4% Growth: America Great Again, Trump cleans Obama toilet economy

By John Miller

Saturday the 16th of December, 2017


As President Trump goes from strength to strength, accomplishing things in the White House that no President since Reagan could even dream of, without riding the Reagan coattails, the filthy rats of the Lugenpresse continue to do everything they can in their power to bring down the man and the nation – but nobody in Middle America is listening any more.

Despite recent claims in the Fake News that Trump wasn’t fit to clean the outhouse of the thoroughly disorganised and economically impotent Barrack Hussein for example, we see that within a short span of just eleven months the Jobs President has gotten America out of the Obama toilet and back to work.

Confidence in America is soaring, at record levels not seen since last century.

Trump has already smashed the 2% glass ceiling of the Obama toilet zone economic growth just with the power of his Presidential pen, destroying the Red Tape and quisling Obama bureaucracy that was throttling the American economic engine.

Likewise the Donald has come out swinging for American coal miners, and American oil and gas workers, and American steel workers – and the payoff has been YUGE.

While American journalism has been having a hissy-fit about how much diet coke the Donald drinks, or how many games of golf the President plays, Trump has been doing what Trump does best – making trade deals worth TRILLIONS of dollars and hundreds of thousands of jerbs with foreign leaders.

And the payoff, not the MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 3% growth – but an ASTONISHING 4% growth rate.

FOUR PERCENT GROWTH before Christmas in year one – the ABSOLUTE MADMAN.

It’s not just Morning In America, it’s now the Future’s so bright gotta wear shades time.

Does anyone even remember when folks were chucking their keys and their mortgage into their dream home and walking away to go live in a tent for eight years while Barry played hoops with Snoop Jizzle and Hollywood Pervert #1 on the White House lawn for 8 years?

The 2% average of the EIGHT LONG YEARS of that eternal Carteresque ECONOMIC MALAISE?

Oh God no, don’t hand the economy over to Trump, he’ll, uh, deliver the lowest Hispanic unemployment since records began and, uh, break the record for best stock market ever 86 times in row so your 401K wealth increases by 40% per year, and um, help more Black Americans to become home owners than at any time American history – and yes good job Doctor Ben Carson at HUD by the way, fixing that 500 BILLION dollar-hole left by the Obama administration.

This is the difference between the Right and Left. The Left cause problems. The Right fix problems.

And the Fake News lie about everything. B-but muh trickle-down economics n sheeit.

Shut your lie-holes, journalist scum – you’re just salty because trickle-down economics and Reagan destroyed Soviet Communism – and now trickle-down economics and Trump will destroy Red Chinese Communism too.

Ha look at what these faggots were writing back in May:

“But economists think he will be hard-pressed to deliver on his pledge because of some inherent shackles on the economy. They include a labor market that’s already at full employment, an aging population and sluggish business productivity…The government reported last week that the economy grew at an anemic 0.7% pace in the first three months of the year, but Trump took office about a third of the way through the period and his policies have yet to be implemented”

Just admit that none of you poz sipping soyboys or bug grrrls have a clue about business or how the economy works. Run along and play with your cats.

From here it is onwards and upwards. Trump is not the kind of guy to sit on his laurels, and the Tax cuts, the purge of the welfare rolls and the REPEAL and REPLACE of the Obamacare Nightmare is still to come.

Yessir, now that Congress has stopped having a hissyfit of its own and is starting to come together to save its own jerbs in 2018, we can start looking at 5% growth at least in years going forwards.

GEOTUS may even announce a sunshine 6% target – because now that America is Great Again, anything is possible. Don’t bet against America, the madman just might be able to pull it off.


Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie and when I’m not obsessing about Conservative politics or defending Trump I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities.

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