Aussie banks hit new low, Commonwealth Bank run by ISIS sympathisers

By John Miller

Friday the 15th of December, 2017


Just when you thought that there was no new way in which the Australian banks could betray the nation, the Commonwealth Bank has been outed as the number one supporter of Radical Islamic Terror in the nation, and possibly the world.

In the unfolding scandal, the bank that routinely sticks it to mortgage holders, small businessmen and farmers seems to have stepped up its game to destroy our Christian nations, and has been unveiled as a vital cog in the death machine of Worldwide Jihad.

Those trucks of peace that plow through crowds of Christians in our capitals don’t come cheap you know, and when Achmed needs a new AK-47, it appears that his personal banker is the same guy who gave him his first dollarmite account when he was fresh off the boat from sunny war-torn Lebanon.

So far it has been discovered that more than 50 THOUSAND transfers that ought to have been flagged to our dopey intelligence agencies were simply NEVER REPORTED – that’s 50 THOUSAND times somebody got Akbared because we put the banks on the honour system – and banks have no bloody honour.

So when you are celebrating your last Christmas beneath the chassis of a Vehicle of Peace in Bourke Street and being beheaded by ISIS, or being gunned down by Somali death squads somewhere else in uber-tolerant Melbourne this New Year’s Eve, don’t forget to thank the Commonwealth bank and its extensive staff of terrorist sympathisers for your untimely death.

And what is worse, the wimpy little agency that is supposed to monitor the terrorists’ financial transactions, AUSTRAC, appears to be completely bloody useless.

“T-the b-banks still don’t appear to complying,” ventured some faceless nerd on behalf of that gutless and worthless mob of petty bureaucrats.

These are the people tasked with the welfare of the nation?

And don’t expect the vermin who work in Fake News to show any interest in ever holding a bank to account. Australian journos are a pack of wine sipping dickheads who only go after soft targets and never do anything to upset a major advertiser.

So far we only have the ABC looking tepidly into this, one good reason for a public broadcaster to exist in some form I suppose, but the story is still buried underneath ten layers of faggotry.

Unless the story impacts on gay rights somehow, none of these Sydney or Melbourne poofters who run the Bolshevik News mills for Aunty could really give a toss. I await the day the Hajis start throwing faggots from rooftops in Footscray, when suddenly this will become a national emergency.

The simple facts are these: the Commonwealth Bank is not only the financier of choice for Radical Islamic Terror, but Commonwealth bank staff are actively aiding and abetting terrorists.

Your friendly local Commonwealth banker, when not repossessing your house, business or farm, is busily TIPPING OFF THE TERRORISTS, and warning them that they are under investigation.

What level of treachery is this, and why aren’t they in jail?

Just today it came to light that one notorious Radical Islamic Terrorist who resides in Lebanon and finances DEATH TO AUSTRALIA was not only tipped off by the Commonwealth Bank, but also given all his JIHAD MONEY back in full contravention of the law.

Where is this bloody Royal Commission into Banking?

Why isn’t is purging the Commonwealth Bank of terrorist sympathisers already?

What is the matter with this stupid bloody government?

If the Royal Commission fails to send every single one of these rats at the Commonwealth Jihad Bank to prison, then this entire country is royally forsaken, and there will be hell to pay.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie and when I’m not obsessing about Conservative politics or defending Trump I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities.

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