now he has to work until 64.

B-but I hung out Refugees Welcome sign. I am good guy!

Thank you, Infidel. And now I go on welfare and have 10 children, and soon they go on welfare.

So don’t expect to retire at 64 either, Sven. This welfare crisis is just getting started, and the full effect of chain migration is yet to kick in.

The Swedes have played themselves. Their welfare state was only sustainable for as long as the Protestant work ethic held out. And as more and more Swedes decide to join the newcomers on the welfare rolls, where are the taxes to pay for this Commie splendour going to come from?

Parts of Sweden already look distinctly third world, and Sweden has become the undisputed rape capital of Europe. This is just part and parcel of being an Open society. The Swedes have accepted this, and nobody questions whether diversity and tolerance are good. They just enjoy the enrichment.

But just how happily will they work those extra three years, as they watch their beloved welfare state fall apart under the burgeoning weight of all these imported parasites?

Living standards and wages are already falling, thanks to unfettered immigration.

Housing prices and rents are soaring.

Sweden has an ageing workforce, but it has imported people who have no interest in getting a job – and now Sven has to work himself into the grave – and all to support the invader who stole his children’s bright future – bravo, Socialism.

Even the Socialists are starting to chimp out – they even closed the border with Denmark at one stage – TOP KEK. Danish welfare leeches BTFO forever.

Now the Swedes are going after the failed asylum-seekers, who they asked politely to leave but who just laughed in their face.


The monthly cash benefit of around 1,200 SEK and FREE housing for FAILED asylum-seekers is supposedly either going or gone. But oh noe, now they have no money and nowhere to live – quick give them more gibs.

And on May 31st the paid parental leave was cut back for immigrants.

Because unlike the Swede who only has children he or xe or she or sxe or otherkin can afford, the newcomers are just looting their “””Swedish employer”””, and treating their job as PRIVATISED NEVER-ENDING WELFARE.

So refugees can no longer claim the full amount of paid leave that a Swede can – a staggering 480 DAYS PER CHILD under the age of EIGHT – for both mom AND dad.

But don’t stop coming to Sweden now Achmed, the gibs are still world class!

As long as your new babby is under the age of one, you still get the full benefit. And with four wives banging out new kids every year – AYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY, profit.

The Swedish government is even offering FOUR THOUSAND EUROS to failed Asylum seekers just to go home. That’ll pay your return airfare, Omar.

Go home, visit the folks, and then straight back to Sweden to get another FOUR THOUSAND EUROS – honestly, has bribing the barbarian horde ever worked?

It’s time to get real, Socialism. If you want to keep your system of gibs, you need most of the population to be hard working Christ fearing types – but your precious refugees simply do not have the skills OR THE DESIRE to enter the workforce.

Sweden now has the largest gap in the industrialised world between native employment and foreign-born employment. It is literally a two-tier country.

The Swedish welfare state is already KILL, BTFO forever.

And not just because the foreign-born pay no taxes, but because Swedes are learning to resent welfare parasites, and losing trust in the state that has FAILED them.

So well done, Commie cucks, you finally pushed Sven too far, and some time soon you’ll all have to pay your own way.

How long until all Swedish Bolshevik freeloaders are sent packing to the ghettos of Malmo to be enriched by those they bade welcome? How soon until Viking Longboats again?

To quote the Havamal:

“Go you must, for no guest shall stay in one place for ever. Love will be lost if you sit too long at a friend’s fire.”

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie and when I’m not obsessing about Conservative politics or defending Trump I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities.

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