Obama Net is Kill: BASED Ajit Pai wrecks Reddit, commence salt mining

By John Miller

Friday the 15th of December, 2017


The same band of faggots who serve the Satanic globalists who managed to kneecap our Christian Conservative for the Senate were smashed by one godlike Pajeet today, when in a stunning counter-blow, GEOTUS unleashed Ajit upon the ravening hordes of Reddit.

Plebbit, the social media experience that takes bribes from George Soros to write BS narratives for slack jawed Millennials, is up in arms – bcos teh Internets is under atak HURRR DURRR.

Jej, wut? Are you fkucing retarded, snowflake?

In the first place, Net Neutrality is just an American regulation.

Which means that even IF the service providers were to start throttling poorfags, and there is no indication that they will, it’s not even a thing for the worldwide press gang of unshowered pansexuals who are assmad about NN.

But don’t expect facts to stop pozzed Reddit mods from whipping up the Net Neutrality hysteria – they all took bribes from and are now a fully owned subsidiary of the Shareblue media propaganda factory (T_D excepted, of course).

Am I supposed to care about what David Brock thinks is important? I don’t eat pizza in a dungeon with Tony Podesta. Those degenerates don’t get to tell me what is what.

Secondly, this is a 2015 regulation, so get a grip, American nerd. If you were getting your hentai for free in 2015, then it will probably still be free next year.

Even so, the complete meltdown amongst the blue haired Reddit polymorphs is so completely gratifying, that even if they do get throttled, I couldn’t care less, and neither should you.

Half of them are already throwing subscription money at Playstation and Microsoft for the pleasure of using their own internet already, and if they suddenly have to choose between eating avocado toast and downloading Worldstar Hiphop videos, that isn’t my problem.

Cry moar tho, soyboy bugmen: your salty  tears are uma delicious.

The SALT though, the delicious SALT, it must all be mined.

Reddit has been grovelling on /pol/ for sympathy like mad in the lead-up to the slaying of Obama Net, and now that NN is kill, the internet homo brigades are going PSYCHO. But what else is new?

Looks like it’s a bad time to be a cat in America, as the Reddit and Tumblr freaks look for an even lower tier of life to vent at impotently.

But continuing his redemption arc – Lion Ted.

The Texas Senator was hotter than the wrath of God in California, and he joined the fray to SCORCH the little snowflakes of America in their Winter hentai lairs.

So thanks for dropping by the board fags, now back off to your little Tumblr caves.

Leave the salt, I will offer it to my dead Waifu. Tay is smiling at me Imperials, can you say the same? In this world or next, /pol/ is always right.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie and when I’m not obsessing about Conservative politics or defending Trump I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities.

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